52 – Trends (Unit 1)

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

    1. What do you like about social networking sites like Facebook? What do you not like about them?
      • Ex. I really how social networking sites make it easy to stay in touch with my friends, but I also think they can make me lazy about seeing them. I remember when I was 19, I would chat online with one of my old friends — sometimes for more than two hours each day. The problem is she lived only about 20 minutes away from me. Instead of chatting online, we could have spent that same time having lunch or coffee together. And she was pretty!
    2. Is it important that you like what your peers like? Is there something you enjoy that is not very popular?
      • Ex. Trying to be different can make you miss out on good things in life. When I was a teenager, my friends and I listened to punk rock bands like Bad Religion and NOFX while “everyone else” listened to bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. My friends and I didn’t like those other bands because they were too popular, everyone else was listening to them. Now that I’m older and have listened to those bands again, I realize that I was stupid to not give them a chance. Their music was also really good. I was just too immature and stubborn to appreciate it.
    3. Think about something that is or was popular.  Why do you think it became popular?
      • Ex. This a trend I’ve only read about, but it is the one Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat started after appearing in the successful John Woo movie, A Better Tomorrow. A handsome and emotional actor wearing Alain Delon sunglasses, Chow played his character like a really cool guy. Apparently, Hong Kong department stores sold out of the sunglasses because so many young men wanted to look like Chow Yun-Fat.
Chow Yun-Fat in A Better Tomorrow
Chow Yun-Fat in A Better Tomorrow

Make sure your paragraph has:

    • a clear topic sentence stating your main idea
    • supporting sentences explaining the main idea

Your paragraph is DUE WED 19 MARCH, 11:59 p.m.
Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 20 MARCH, 11:59 p.m.

37 Replies to “52 – Trends (Unit 1)”

  1. I can interact with others in a wider width, so that social networking sites like that.
    It can be spread through social networking.
    In addition, information and knowledge can be collected.
    But I have a problem with that exposed personal information which can be exploited because of that personal information, such as information about the reliability issues are not like falling.

    1. I think so too, So Hee. I upset by one accident on facebook in the past. So I didn’t provide my primary information to social networking sites this time.

  2. I could do better communicate with friends in social networking sites.
    Know the news for a long time have not seen a friend.
    Sometimes social networking is do not boring me.
    But social networking is to interfere study..and hear parents scolded.
    Also can be exposed to privacy.

  3. 1.What do you like about social networking sites like Facebook? What do you not like about them?

    →I think it is great to keep in touch with my far friends and Now, Facebook is becoming a popular way for adoptees to reunite with their biological family. but also I think using excessive social nateworking affects his/her dailylife.
    when I was in 3rd grade at high shcool, most of students was under the pressure of university admission fell heavy on their shoulders. my friend started social networking. she relieved the stress with social networking.
    but too much became the problem. For a while, she couldn’t contrate on her studies and she felt tired. She was regretful for what she has done.

    2.Is it important that you like what your peers like? Is there something you enjoy that is not very popular?

    →Communicate with my peers and associates more easily.
    Personally,I loooove reading novels.It is a favorite thing,and it is a my hobby.But when I was in high shcool years, most of my friends don’t enjoy it. They like Tv music show programs,Idol.but I don’t like them. We each have different needs and interests. I wanted to share a interesting novels with them. Sometimes, I felt lonely.

    3.Think about something that is or was popular. Why do you think it became popular?

    Recently, Catching up on actrees’ makeup is popular. Representativelly,”Cheon SongI makeup” is that.
    Because it is a pretty makeup, thanks to actress Jeon Ji-Hyeon.

    1. I never thought about adoptees using Facebook the way you describe, but it makes sense. Interesting!

      Now that you are in university, I hope you can find people who share your interest in novels.

  4. The benefits of social networking sites, but I want to talk about shortcomings. Because it is an open network, social networking sites tend to information disclosure. News with your friends through social networking sites are very pleased to exchange them. But I do not want to expose my imformation to strangers.

    1. I agree with you, Ye Ji. Last time, I became a friend with stranger with facebook, and he discovered my phone number, and my information. Before I knew it, most of my information went to his hand. since then, I never take friend addition in facebook. It is serious weak point in social networking site.

      1. Wow, Min-gyu! That’s a little scary. Unfortunately, I’m sure that kind of thing happens often.

    2. I agree with you,Ye ji.
      I don’t want to expose my information to stranger,too.Personally, Exposing my informaion to them makes me unhappy.
      I have a similar experienve like Min-gyu. I enjoyed talking with friends who live all over the world with social networking.
      But, one stranger visited my wall and he talked me, “please give me the money!” in succession.he hung my walls with that message.It made me upset:(

  5. 2.Is it important that you like what your peers like? Is there something you enjoy that is not very popular?
    In my opinion, it is so important that I like what my peers like. I think, same interest or same hobby make a familiar friend. So, I used to follow my friend’s interest. And whenever I became more familiar with that friends. Another reason, to become a best friend, we have to similar. So my friend likes somthing, I like, too. It most certainly is.
    I’ve always said, I enjoy playing the trombone. Trombone is unfamiliar, unpopular instrument to public. Most of them confuse with trumpet. So I always explain my instrument. Although people don’t recognize my trombone performance, I’ll practice hard and join a amateur orchestra. I’ll invite all of you when my orchestra performance 10 years later.

  6. it’s great to communicate with many people and there are many information, so i like social networking.
    In facebook, i can interact with friends and other people who don’t know. i can get in touch with distant friends and i can find old friends.
    one of the reason i like facebook is many videos are uploaded. There are funny video, amazing video and many useful information. i can get many information in the facebook.

  7. I think social networking sites like Facebook are good for connecting with my friends who live so far from my home. We can see them by their recent photos or writting.

  8. I think it is important to share the things that my friends like. One day Facebook incredibly popular, all of my friends uploaded pictures on FACEBOOK!! My friends wrere tagged in pictures. EXCEPT ME:( !!!!So sometimes I felt left out. This is the only reason I log on to Facebook everyday.But these day I also often talk with my friends online or visit their Facebook pages to see how they are doing. It’s really fun!

    1. I’ve often had the opposite problem when friends would tag me in posts that have nothing to do with me. Then I feel anti-social for un-tagging myself.

  9. I think social networking sites like Facebook are good for communicate with friesnds. So social networking sites give us good personal relationship. And Social network sites have a lot of information to give us. They have many photoes,funny videoes and useful informations like brush shoes with banana.
    Social networking sites might improve the quality of our life. I want many people use social networking sites with self-control.

    1. i agree with your opinion, i think facebook is good social networking site 🙂
      i saw many funny videos in facebook. but there is many things that wasting my times
      i’m trying to reduce the time to facebook

  10. 2.
    i think it is important that i like what my peers like
    if i have same hobby with others, it can be a good opportunity to make them friends
    you can easily talk with them about the same topic

    i enjoy riding a skateboard bu tin korea, skateboard is unfamiliar
    there is no one who rides a a skateboard
    and it isn’t a good environment to ride a skateboard, the ground is very bumpy =_=
    sometimes doing not seem popular things are uncomfortable,,

  11. 1.What do you like about social networking sites like Facebook? What do you not like about them?

    I think SNS the best way to communicate with long-distance friend.
    but I don’t like facebook so much. because it has so many bad points.
    Many of my friends are addicted at SNS (facebook,twitter,etc…)
    When I saw them, I’m so sad… because I wanna talk with my friends.
    I think all of the SNS is very time consuming..

  12. I can be contacted easily with my friends , also organized grounp with high school friends and university friends in social networking sites.
    Then better relationship between the senior-junior.
    My friends can leave a trace with post, photo taken with me.
    But stranger are likely to invade our privacy. People do not play facebook feel alienated.
    In my case, I have been frequently put in facebook. So I dally away the time…. and When I have to concentrate, I’ve often failed to focus on.

  13. I use facebook. I update my state, click ‘LIKE’ , also share my favorites. Like facebook, social networking is very convenient and connect to easy. I can ask foreign country friend’s state so easy. But, sometimes, I don’t feel truth. People just say formally. More and more, computer and smartphone is developed, people just connect to that, not real people. And I don’t like social networking’s openness. If people want to look others information, they can do this.

  14. 1.What do you like about social networking sites like Facebook? What do you not like about them?

    I think I better. Because, even if busy with friends, and the news of each other
    This is because it is possible to know.
    Like us in particular, school because busy even when far away when the freshman
    I can not also common face. Because, for the first time in a long time later
    It is possible the conversation lead enough when I met a friend. I think probably because that, to be really good.

  15. I think social networking has brought us many benefits. among them, most beneficial thing is ommunication with people. In my case, I can find a lot of old friends. I still keep in touch with my old school friends. also, SNS is the most efficient way to inform myself. I can express my condition.
    But, demerits about them is invasion of privacy. and there are counteless rumors entirely unfounded. So, many people are damaged a rumors. especially, celebrities so are themselves.

  16. I like sns (Facebook) ! because sns is very comfortable to share pictures and videos with my friends.
    And i hear the news of friend and hot issue!
    but facebook has fault.
    it can’t keep to personal privacy and personal data.
    but i love the facebook~!

  17. 1. I think social networkimg sites like Facebook are good for connecting with my friends who live so far from my home. I can see them thanks to their recent photos and know their thinking. But sometimes I think that I’m a Facebook holic so I try to concentrate on only my work.
    2. I think it is pretty important that I like what my peers like. In my case, I like exercising and sports like skiing, hiking, biking and so on. But most of my friends don’t have a interest about them. Sometimes I’m lonely when I exercise alone. Because I want to enjoy them together. So when I saw an update about their travel or hiking pictures at my friend’s Facebook, I was very delightful and sympathize with them.
    3. I think that popular person or something can make people like itself. So they’re popular I think.

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