Introduce yourself! (L2-51)


Hi everyone,

Write a short introduction (about 75 words) about yourself. This will:

  • help you become comfortable with Brain Drain and
  • allow you and your classmates to get to know each other.

All of your writing assignments will have two parts:

  1. your main post (in this case, your self-introduction)
    DUE FRI 9 MARCH, 11:59 pm
  2. a brief, but thoughtful reply to one or more of your classmates
    DUE SAT 10 MARCH, 11:59 pm

If you’re not sure what to write about, here are some things you can include:

  • where you grew up and went to school
  • what you like to do in your free time
  • favorites (food, books, musicians, TV shows, etc.)
  • bad habits
  • some goals this semester
  • what you would like to do someday

We look forward to hearing from you!

77 Replies to “Introduce yourself! (L2-51)”

  1. hello I’m 20 years old my name is hong jung gi I live in seoul near by jam sil or olympikpark I go to school usually by bus but sometime go to school by subway. my major is applied math my hobby is watching KBL I watch almost KBL games now KBL start play off I find a friend go to basketball court together but I don’t like play basketball because I not all that well

  2. hi everyone! My name is Yeon Joon choi. I am 22years old. I live in jamsil where the lotteworld is nearby. I commonly use bus to go to school. To tell the truth, it really sucks. standing in the bus all the way to school is really hard. I would recommend everybody to take a subway in the morning whose house is in jamsil. My favorite TV program is runningman. While watching time really goes fast. At last, I am looking forward to our English class. I’ll try my best to get better grade.

  3. hello my name is jae min Bae.
    l’m 22years old because I took the challenge to three of the SAT
    I am five years old had lived in gumi.
    l live in bundang now
    I was graduated chungsol middleschool. and songlim highschool
    my hobby is playing starcraft2 and l’m very good player.
    My goal will get all a
    thank you. bye bye

  4. Um..,Hello! My name is Won Sung Hee.I live in Seongnam,Gyeonggido,But,I went to High School in Jeju.My favorite Tv Show what i’m watching is ‘’,’Modern Family’,’New Girl’,etc.
    And i sleep in my free time,Frequently.
    Lastly,I’m very shy and timid,So..if anyone speak to me first,i really appreciate it!!

  5. Hello~everyone!!My name is GU IL MI.I’m 20 years old.I live in Yongin.(nearby Dankook university). Usually I take a bus to attend a school.My major is urban engineering.It is the faculty of science and engineering.But when I was in high school,I often study social studies.So I’m little bit nervous about learning new things.If I have free time,I usually watch Infinite Challenge.Also Infinite challenge is my favorite TV show.It is really fun.Finally I’d like to get along well with everyone!!

    1. il mi hi !!!!!! i often study social,toooooooooooooo a long time ago hahaha .
      i miss you so much . !!! see you later at school~~

    2. hi il mi~!! nice to meet you in internet.kkk
      Let’s study hard in class!!! bye!!!!!!

    3. hello~ you are the Gu il mi !
      i heard about you because your major is same as me.
      see U tonight our major meeting

  6. Hello everyone^^!kk My name is Park Hae jin and i’m 21 but i’m a freshman because i studied one more year when i was Middle School.I did not have been cramming to try again!!kk The reason why i studied one more year is that i went Newzealand for studying English.I lived about 1 and half year.I was in Hamilton.but i can’t speak English that much well and I’m from Tongyeong where located Gyeongsang-do near Busan so i speak a dialect.Sometimes it’s shy but i got my pride on my speaking.and now i live in Myunmok-dong because my elder sister live there so i’m just like bonus but i do housework like washing dishes, laundry work something like that.kkkk i always come to school by bus.I ride 5600 bus so when you guys see me in that bus just say hello to me then i will.kkk just kidding, i also say hello to you guys when i see you.And then i would say good-bye to you.I’m expecting for this English class so please have fun in this class.^^

  7. Hi friends~? Nice to meet you^^. My name is Jeon sooji. I’m 21 years old. Actually i went Hanyang Woman University one year ago. And i studied again and i applied here then i entered Kangnam Uni. I want to know each other and have fun in this class.^^ My residence near by Ogeum station. So i come to school by subway. My hobby is shopping and eat delicious food. So i know many delicios hot place. join together ^^ HaHa Let’s meet in class. Bye.

    1. Hello Sooji^^ i want to join that club which like delicios hot place or something..kk ur photo is perfect very sweet.kkkkkkk

    2. hi sooji~I want to know hot place.
      I love to eat!
      Lets share something special!

  8. Hi!! my name is seo yun deok . I’m 20 years old and living in mokdong seoul.
    I take a bus go to school (about 2hours ..ㅠㅠ)
    my major is urban engineering. I like listening music in my free time.
    I think my friendship is easy-going and I like my colleagues very much.
    Actually my dream is kingdergarten teacher Because I loved children.
    Anyway this class will be very helpful for me. haha
    Let’s enjoy this class!!! bye~^^

    1. hi yun deok!!!!!!!! how about class????!! I think class will be very fun!!!
      see you next week^^ bye!!!!

  9. hello everyone!!!! my name is byun ye lin. I’m 21 years old. and I live in yong in. very close by kangnam university. I go to school for a long time, so I’m tired these days.ㅠ but I’m going to study hard!! I want to get a scholarship. I usually go shopping in free time. I really love looking something pretty, and buying….kkk I think this class will be very fun. I’ll endeavor to participate in class. and I want to be on intimate terms with everyone. ^^ see you next class!!!!!! bye!!!!! have a nice day!

  10. Hi everyone~!!! I’m 21 years old but want to be a friend^^. I live in seoul near by konkuk university! I come to school by bus 5600 in Jamsil! The reason I’m late one year is my dream in acting! I wanted to become an actor. But that was very hard cours… So I started study at age 19. That’s why I’m 21!
    My major is applied mathematics. and my hobby is singing and shopping…etc. Actually I like playing itself!!!!!hhhhhhhhh Nice to have the same class and I hope a good friend!!^^ My phone number is 010-8821-5861 So glad to have been the same classroom^^!! bye 😀

    1. Oh really? I wanted to be an actor to! I usually do musical in suji. I’m expecting your ability! I hope I can see you acting:)

    2. oh hi !!! nice to meet you .
      you’re 21 years old too ^^ so glad to meet you haha.
      we met in 도토리마을 today !
      but we didn’t say hi… haha
      next time , let’s say hello each other >_<

    3. Thank you for the reply. I’m really looking forward on your dream. Be an excellent actress!

  11. Hi~my name is jung ji hye. I am glad to see you.I live in ‘Happy Suwon’, the city of happiness. My major is applied mathematics, and also I’m interested in business administration. So I am going to do a double major that subject. Frankly speaking, my dream is G.O., the acronym for gentle organizer, a guide who act variety of things in global vacation spot
    I’ll make an effort to realize my dream. Thank you. see you Tuesday~

    1. Hi~ ji hye. l live in suwon too. nice to meet you^^
      Have a nice weekend.

  12. Hello! My name is Song yeonjee. I’m 20 years old. I live in Songpa, Seoul. I come to school by bus about 1 hour. My major is applied mathematics and I consider joint honours, business management. I like listening music and watching TV in free time. I like pop songs so, I went to the pop concert several. Also I like eating any food and going to the shopping. My dream is not clear but I interested in finance company. Anyway I’ll be a great person someday! I want to become intimate with my classmates. See you class!

  13. Hi everyone! My name is huh jungjoo. I’m 20 years old and I live in near Jukjeon. I usually come to school by subway. My major is urban engineering. I like to watch dramas during my free time and also I like to go shopping. Actually, I’m not very used to talk to people that I first met but I’ll try. Also, I really want to know each other and get along together. thank you see ya next week!!

    1. hi~~Jungjoo!!
      I also like watching dramas.
      Nowadays I usually see The moon that embraces the sun.What about you?

    2. Hi jungjoo ! I am jooyeon !
      I like drama too. What is your favorite one?
      I love coffee prince ^^.
      I’d like to watch your avorite together.

  14. Hi, everyone^^ my name is heekyung park. i’m 22 years old and freshman. and my major is free major so i really hard to make a friends. so plz be down with me ^^. actually i had prepared the art school. so my hobby is also drawing picture. to be frank with you my english conversation is not grate. but my goal in this year is improving english a lot of ..! so i won’t give up! enyone who likes me cheer up !! thank you:)

    1. hi^^Heekyung~~
      Do you prepare to enter the art school?
      It is really nice~!!
      I envy you,because I’m not good at drawing.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I was little surprised that there are one who are same age as me. I hope you improve in this classroom.

  15. Hello~ nice to meet you. my name is Hyun Joo Lee.
    I major in applied mathematics. I’m 20 years old and I live in Suseo, seoul.
    I take a Subway (Bundang line) to go school.
    My hobby is talking with my friends to relieve stress.
    I like singing, so I love going to a Noreabang.
    Later let’s go together.^^ To be honest, I cannot speak fluent English,
    but I am more than happy to take this opportunity to improve my English.
    I hope to have a friendly relationship with you guys. Thank you.

  16. Hi, My name is Heo Dan Bi. I`m 20 years old. I live in Incheon near by Incheon university. I usually come to school by bus about 1 hour. I major in industrial Engineering. My favorite TV program is ‘MooHanDoJeon’. It is very fun. 🙂 I like traveling and taking a picture. I really want to get to know eachother. Thank you.

    1. I like Moohandojeon too! But these days, I’m sad because of the MBC’s strike:^(

  17. Hello, my name is Ha Eun Park. I’m 21 years old and I live in suji. My hobby is singing and studing psychology. I’m competitive so I want to get straight A+ in this class and I want to get scholarship because My situation is bad. I’m little bit shy until someone say hello to me. But when we got close, I’m good to everyone. So please be nice to me:) Let’s play and study together so we can make good time!

  18. Hi my name is Lee Jiwon~^^. I’m 20 years old and I live in Suwon near by Ajou university. I always go to school by bus. Every day it’s too hard to ride the bus stand. I like music and traveling. So I will go to Europe this summer vacation^^. I think this class will be very fun. I want to good at English but I can’t speak English very well so i will try to hard !!

    1. Hi~Jiwon^^ wow~ I wish I could go to trip especially Europe
      If you come back from Europe, tell me about your trip. let’s get along well from now on~~~~

  19. Hi everyone! I am so glad to meet you guys^^.
    My name is Byeon joo yeon and I am 21 years old. My major is urban engineering.
    I live in Bundang and I go to school by subway.
    I don;t have any class on Friday. During free time, I usually play the guitar.
    I like music very much ! And I wish I could enjoy English as I like music.
    I don’t speak English well, but I will do my best!
    I am looking forward to our class !

    1. Hi, Joo Yeon! I don’t have any class on Friday either. It is really good to take a break right before the weekend. Also, I always wanted to play guitar. Maybe you can teach me how to play. Awesome!

    2. hi~ we met already at Salomgwan!!
      you’re same major with Dong Young!
      wow nice to meet you ^^ we are same class haha >_<

  20. Hi! My name is Jihoon Lee. I’m 20 years old. I live in Anyang. I love to play soccer, basketball, and other sports. I also like to watch movies and hang out with friends. I think this class will be really fun and I definitely want to get to know each other.

  21. Hello!! everyone~ my name is Park Bo Kwang. I’m in Seoul,20 years old.
    umm..I’m not English very well but i really like studying English and France.
    I hope to know each other and play sports with everybody. Especially Basketball is my favorite thing.
    I already look forward to Class.
    In class just talk to me and you’ll know detail for me. Don’t be afraid ^^!!
    see u next week!!

    1. hi ! nice to meet you haha
      wow you like to studying languages ! me too ^^
      i want to learn French! teach me some words ^_^

  22. WOW wOW Wo!!
    Nice to meet you !! all of classmates & professor.
    I absented last class..ㅠㅠ I confused the timetable.
    Please register my phone number..and share the class situation & homework !!
    My phone number is under this introduction.
    My name -> Min Kyung Ho
    I live in Seoul Kangdong gu Amsadong.(near the Jamsil)
    I’m 21 years old because i studied 1 more year last year.
    Always went school by subway.
    My major is Free choice of engineering
    same as Open major in engineering.
    But maybe i’ll choose Industrial system engineering same as the department of indutrial engineering.
    My personality is unexpectable,energetic,Open mind,sociable.
    I’m the freshman departmental student representative in industrial system engineering.
    I have a lot of sleep.. i dont want to sleep more..
    Please wake up me. kikiki
    I love to meet friend !
    I Love to eat special thing ! especially delicious & Sweet thing !
    You can reach at 010 – 5544 – 6123 or
    Have a good day & Keep in touch.

    AH ! I permed 2 days ago.. HaHa How about this?

    1. hi kyung ho ^^ We know each other already. right?? haha
      I’m 21 years old. same age ^^
      let’s be a friend!

    2. are u 21????!!!! i know you are 20!! before i saw this!!! sorry bro.. since now you are my BIG brother ye!~

  23. Is it too long …?!
    Let’s study hard !!
    I look forward to our class~
    so much fun in campus Life kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    I’m happy

  24. Hi~ everyone ! ^^ My name is Min-Jae, Han and my English name is Ashleigh. It’s same sound with Ashley. ^^ I’m 21 years old. I live next to Singal station. I can see it from my veranda. It’s very close. I lived in NamYangJu but I moved because of my university. My major is Department of Chinese and Chinese culutre. I want to speak Chinese very fluently. I can speak it just little bit. I study my major in ChunEunGwan. My hobby is taking pictures. I like to take landscape photos. If anybody likes to taking pictures, just talk to me!! I can share my photo skills with you guys.
    Today was my first class so I don’t know about you very well. Just talk to me if you want to be a friend with me. I’m very active girl. ^_^

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