43 – Introduce yourself

Class 43 – Tues (09:00) and Thurs (13:15)

Hi everyone,

Write a short introduction (about 50-75 words) about yourself. This will:

  • help you become comfortable with Brain Drain and
  • allow you and your classmates to get to know each other.

All of your writing assignments will have two parts:

  1. your main post (self-introduction)
    DUE FRI 14 MARCH, 11:59 pm
  2. a brief, but thoughtful reply to one or more of your classmates
    DUE SAT 15 MARCH, 11:59 pm

If you’re not sure what to write about, here are some things you can include:

  • where you grew up and went to school
  • what you like to do in your free time
  • favorites (food, books, musicians, TV shows, etc.)
  • bad habits
  • some goals this semester
  • what you would like to do someday

Here’s my introduction:

Hi, it’s nice to meet all of you. I’ve lived in Korea for about ten years and am beginning my eighth year teaching at Kangnam University. I’m also the editor of the English edition of our university newspaper The Kangnam Hakbo. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you’d like to do some work for the Hakbo, just let me know!

I’m from Roselle, IL, a quiet town about thirty minutes from Chicago. I have a wonderful wife who’s also my best friend. We don’t have children yet. I like writing and photography, but don’t do enough of it. I love junk food and would happily eat pizza and ramyeon every day if I didn’t think it would give me a heart attack. My wife says I drink too much coffee. She’s probably right. She usually is.

60 Replies to “43 – Introduce yourself”

  1. Hi. i’m seong min 25 single man
    Student at Kangnam University. Major is social welfare.
    I like watching movie, sleeping, eating tasty food, and reading a book.
    Please, don’t be avoid me. I want many friends.
    And, nice to meet you Socio Drama freinds.
    Last, Have a good weekend see you on tuesday.

  2. Hi~My name is yuri Kim.
    I have lived in Gunpo for 4 years.
    My favorite thing is shopping, listening music!
    I was set up a goal that i will learn about many thing in Kangnam university.
    Also, i want to do part time jobs, make a boy friend, go to vacance with friends, etc. ( 😀
    I wish get along with all of you.
    Tank you for reading. Have a nice day!

  3. Hi, teacher! I’m Jun Ha Park
    I live in Ansan. I love that baseball game watch. And I like LG twins and Sanfrancisco giants. I like favorite TV program 무한도전.
    I have old brother. He is solder. I’m happy!!!
    I like computer game( LoL, baseball game, soccer game). And I like singer Likin Park.
    Thank you teacher!!

  4. Hi my name is ye Jin Lee. I’m living in Gunpo.
    My family was five people. I have a sister and brother.
    And we have got a puppy. He’s really loud and messy dog. so I hates puppies. However, the family love dog. I have to concede
    My hobbies are playing the piano. And I do like to watch football
    This year, the World Cup is open. I think it’s so much fun wow~~~~~
    My favorite food is Pork cutlet. And I dislike the food kalguksu.
    Do you know kalguksu??
    Well …It really did taste like flour
    My dream is a medical social worker. I want to give assistance to patients
    Thank you for reading my introduction. Have a nice day~^0^

  5. Hi, my name is Sieun. My major is Social Welfare.
    I’m living in a dormitory and go back to my real house every weekend. I do a part-time job at a salad-bar near by Hong-ik university in Seoul. It’s a kind of hard work but I like meeting people there.
    I like speaking English and Korean sign language so I helped people who visited my work place and needed help. But I think I didn’t talk a lot in this class yet. I want to be friendly with all of you and make the class more exciting.
    Some people tell me that I seem a bit cold, but I’m not. Please don’t misunderstand about it.
    Hope the class be more fun. See you on Tuesday. Have a good weekend!

  6. Hi~! I’m Seung-Ho. my major subject is Social welfare. I grew up in Gapeyong. but I live alone now in front of Kangnam Univ. I use to enjoy video game and watch movie at my free time, and I love listen music to. My favorite musician is Bon jovi and Kim Gwang-Seok. I want to be a friend of all of our classmate. and I wanna be a volunteer worker in my age 40, belong in NGO like a Good Neighbors or Unicef.

  7. Hi, my name is Youngduk. My major is Management.
    I live alone in Youngin. Because of the school.
    I like football. if you look in the dawn it’s me who alone football.
    I’m afraid of English. But Company want to English ability. So I’m trying.
    I want to have many friends in this class.
    Have a good weekend!

  8. HI professor! My name is Ye-Sol Sin
    I’m living in suwon My hobby is watching movie
    I like watching the America Drama NCIS and BONES
    That drama is crimenal drama and I like them!
    I want to be a Polic Officer because i respect my father’s justice
    yeah my father is police officer!!!
    when i was a high school student i don’t like english becaues i hate grammer
    But in university English is conversation that is the reason why i like english now
    byebye~see you next time

  9. Hi, my name is Song Myeong Jae.
    I’m live in Seong Nam. Seong Nam is very beautiful city.
    I’m 20 years old.
    My favorite hobby is soccer. But i don’t well play soccer.
    I’m student of Kangnam Univ. My major is social welfare.
    Bye see you later.^^

  10. Hi nice to meet you. My name is won seul gi.
    I have lived in incheon since i born.
    one of the my favorite food is hamburger. Let’s eat later
    I like internet shopping . so Free time for shopping on the Internet.
    my bad habits is what think other.
    I want to be a Social welfare officers.
    I would like to get closed to professor^^. Let”s get along well . Thank you!

    1. Hi. nice to meet you Seul Gi 🙂
      hamburger is delicious food at Mom’s Touch in Kangnam university 🙂
      you is going to be good a social worker !
      Have a nice day 🙂

  11. Hi myname is jin seok han im 21years old.
    My family have a 5people father mather me and brother and sister.
    Im from suwon of korea suwon is very funny city im very happy bye

  12. hi~ i’m dasol!!!
    i born in Busan. i lived in busan for six years.
    the later i has lived in Bundang since then.
    im 22years old. im a second grade in kangnam university.
    i enjoy listening to music. especially, i favorite rock music.
    when i take to presentation, i am a little shy
    i try to change !!
    have a good weekend

  13. Hi, Everyone !
    My name is Lee Joong Kyu. I’m 25 years old. My major is Social Welfare. And I’m started college in 2010. 🙂
    I grew in IL-SAN and living in IL-SAN for 25 years. I go to school by public transportation every day at 2-3 hours.
    I do soccer, online game in my free time.
    I like music, soccer, games. Especially like soccer !!
    my favorite soccer team ARSENAL in England Premier League, And favorite soccer player CRISTIANO RONALDO.
    I’ll hard studyt because be a social worker.
    Thanks for my introduce. Have a nice day 🙂 see you tuesday

    1. hi im glad to see you
      my name is yong chan
      i like online game and soccer too but i don’t know The team which is part of the European League T_T
      i just watch world cup have a nice
      i hope you have a good weekend

      1. oh i can’t repair my comment i want write ” i just watch world cup and
        have a nice day i hope you have a good weekend “

  14. Hello everone~
    My name is bae ye eun
    I live in gwangmyeong
    Do you know gwangmyeong?
    Umm come and see us~
    I like hot chicken foot Because it relieve my stress ㅎㅎ
    My initial is Bye
    So byebye~ see you next time

  15. Hi~ I’m Kyung Min!
    I was born in Bucheon but now live in the Incheon.
    my family is mother, father, two sisters and I
    Um…..I like shopping, watching TV, and listening to music.
    I have a very painful inflammation of the eye.
    have a nice weekend~ Thanks.

  16. Hi guys !! I’m first year of the kangnam university and my major is social welfare
    And I live in suji It’s quite close to scool
    I’m sooo glad to meet everyone especially my professor charles 🙂 you are so kind hihi

  17. Hi my name is moonhong-min. i’m 21years old.
    I was born in incheon.but i live in bucheon. My major is business management.
    I like sports. My hobby is soccer. I play soccer once a week. And i like whaching soccer.too.
    Nice to meet you.this class. Let’s be friend.

  18. hi my name is yong chan kim
    i am glad to meet our class
    i live in suwon
    i like reading a book and i like watching TV drama which made in usa or korea. for example The game of thrones, The moon that embraces the sun ,LOST and Almost human
    i want that we have a good relationship
    last i like my profile monster.

    1. hi yongchan!!can u recommend a book for me?? i like reading a book too!!(*´˘`*) your avatar is cool !!but my avatar is better!!kkk
      bye bye !!!

  19. Hello everyone!!! my name is ian kim !!^^
    nice to meet you ! i live in yong-in
    I graduated dongbeak high school with sujeong kim !!
    My favorit food is tteokbokki and spicy food!!XD i really really love spicy taste ! and my hobby is listen to the music !! I like hiphop !!♥ favorit singer(rapper) is crucial star,beenzino,
    jerry k !!!
    Thank u my introduction bye !!

  20. Hi!!:) My name is Soo Jin Lee. It’s nice to have a same class with you guys.
    I live in Seoul, Gwanak. It’s near from SNU.
    I love listening to music and my favorite music is Friday Night by Eric Parslay. Hope you to listen when you want to.
    I also LOVE SHINWHA♡♥
    Again, it’s very nice that I can see you at the same class and I hope I can be close with you soon:)

  21. Hi!! I’m su jeong i live yong-in my family have a 4people father mother me and yonger sister my favorite color is pink i love fruit♥i’m very tired…good bye..

  22. Hello. My name is Yeo eunji.
    i’m lived in Gyeongju. So now i live in the dormitory.
    I can’t speak English well. But i will try to speak well.
    I am sstudying soial welfare. I want to make happy social and world.

  23. Hi. Nice to meet you in 43class.
    My name is Lee-soon ju. My dream is make many people be happy. So I will help various people in anywhere. These day, I am helping mulitculural people. I go multicultural center each every Saturday. I am always happy to help them.
    I grew Suwon during my all life. And I like to talk with friends in cafe. And then, time is very fast. I expect our 43class. Thanks to reading my writes.^^

  24. HI, my name is Sho-hyun Kim. Glad to meet you everybody!
    I live in Seoul and please tell me if you live in Seoul. I want to play with you. 😉
    My hobby is playing drum and taking pictures.
    I love strawberry and lemon. So I’m very happy nowadays because Spring is coming!
    I’m not good at English but I will try my best.
    Thank you! XD

  25. Hello! my name is Gil-Won Lee.
    I live in Seoul.
    My hobby is listening to music. So I listen to music when I alone.
    I want to typing more but English very difficult…
    Thank you bye!

  26. Hi,professor!
    My name is Hyun-sung Jung
    I live in Seoul. I have lived here all the time. Except for the military 🙂
    I like to listen to music, and to sing a song!
    I hope to be able to speak freely to English!
    But It is so hard for me.

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