50 – Introduce yourself

Class 50 – Mon (13:15) and Wed (14:40)

Hi everyone,

Write a short introduction (about 50-75 words) about yourself. This will:

  • help you become comfortable with Brain Drain and
  • allow you and your classmates to get to know each other.

All of your writing assignments will have two parts:

  1. your main post (self-introduction)
    DUE TUES 11 MARCH, 11:59 pm
  2. a brief, but thoughtful reply to one or more of your classmates
    DUE WED 12 MARCH, 11:59 pm

If you’re not sure what to write about, here are some things you can include:

  • where you grew up and went to school
  • what you like to do in your free time
  • favorites (food, books, musicians, TV shows, etc.)
  • bad habits
  • some goals this semester
  • what you would like to do someday

Here’s my introduction:

Hi, it’s nice to meet all of you. I’ve lived in Korea for about ten years and am beginning my eighth year teaching at Kangnam University. I’m also the editor of the English edition of our university newspaper The Kangnam Hakbo. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you’d like to do some work for the Hakbo, just let me know!

I’m from Roselle, IL, a quiet town about thirty minutes from Chicago. I have a wonderful wife who’s also my best friend. We don’t have children yet. I like writing and photography, but don’t do enough of it. I love junk food and would happily eat pizza and ramyeon every day if I didn’t think it would give me a heart attack. My wife says I drink too much coffee. She’s probably right. She usually is.

42 Replies to “50 – Introduce yourself”

  1. Hi nice to meet all of you i lived in DaeJeon about 17~ but now i live in Yongin. l like to read books or play games in my free time. i want to learn more about coffee.
    My favorite musician is Yozoh, she has charmign voice and pretty face.
    i would like to learn guiter someday..

  2. Hi my name is Lee Da Hyun. I live in Hanam. I really love to listen music. My favorite singer is Shinee, Sweet Sorrow, Busker Busker and AZIATIX And I like to go cafe. I love latte!

  3. hi! i lived in Seongnam. I went to Sungshine high school ,There is a high hill like Kangnam University.
    I live with a dog ,named Ga-hee. i iove all animal so i want to bring up all animal!
    I can playing cello very well and i learn guitar just 1 month.
    I like ramen,meat.. but i hate patty in hamburger.
    Recently, i watch “Frozen”, so my favorite song is “love is an open door” , Frozen Theme song !
    Naturally,My dream is a kindergarten teacher. i like playing with kid.
    Another my dreams is going Germany because the building and scenery is beautiful
    Thank you!

  4. Hi my name is Soeun. I’m from Geoje island but now i live in Seoul.
    I learned art for 3 years.
    In the past, I wanted to be a designer, but now I want to be a kindergarten teacher.
    I like drawing and making something.
    This year my goal is to make many friends.
    Thank you♡

  5. Hi! Nice to meet you. I love children. So i want to be a kindergarten teacher.
    I like watching drama and movies. My favorite drama is “Three Days”.
    My favorite movie is “gift of 7th room”. This movie is very sad.
    I have a bad habbit. My bad habbit is biting fingernails. I want to remove it.
    I like talking with friends and listening music in my free time.
    I want to talking with many peaple in English. This is my goal this semester.

  6. Hi, nice to meet you. My name is kim yu rim.
    I live in Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do.
    I’m having in trouble to commute to school.
    I’m majoring in Special Education.
    I’m concerned with animal’s right.
    so three month ago i adopted a stray dog.
    after adopting the dog my hobby is to take for a walk with my dog,
    anyway I’m glad to see you and i want to get along with you. Thank you.

    1. hi Yu-rim!
      There are many similarities between me !
      I’m concerned with animal’s right.too!
      I had a campaign for animal right in high school .
      you are so kind because adopted a stray dog..

  7. Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Jeong Min-Ah. I live in dormitory. I’m majoring in Special Education. I like to listen to music or watch drama in my free time. My favorite singer is Seong Si-Kyeong.
    I hope to have a good time with all in this semester. Bye *_*!

  8. Hi nice to meet you XD ! My name is Kyeong Min Park. I graduated Gang-il high school and Entered in Kang Nam university this year. My major is special education. i want to be a good special teacher in future.
    so, I’ll study hard with classmate. Finally, i usually like English subject. So, I take lessons actively.
    Thank you for reading ! 🙂

  9. Hi nice to meet you !!!!My name is Yerin Ha. and 20 years old. I graduated from changmun girls high schol and Entered in Kang Nam university this year. My major is special education.
    I like watching food tv show in my free time. I want studing hard my university life. thank you!

  10. Hello, everyone! My name is Hyunjeong Cho.
    My major is Special Education.
    I live in Ogeumdong, Songpa in Seoul. And I graduated Chungshin girls’ highschool.
    My favorite restaurant is VIPS.
    would you like to go with me?

  11. Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Ji-Young Hwang. My favorite food is chicken. I want to meet my high school friends. My hobby is watchig TV, reading novels, and talking with people. I like to go bookstore. I like to buy new books. My goal in this semester is reading many books and studying hard. Thanks for listening.

  12. Hi. nice to meet you. I’m Jin-Young Kim. I lived in Uijeongbu. My favorite food is sashimi. My major is special education. My hobby is listening songs. I love sensitive hip-hop. My goal is getting A in English class. I’ll study hard so please seeing me well. Thanks for listening.

  13. Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Youn-ji Choo. I lived in Dong-tan.
    I graduated from Neung-dong high school in Dong-tan. And I entered in Kangnam university.
    My favorite food is chicken. And I love children. So I want be a good kindergarten teacher.
    My hobby is listening music ,watching movies and go to shopping !
    I want talked many people in English. Because my hoop is good at English.
    My service to you Charles !! See you tomorrow ! Thanksfor listening

  14. Hi~I’m Chae Hyun Kim and 20 years old. I lived in SuJi ,Yongin – si ,Gyeonggi-do.
    My major is Early Childhood Education. I want to be a kindergarten teacher in future.
    I love to talk all day with friend and l like to watch Drama.
    My favorite actor is Song Jung Ki and 성균관 스캔들 is my best drama.
    I’m glad to meet Charles and classmates. I determined to learn English very hard.

  15. Hello! My name is Jang Jin Sung. Nice to meet you. I live in Yong-in, which Gang-nam UNIV is located in. so I do not need to spend many time for school-home moving time. My hobby is make my own products. for example, It can be a web design(nomarlly cafe or blog design), a book, or UCC. Making ones by computer is made me proud it. so I make products spent my most high-school time.
    sometimes I can doing such as fully or wacky actting, please understand generally!XD

  16. Hi! I’m Hye-Mi Choi, 20 years old. 🙂 I lived in Gwangju,Gyeonggi-do.
    I love listen to music! So I’m always put on earphones.
    My hobby is collecting film. I have a lot of movie.
    I graduated from Kyung-Hwa Girls middle and high school!
    I’m happy to join this class. : ) I want to be familiar with clssmate.

  17. Hi teacher! Nice to meet you. I’m Ji Yeon Baek.
    I graduated from Bojeong high school in Yongin.
    My major is Early Childhood Education.
    I love children because they are so cute and lovely 🙂
    I play the piano for fun.
    My favorite TV show is 무한도전.
    My goal is studying hard.
    Thank you for leading. Good bye.

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