1 – Trends (L2-57)

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

  • What do you like about social networks like Facebook? Or what do you not like about them?
  • Think about a trend in technology, fashion, music, etc. What do you like about it? What do you not like about it?

Make sure your paragraph has:

  • a clear topic sentence stating your main idea
  • supporting sentences explaining the main idea
  1. Your paragraph is DUE WED 14 MARCH, 11:59 pm
  2. Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 15 MARCH, 11:59 pm

38 Replies to “1 – Trends (L2-57)”

  1. I like facebook very much! First it is very easy to use. If i have a mobile phone i can use it anywhere. Second it is helpful to human relations. I can know my friend’s news easily so i can get in touch with my friends more often.

  2. I think Facebook is nice! Because it is useful to contact many friends.Even though such contact is simple or ordinary, it’s best way to keep in touch with friends consistently. Also because it is good means to share informations or feelings about various field with friends.

  3. Social networks like Facebook is very good. It makes communication more easily. You can keep in touch with friends who is living far away or other country. And you can know what your friends are doing and thinking these days. Also, you can learn various views about social, political things.

  4. well, I think social network is necessary thing to keep friendship. The more contact with friend, The more be familiar with friends.
    As you know, recently, we spend a lot of time doing social network with many friends.
    while taking and receiving message, we post pictures and comment on it.
    That’s the path can more contact with friend.
    so may be this is the good chance to upgrade relation between you and your friend.
    so, i think facebook ,cyworld or other social network service is good to us.

  5. I think Facebook is not good. Because it makes us addictive. So we become Internet holic. Also my privacy is disclosed to others on Facebook.
    People who are not freindly or should not know my privacy can know about me. That makes some people unpleasant.
    So I think Facebook has some disadvantages and I don’t like it.

  6. I think Social network service like facebook is not good.
    There has been a lot of issues about social network service in bad ways.
    Some one posted his experience about people neglecting older people.
    But actually that person was on ignoring then.
    I thought he had to help first. not posting that story.
    So i think we have to use social network service moderately.

  7. I think about a trend in technology. And I think that the smartphone is definitely last & this year’s technology trend. Also I like it.
    Because without a computer, free wireless Internet connection allows smartphone users to enjoy the benefits of the go-anywhere Internet services. And many application are very diverse. So, I like smartphone trend.

  8. i think social network service is not good for us.
    frist of all, it’s very addictive. if when i start sns i can’t stop thinking about it.
    second of all, sns has no private.when you talk about your private life everyone know about it.
    so i din’t like sns and it’s bad for us.

  9. I don’t like facebook. Because it makes people easily know other peole’s
    information. And i think facebook users friendly connect only on the internet. It means those people have many friends on facebook but they don’t usually keep in touch with friend in the real world. It makes me unhappy.

    1. But in real world, we can not talk with friend goes to the foreign university.
      in this case, it is true that sns is more helpful to keep in touch with that friend..

  10. I think social network has a problem.
    Many people use social networks.
    If they have an addiction about social networks, human relationship in the real world can be neglected.
    And because many people use social network,it can lead to invasion of privacy.
    so i think social network is not good.

  11. i have a think about social networking is nice.
    social networking plays an important role in maintaining and developing personal relationships.
    even though I’m pretty busy with works, I can easily contact with my friend through face book.
    A few days ago, I meet my best friend from elementary school through face book!!

  12. I think positively about Social Networking Service like Facebook. Anyone can easily use SNS and it can easily be used anywhere.
    I have a good experience about SNS. when i use sns.I can easily keep in touch with my best friend in vietnam.

  13. I don’t like social networks like Facebook. Because people can see my private life even though they are not my kissing cousin. And in social network users people who don’t use social networks can feel a sense of alienation. Also social network users tend to overly concentrate their smartphone while they meet friends. They don’t see friends sitting on the side but they only see their Facebook friends.

  14. I like social networks like Facebook. First, I can commuicate with my friends everytime I want. I can get the picture of my friends anytime and talk when ever I want. Also it’s very easy to get a infromation about other side of the world from networks. So I think social networks is good thing for people to communicate each other.

  15. I think that I like social networks like Facebook. Infringement of privacy, social networks, but maybe that can help me find lost friends. So social networks in the modern era can be a good mediator. Do not use a pen on paper and we can easily remember again. Therefore social networks have many advantages.

  16. I think these days, many trend things like technology, fashion, music are just follow other people. I don’t like this situation. because there’s no own value..many people lost their opinion. The public moves along with other men’s think. so this is not good circumstance these days..

  17. I think that facebook is not good everyone.
    Because these days not really every people use smart phone and facebook.
    So people who doesn’t use smart phone was alienated from other people.

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