50 – Trends (Unit 1)

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

    1. What do you like about social networking sites like Facebook? What do you not like about them?
      • Ex. I really how social networking sites make it easy to stay in touch with my friends, but I also think they can make me lazy about seeing them. I remember when I was 19, I would chat online with one of my old friends — sometimes for more than two hours each day. The problem is she lived only about 20 minutes away from me. Instead of chatting online, we could have spent that same time having lunch or coffee together. And she was pretty!
    2. Is it important that you like what your peers like? Is there something you enjoy that is not very popular?
      • Ex. Trying to be different can make you miss out on good things in life. When I was a teenager, my friends and I listened to punk rock bands like Bad Religion and NOFX while “everyone else” listened to bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. My friends and I didn’t like those other bands because they were too popular, everyone else was listening to them. Now that I’m older and have listened to those bands again, I realize that I was stupid to not give them a chance. Their music was also really good. I was just too immature and stubborn to appreciate it.
    3. Think about something that is or was popular.  Why do you think it became popular?
      • Ex. This a trend I’ve only read about, but it is the one Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat started after appearing in the successful John Woo movie, A Better Tomorrow. A handsome and emotional actor wearing Alain Delon sunglasses, Chow played his character like a really cool guy. Apparently, Hong Kong department stores sold out of the sunglasses because so many young men wanted to look like Chow Yun-Fat.
Chow Yun-Fat in A Better Tomorrow
Chow Yun-Fat in A Better Tomorrow

Make sure your paragraph has:

    • a clear topic sentence stating your main idea
    • supporting sentences explaining the main idea

Your paragraph is DUE WED 19 MARCH, 11:59 p.m.
Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 20 MARCH, 11:59 p.m.

49 Replies to “50 – Trends (Unit 1)”

  1. I think the popular thing is idol star. Because idor star is very handsome and pretty.
    Example is EXO and Girl’s generation. And idor star is humorous and comic. One example is Daesung in big bang. Lastly idor star act well. One example is Siwan in ZE:A. Hence i think idor star is popular.

  2. 1. social networking sites connect relation between our friend.
    also we can know their news quickly and communicate them through writing comments.
    but privacy getting exposed and untrue informatin spread easily.
    It is side effect of social networking sites.

  3. Social networking sites make us to contact friends easily. We can share photographs of ourselves and of others. And we can tell people what we are doing at any moment.
    But, our news is known to unfamiliar people.
    Although there are a lot of advantages more than demerits, we have to be careful to do SNS.

    1. Good point! People often complain that Facebook keeps changing the privacy settings for users. As a result, I really don’t post anything I FB I would be embarrassed to show in public. It’s too risky!

  4. 2
    when i was in high school my friends like girls generation but i didn’t like girls generation because their songs are so noisy. So i like indie band music.
    but i realize that people have their own music style

    1. I agree with you. Other people like idol music but i didn’t like them !
      but GG is so beautiful girl band ! (Wonder Girls are better than Girls Generation haha :-b )

    2. I like Girls’ Generation (enough), but I was really disappointed with The Boys as their debut song in America. Very weak song. And the English lyrics . . . wow!

  5. 2
    I think it is undesirable to follow blindly other people ideas.
    You must find your individual character.
    I like Eluphant who isn’t popular singer.
    They are not very popular, but their music is very wonderful!
    I like their music so much!

  6. 1. Social networking sites are very useful. Because it gives some useful information like food,fashion,somewhere good to visit,movie and news Also I can keep in touch with my friends. They posted how they live then, I comment. So we can easy to conversation with my friends. We can share file like photo,video,music. And we can make various,global friends.

  7. 3.Think about something that is or was popular. Why do you think it became popular?

    I think that something popular reason is social networking sites.
    For example, some new poster uploaded Facebook, many people have curiosity and click “GOOD”. Doing so, more people can looking poster and poster is popular.
    In my case, I’m going to restaurant on Facebook because many people click “GOOD”.
    I feel many people click “GOOD” means “this restaurant is so delicious!”
    Same is true for Fashion,song,etc.

  8. 3.
    I think being famous is because of word of mouth.
    Long time ago, The Beatles and Elvis Presley became famous through direct WOM like being on everyone’s tongue.
    In these days, Psy and Ylvis is knowned as indirect WOM, using SNS such as twitter and facebook.

  9. 2.
    I think it is not important that you like what your peers like.
    Because all people do not like the same things.
    Each person has their own personality.
    I like logic.
    Logic is difficult. Many people do not like logic.
    But logic is fun and I love it.

  10. 1.
    Social networking sites have many advantages.
    We can post our experiences and memories and we can share our opinions through comment.
    I can easy to make contact with a friend.
    Some time ago I found an old friend through facebook and keep in touch until now.
    However we must be careful when posting information.
    Because our information is easily exposured.

  11. 1.Social networking sites helps us in many ways. It can be seen us many information which our friends&familys.
    also it can be connected people who have the same habits.
    but SNS sometimes disturb our life. maybe we waste many time to talk no details, by using many sns sites, eventually and ironically, we don’t spend time face-to-face.
    social networking sites can be a double-edged sword ,however we can deal with this well, it can be superlative tool for us.

  12. 3
    I want to speak about impressed singer. It is a Lady gaga. She is a SUPER STAR in the world.
    She became a star from a rookie fastly because she have impressed fashion and hair style.
    Her style and music influence on teenager and they share her fashion and music by sns.
    Unique sytle and SNS system help her to become a star.

  13. I don’t like social networking sites like Facebook because It’s very time-wasting.
    I don’t use Facebook. checking what other people do is tiresome.
    And I’m going to tell other reasons that I don’t like social networking sites. In my brother’s case, He always watches his cell phone. So we are lack of time to talk.
    It’s very serious problem because talking is very simple work but It’s important for my family. In conclusion, I insist that social networking sites is not good.

    1. I enjoy looking in on my friends on social media. But I agree that sharing moments of your life online should never take the place of real conversation.

  14. I think social networking sites is very useful for us.
    Because when I wonder my friends do, I can get their news.
    I graduated from high school, I miss my high scool friends.
    So I confirmed my friends social networking sites.
    thanks to social networking sites, I know my friends situation.
    And It easy to collect movie or music information. so it solves my boredom.
    Social networking sites is awesome to us!

  15. 1.
    I like social networking sites like facebook.
    Because facebook is keep in touch my high school friends and getting many social issue.
    And look easliy friends what are they do.
    That my hence I like social networking sites.
    But during in facebook bad function is my privacy exposure easliy.
    This problem improve we more convenient use social networking sites !

  16. 2. I think it is not important i like what my friends like. Because people are different for each other. So it can be different each interest. I enjoy indie band’s music that doesn’t many people know and that is not very popular.

  17. I use Facebook but I really don’t like Social Networking Sites. Because privacy problem that everyone worried about. Actually I don’t like expose myself to someone I don’t know and I don’t want to know other people’s thoughts, interests and so on. Also I think Facebook is useless to me. It includes really good information sometime but most of them is just killing time. When I looking the Facebook I feel lazy.

  18. No.1
    I like social networking sites. I use facebook.
    Because facebook is very useful to contect my friends.
    And it easy to share information.
    For example, my friend’s news, social issues and so on.
    Also facebook messenger is convenient to say the least.
    So I like social networking sites very much.

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