03 – Introduce yourself

Class 03 – Tues (13:15) and Thurs (10:25)

Hi everyone,

Write a short introduction (about 50-75 words) about yourself. This will:

  • help you become comfortable with Brain Drain and
  • allow you and your classmates to get to know each other.

All of your writing assignments will have two parts:

  1. your main post (self-introduction)
    DUE FRI 14 MARCH, 11:59 pm
  2. a brief, but thoughtful reply to one or more of your classmates
    DUE SAT 15 MARCH, 11:59 pm

If you’re not sure what to write about, here are some things you can include:

  • where you grew up and went to school
  • what you like to do in your free time
  • favorites (food, books, musicians, TV shows, etc.)
  • bad habits
  • some goals this semester
  • what you would like to do someday

Here’s my introduction:

Hi, it’s nice to meet all of you. I’ve lived in Korea for about ten years and am beginning my eighth year teaching at Kangnam University. I’m also the editor of the English edition of our university newspaper The Kangnam Hakbo. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you’d like to do some work for the Hakbo, just let me know!

I’m from Roselle, IL, a quiet town about thirty minutes from Chicago. I have a wonderful wife who’s also my best friend. We don’t have children yet. I like writing and photography, but don’t do enough of it. I love junk food and would happily eat pizza and ramyeon every day if I didn’t think it would give me a heart attack. My wife says I drink too much coffee. She’s probably right. She usually is.

50 Replies to “03 – Introduce yourself”

  1. Hello my name is cha yun kyo. just call me cha 🙂
    I’m a student of the Library and information science department at kangnam university
    My hobby is watching movie. I have quite good hand skill, so I am good at making something.
    I am careful person. On the other hand, I am sociable and keep good relationship with people.
    My English is not really good so the introduction’s a bit lacking, but thank you for listening to me till the end
    I hope to become familiar with all of you. thank you 🙂

  2. Hello 🙂 My name is Kim Boae.
    Nice to meet you!
    I’m majoring in library science from kangnam university. My future dream is Teacher Librarian!
    My family consists of 5 members and thay are my father, mother,one elder sister, a younger brother and me.
    Thank you for reading my brief introduction!!!! :0

  3. I’m glad to meet you on this web-site. I live in Juk Jeon with father and older sister. My father is some kind of(sorry, dad but I don’t know) specialist of construction engineer. So he works at several places of Korea and even foreign land like Japan. Naturally he knows well about geography, especially mountains of Korea. Sister and I are a year apart, we help each other everyday and argue every time we meet.

    In school I’m majoring in Library & Information Science, literally, studying about library and how to offer people information and knowledge. Librarian needs to know and understand many things… and (I don’t know much like that but) I like quite many things! Of course I love books, (listening to, play in whistle) music (from Claude Debussy to Steve Aoki!), Arts, and A few days ago, I also joined the black-and-white photography club 한아름. I wonder if another members of 한아름 are here. If you are, Please reply here!
    I almost forgot that I’m really poor at sports.

    1. Yeah, I think many children don’t know exactly what their fathers do. ^^ Anyway, he sounds like he has an important and interesting job.

      Debussy’s great!

    2. I used to live in Jukjeon about 5 years ago, and it’s good place to live yeah sure.
      What I know about aoki is only Livin’ my Life but it was still great.
      Maybe I should try to listen to his other music!
      See you next class.

  4. Hello ! My name is Hong oh heon.
    Nice to meet you!!
    I’m majoring in pedagogy. I live in Namyangju. So my commuting time is so long.
    My hobby is basketball. I’m not very good at basketball, but too hard…
    Though not understand everything in class but study hard and follow.
    I’m outgoing. Yet the first time , I do not get along with class mate.
    I hope to be close all the people.
    Thank you for reading.

  5. Hello! My name is Kim jeong yeon.
    I’m happy to meet you.
    I live in Dongtan and i’ve graduated high school in Dongtan.I learn about early childhood education. and i like my major.
    I want to be a good kindergarten teacher.I want to become familiar with all of you.
    I’m shy person so please talk to me anytime.I’ll wait for you always 😀
    See you next class~

  6. Hello! nice to meets you!
    My name is Cha seung cheol
    I`m Majoring in Korean! My hobby is Listening music (Favorite genre Rock or Electronica)
    I live in Suwon.
    I want everybody Looks me happy guy, so I try to alway Smile.
    My goal in this semester is do well foreign language (english or japanese)
    Thank you For Reading!

  7. Hello!! My name is Lee ji won.
    Nice to meet u. I’m majoring in Chinese region department. I’m very shy. But, when I be your friend, I’ll be funny girl. I like chattering. So when you look at me each time, I keep talking with my friends. Maybe you will surprise at me.
    Because of my restless mouth. I really want to be your friend, chat with you. Thank you for reading.

  8. Hello~ I’m Kim woo lim. Happy to meet you~ I’m majoring in Chinese curture.. Is it right..? Anyway I’m very worry about my english skills.. Please teach me ! I want to advice from all of you! I love ramyeon!! I think I ate ramyeon every day after admissions.. Bad for health!!! I like cupramyeon than plastic bag one ! It’s easy and fast! Cool!! Thank you~ Bye

    1. Hi Woolim^^
      u dont have to worry about english skills.. i bet it will get better and better
      plus you have all the classmate who can help you so looks like you dont have to worry about much!!

      Who hate ramyeon?? i bet everybody love ramyeon and u got to eat while you can..if you dont that will be really really sad!! 🙁
      anyway good luck!!!

  9. Hi Hello!!!! My name is Park Ji Hee.
    good to meet you~! I was born in seoul and I have lived in ilsan for ten years. My hobby is listening to music for example exciting and enthusiastic! i’m speaking and listening all English for the first time so Lack of confidence but I’m trying to!! i want to lose weight however i love to Chicken… and if i want to some food i have to eat surely this is also my bad habit sometimes! Thank you for reading my introduction good bye!

    1. hi ji hee~!! we are same class~ so I’m really happy. glad to see you~!
      and you and I major in early childhood education. let’s do our best!!
      bye bye~ see you later~~

    2. Yeah, everybody loves chicken, I bet so.
      I spent my money during winter because of eating chicken lol.
      Well, I guess chicken is the best and worst food in the same time haha.
      See you next class

  10. Hi everyone and Mr good looking Charles lol
    My name is Taehoon Kim and American name is Taylor. I moved back to Korea about 5years ago from Atlanta, Georgia US.
    When i was young my whole family, we moved to US for American dream and still my family is liveing there except me! i bet everybody is wondering why im back to korea??!! right? well if you want to know… you can ask me during class^^
    Anyway.. looks like i told you guys my name and age is secret..If i have to tell you then i have to kill you!! j/k but still age is secret!!!!!!!
    well my major is english literature anyhow i hope we have great semester and have great time in class
    thanks for your time and good luck with your New adventure!!

    1. I’ve been to Boston about five years ago, and It was nice.
      I guess your time spent in Atlanta was wonderful too.
      And sure I’m wondering the reason why you came back.
      Maybe I could ask you later. See you next class.

  11. hi everyone~ my name is sohee kim. I’m glad to see you guys.
    I major in early childhood education. I’ll be a good teacher someday…..
    I live in gunpo. It’s a little city. very far from here. It takes 1hour 30minutes.
    so 9 o’clock class I’m very tired….
    um… and my hobby is walking around town. I like to look around town. It’s so funny!!
    um…. I run dry of all ideas. so… bye~

  12. Hello! nice to meet you!
    My name is Hong seung hyun.
    I live in Kyung-gi,Gwang ju with my familly.
    I’m majoring in English literature and my hobby is watching movie.(Exspecially Jom-bi movie)
    I like to talk about everything because of my personality that is outgoing.
    So, I hope that this class provides opportunity to talk each other to me.
    Thank you for reading!

  13. Hi nice to meet you 😀
    My name is Hye In Jung!!! I’m 20 year-old.
    and I live in Suwon!! as my university is very close to my home, I’m very happy
    as I want to be a tour planner in the future, I’m majoring in English Literature!!!
    My hobby is listening to music especially band music.
    I really like strawberry so I drink strawberry smoothie a lot. I recommend you to have some, too.
    I want to have many conversation with you. and get closed to each other.
    Have a nice day~!
    Thank you for reading my introduction 😀

  14. Hello, I’m Ha Kyung Lim and you can call me Amy if you want.
    l live in Bojung, 30 minutes far from school. However, to take a 달구지, I leave home 1 hour before the class. Actually it’s my second time to attend this class, so I’ll try hard to get better score. My best goal of this semester is getting a scholarship.
    I’m very happy to meet all of you and my professor.
    I hope to get a good relationship and improve my conversational skill.
    Thank you, see you next week~

    1. Hi ha-kyung!
      I remember that we have nice conversation:)
      I’ll try hard too on this time!
      We can get a better score I swear.
      If you want, We’ll be able to be a good friend

  15. Hello, nice to meet you guys and my name is Kim SeungMin.
    I’m majoring in Computer Media Information Engineering.
    I live in Pangyo,Bundang and it almost took an hour to get me to KNU by subway.
    My hobby is watching moive,listening to music and also I like to play basketball.
    Once again, I’m very glad to meet you all guys and I hope to have some fun with you guys.
    Thanks for reading my comment and see you guys next week.

  16. hi guys.
    i live in bundang and my high school was nearby.
    in my free time, i usually play games.
    my favorite musician is muse.
    i have a bad habit that shaking my legs.
    my goal of this semester is not to late every class….
    and i didn’t think about what i want to do someday yet.

    1. When I was second(eleventh)-grader in high school, I was habitually late, almost every day. Like everybody else, I didn’t want to be late. It was a matter of… ‘How firm is your resolution?’ I had to tell myself “Get awake!” Everyday morning.

      But I believe you can record non-absent, of course!

  17. Hello. Nice to meet all of you. I’m Jun-Seo Park, but you can call me just Ju-deng.
    I live in Bundang near hear, and most of my life also was spended at that zone.
    I’m master of the game ‘League of legend’, so ready to receive your challenge, if any.
    I might be one of the oldest person in this class, but want to be a kind friend to all of you, cause I have younger mind as much as freshman^^.
    Please call me whenever you are getting hungry!

  18. Hi!!!!!my name is choieuna
    I’m majoring in chinese region department good to see you~~!!
    I live in seoul so every morning i have to wake up early
    But i’m okey l can listen to music in bus
    Just my gool of this semester is not to sleep

  19. Hello! my name is Noh hee yeon.

    Nice to meet you!

    I`m majoring in Early childhood education.

    I live in seoul from when I was born.

    my hobby is listening to music so I listen to music whenever I have a time

    Thank you for reading my introduction.

    see you next week!

  20. Hello! my name is da yeoung. Nice to meet you!!!
    I`m majoring in the Department of Education.
    My hobby is decorating a diary. I’m very glad to meet you~!

  21. Hi nice to meet you
    My name is Jung Hyeju and i’m twenty one years old
    I was born in Dangjin and i live in Ilsan currently
    My major is pedagogy
    my family members are four, including my father mother older brother and me
    i like listening to music
    i want to have a good time with all of you in this semester
    thank you

  22. Hi Nice to meed you! My name is Ryu Hyeon-Sun. I was born in bucheon and I live in KNU dormitory now. I’m majoring in special education and I wanna be a nice teacher. My hobby is seeing movie, musical and play. I used to visit theater almost every weeks in last vacation. Thank you for reading and see you next week!

    1. Nice to meet you Hyeon Sun~ Thank you for help me about braindrain homework.
      I have a little problem in English class but I will fix it and try to study hard.
      Let’s…..be friendly?

  23. Hi Hi My name is Junha. familly name is Jo. I like to study write skill throw writing book my free time. My favorites is novel and I love Joyce Carol Oates. She is a writer and writen a book ‘Zombie’ a murderer story. My bad habit is bite my nails but don’t eat It just bite. My goal ‘was’ optain A+ score in english conversation class. but unfortunately I was lazy and I couln’t understand homework TT

  24. Hi! my name is yang yoon seok and I grow up in seoul to 15 and move to namyangju to be adult. I like playing games or listening music in my free time. My favorite is foods and I like to go somewhere to find delicious. I have a bad bed habit that move in the bed. I want to make lots of friends in this semester. I went to Norangjin last month, and there foods were really fantastic. So I hope to go to there with my old town friends.

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