41 – Introduce yourself

Class 41 – Tues (16:05) and Fri (11:50)

Hi everyone,

Write a short introduction (about 50-75 words) about yourself. This will:

  • help you become comfortable with Brain Drain and
  • allow you and your classmates to get to know each other.

All of your writing assignments will usually have two parts. There is only one this time:

  1. your main post (self-introduction)
    DUE SUN 16 MARCH, 11:59 pm

If you’re not sure what to write about, here are some things you can include:

  • where you grew up and went to school
  • what you like to do in your free time
  • favorites (food, books, musicians, TV shows, etc.)
  • bad habits
  • some goals this semester
  • what you would like to do someday

Here’s my introduction:

Hi, it’s nice to meet all of you. I’ve lived in Korea for about ten years and am beginning my eighth year teaching at Kangnam University. I’m also the editor of the English edition of our university newspaper The Kangnam Hakbo. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you’d like to do some work for the Hakbo, just let me know!

I’m from Roselle, IL, a quiet town about thirty minutes from Chicago. I have a wonderful wife who’s also my best friend. We don’t have children yet. I like writing and photography, but don’t do enough of it. I love junk food and would happily eat pizza and ramyeon every day if I didn’t think it would give me a heart attack. My wife says I drink too much coffee. She’s probably right. She usually is.

19 Replies to “41 – Introduce yourself”

  1. Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m min-young. I’m 20 years old fresher in kangnam university. I’m outgoing then I like something active. For example, play some kinds of sports, play and talk with friends. I like watching TV and movie too. So I often go to theater and watch movie alone to more concentrate on movie. My goal is getting scholarship. I will do my best and reach my goal.

  2. Hi. My name is You Jin. I’m live in seongnam for 12 years.
    I love to see drama. One of the most favorite drama is bbc sherlock holmes. Because my favorite actor is benedict cumberbatch who is main character in sherlock holmes. And i like to sleep when i have free time to rest. So i’m little bit lazy. But it dosen’t really matter in my life.
    I have a dream which i really want to achieve. So i think that i’m studing here in kangnam university. Thus i must study hard and accomplish my goal. Thank you.

  3. Hello. Nice to meet you. I am Hyun-Ah Park from department of computer media information engineering.
    I was born in Songpa-gu, Seoul and have been living there.
    I graduated from Jamsil Girl’s High School and entered Gangnam University. I promote friendship by Kakao Talk in a free time and am doing a part time job of simple computer web design.
    I have loved group 2ne1 since middle school because I like noisy music.
    I enjoy eating fast food which made me a little fat. Unexpectedly I hardly watch TV.
    I have a bad habit of biting my nails. I have tried to correct it and now I almost corrected.
    And my goal of this semester is to obtain a high grade. I will do my best to do so. I want to find a good job later.I want to learn much from you, Professor Charles.

  4. Hi nice to meet you.I’m LEE DONG HUN.Let me introduce myself.I’ve graduated from taejang high-school and I’ve admitted computer media information engineering department in kangnam-university.My dream is making a movie.You can be mistaken as a movie director but It’s different.I want to create special video like CG,animation graphic and 3D.So I like watching animals&nature documentary or disney animation and taking a picture.I’ll do my best to studying so I make my dreams come true.Thanks for reading my Introduction.I’m so glad to meet everyone in charles professor class.

  5. Hi, everyone. Let me introduce myself. Please listen carefully. My name is Dong Hoon Kang. I’m 20 years old. I’m from Korea. I grew up in Dongjak-gu, Seoul. I went Yeongdeungpo high school. I study at Kangnam University now. I from the department of plan urban. I like to play soccer with my soccer club, to meet friends, to listen music in my free time. My favorite sports is soccer. Because soccer is very exciting! I play soccer every week. And My favorite soccer player is David Silva in Manchester city team. My goal is get a scholarship of excellence. I want to city planner. I will plan a perfect urban. I plan urban not fall behind in the world. Thank you.

  6. Hello my name is Kim Seon iL
    I study electronic engineering I like see the movie
    The movie I saw recently is nonstop
    Because I like action of Liam Neeson.
    I going to swimming twice a week.
    I want study many language because I like to travelling
    My plan is this winter vacation I go to japan and 2 years ago
    I will go to Europe tour
    So I have a japanese beginner’s class in Gangnam university and I want open the class for spain language or French language
    nowdays I have worried things
    Frist I’m have a japanese beginner’s class but many students ability is not beginner. only 4 students is beginner
    Second it’ too hard study english study math study japanese and swim and part time job on weekend for my tour cost

  7. Hi. My name is Hong Ji Eun. I’ve lived in Seoul for about 19 years. I graduated irwon elementary school, daemyung middle school, and sookmyung girl’s high school.
    I’m really glad to get into this kangnam university and i hope to get along with everyone.
    My hobby is playing piano. When i was young, my dream is pianist. But it is difficult to me.
    So i wanna use my ability somewhere and i’m volunteering at church.
    I love watching dramas and movies. I almost watch movies in megabox once a week.
    My favorite actor is Natalie Portman. She is very attractive and beautiful. I love her movies.
    You guys know her movie. Leon, Thor, Black Swan. And my favorite singer is 2NE1. Because their music is so powerful and exciting. I always love theirs songs and check when their concert starts. But i never seen their concert. And i hope to go 2NE1’s concert.

  8. Hi.Let me introduce myself.My name is Park Jun Young.I study in gangnam university department of electronic engineering.I’ve lived in seoul gangdong-gu.I like watching movie.I do watching movie when my free time.My favorite food is pizza!! I love pizza very much:) I bite my fingernails.It is my bad habit.And my goal of this semester is high score.So I study hardly and intensly.I’m glad to meet you.Thank you.

  9. hi. let me introduce myself. my name is nam jung woo. I was born in Seoul and I’ve lived in Dong Tan for about nine years. I went Domg Tan high school. I like badminton. I participated championship that represnt the school. I usually take a nap when my free time. because i have part time job. so my body be tired. nap is best for me. My goals this semester is take a scholarship and I very very very work hard. so i am going to trip at europe. thank you

  10. HI!!~~~ nice to meet to u~ let me introduce myself. My name is WOO SO JEONG. I was born i INCHEON and i’ve lived in SAMSANDONG for about 20 years. i went to YOUNGSUN high school. I am now attending the university of GANGNAM
    I am pleasant and I have many friends.. maybe…
    I like listening to music so everyday I listen to music. my favorite is TV showand food. For example kimchi or korea food all.. and drama….
    I have one bad habits.. That is trembling legs. The reason is that when the anxiety or worry. I want to be a army. So my goal in this semester is 1 dan(1st grade) in taekwondo. Thank you for hear my story.

  11. Hello! nice to meet you
    let me introduce myself.My name is Ahn ji hoon when i was high school student, I really razy man .
    but i became a 3 grade ,i change little dilident guy . So i started study hard and i planned my study plan.
    I stay my plan.At last i went the university of GANGNAM and i learning for very nice teacher in university.
    My habit is playing a soccer with my friend,listening to music and playing coumputer games.
    I have one problem that is fear about English speaking ,So i am not likely to speak you .Pleas understanding for me .
    Thank you for read my reply.

  12. Hello!!
    I”ll get started from introduce myself.
    My name is sujin park and 19years old.
    I live in seoul yeongdeungpo-gu
    I graduated young-sin high school.
    I am majoring in computer media subject of study.
    My family member are father ,mother ,sister and me.
    My hobby is listening music and chatting.
    I like walking and jogging so much.
    My favorite subject is korea and math.
    I’m not speak English well, but I will try hard.
    Thank you.

  13. Hi!!nice to meet you~~~~~
    Let me introduce myself.My name is Lee jin young.I studied 1 year more than other peers.So I am 21 years old.I was born in suwon.I like to eat delicious food!!!!! Also I like to see a soccer game and movie.But I am afraid of scared movie.
    My favorite animal is puppy.So I am going to rear a puppy in summer vacation.I want to study English well.And I will study hard!!!!!!!!!Thank you !!!

  14. Hello~ My name is Kim Sun Wha.
    I’ve lived in SEONGNAM. I went Sungshin Girl’s High School.
    I like making cell phone case. But this is very weak……So quit making cell phone case.
    My favorite food is pasta. When i go to play with friend we eat pasta many times!!
    I listen to music in my free time.
    My bad habit is chewing my nails…… So my hand is very ugly….
    MY goal is get scholarship. So i have to study very hard….
    ……Thank you:)

  15. Hi nice meet you.my name is so-jung park.i’m 20 years old.I have lived in kangbuk,seoul for 12years . I graduated from samgacksan elementary school,middle school and changmun girl’s high school. I am a gangnam university student now . I like to hang out with my friends so freguently meet my friend and eat dinner with them. And l like music. Hiphop music is my favorite. When i go to school and come back home listening their fast beats, i feel good. I’ll study hard next year for being ROTC. One of my shortcoming is a lack of concentration.

  16. Hi! nice to meet you. My name is Lee joo-yeon. I lived in seoul and lived in seoul, too. I lived in Noryangjin for 20 years. I went Soongeui High School. Soongeui High School has very old history and mission school. I have younger brother. My brother and I are very friendly. But we often hated each other. Because of our greed. But later we are friendly again.
    My favorite thing is music. So my hobby is listening to music. When i was listening to music, i can concentrate on only music. I love it!
    And this year’s my goal is getting schlarship. So i will study very hard..! Thank you 🙂

  17. Hello, my name is Yeonwoo Lee. i’m 20 years old. I think my age is attractive age. I study computer science at Kangnam University. My hobby is watching movies. My most favorite movie is SSUNNY. It is about a true friendship of girls. That touched me because it makes me remind my youth age. I have a bad habit. Habit of putting off something what I could do today. I know it makes me more lazy. So i will try to fix this habit until this year ends. Thank you for read this. Have a nice day!

  18. Hello, my name is Yang Seok-won. I’m 20 years old. I love in Suji, in Yong-in. I graduated Neulpureun High School and I’m in the first grade of the Kangnam University. I have a younger sister. I like to play computer games. I have bad habbit that spitting on the floor. My favorite food is sushi. I want to fix this habbit, but it is so hard. Beacause I cough up many sputum. I play computer games very well. I hope to be on intimate terms with you. Thank you.

  19. Hello! I’m Kim Sang-wook. I’m 20 years old. I have brother. I like playing computer game. I don’t like exercise. My favorite food is chicken.

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