50 – Colors (Unit 2)

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

  1. What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life? (ex. bedroom wall, clothes, accessories, etc.)
  2. Think of a company with a logo that uses colors effectively. What does the company do? Describe the logo. Why do you think the colors are effective? How do they make you feel?
    • NOTE: Everyone should write about a different company. Look at your classmates’ posts before writing.

Your paragraph is DUE WED 2 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.
EXTRA CREDIT!Β Reply to a classmate by THURS 3 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.

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  1. 1. Dark gray is one of my favorite colors. Most of the pants I wear to work are dark gray. It is also the color of my favorite suit. You may have noticed that the background color of Brain Drain is dark gray, while my personal website’s is an even darker gray. To me dark gray is looks simple, clean, and professional. That’s the image I want to show others.

  2. 2. I think McDonald’s is a company that uses colors well in their logo. McDonald’s is a fast food company, and their logo has a large yellow M against a red background. Red and yellow are both warm colors, so they make customers feel comfortable and cheerful. The colors can even remind customers of their food. The red makes me think of a hot hamburger with ketchup. The yellow makes me think of golden French fries and cheese on my burger at McDonald’s on a bright, sunny day.

  3. 1. Green is my special color. I have a green long coat. This coat is my favorite coat.
    I wear this coat almost every day. And my desk is green. I study this desk.
    Green color makes me comfortable and relax. And green color makes me concentrative.
    So i study on green desk, my concentration is good.

    1. Green color makes me concentrative, too. In my reason almost middle & high school have green desk because green color is more concentrative.

  4. 1. My special color is white. I have a white bed and my almost furniture are white.
    White color is look like peaceful. And makes me comfortable.
    But white color is easily get dirty. On this account tends to be very careful in everything I do.

    1. I like white color too. But i don’t have any white blouses. Because i am not careful.
      So my mother don’t buy white clothes for me..

  5. 1.My special color is black. black is modest and clean. Although the walls are not black, I have most of the black dress,bag,cellphone, etc.
    Black is dark so not easy to get dirty and does not appear dirty . that is best to me!
    When looking at the black,I feel good and comfort. black is sexy,too. I love black!

  6. My favorite color is white. White is pure and clean. So white can be transformed into a variety of colors. I like white paper. My head is full of How to decorate it and I’m very excited. My room is white wallpaper and I have white desk, white chair and white wardrobe. Even my cell phone is white. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of white clothes.

  7. 1. My special color is mint. Because it looks birght,it just pretty and I like to eat mint. I have a lot of mint things in my life: pen, pencile, clothes, bag, note and something. I always use my mint pencile. When I something to eat mint something. I really like to wear mint clothes. I really like mint!

  8. 1.My favorite color is pink!
    Because pink color is very lovely and girlish.
    My bed is pink. So i like my bed room.
    Also most of my clothes are pink.
    Pink color clothes sit well on my skin tone.
    When i open my clothes chest, my lovely pink clothes hanging on the wall let me have a throb!

  9. 1. Pink is my best color.
    when i see pink color i become special girl and i feel warm and comfortable.
    I have pink pen which i use any time
    also, I have a pink cell phone and almost wear pink clothes and i always use pink comb.

  10. Ivory is one of my favorite colors. I don’t like dark color.
    Dark colors make me feel bad but ivory color makes me comfort and warm.
    So i have very various ivory color items.
    Almost all the furniture in the house are ivory color.
    And i love my Ivory color diary.
    I always use ivory objects and i will continue to use them.

  11. Purple is my best color. My middle school and high school’s gym clothes was purple. And when I was high school first grade, our class clothes was purple. My pillow is purple. I have a lot of purple pens. So when I see purple color, I feel familiar and comfortable.

  12. My favorite color is white. When I see the white color, I feel clean, pure and fresh. My furniture is mostly white color.
    For example, My bed, my desk, and my closet. White color is very clean, so I want to see white.

  13. 1. My favorite coler is red. it makes me feel enthusiastic and hot. so i heve many red colors clothes
    for eample my shoes are all red and my smart phone case red!
    I love red color so much.

  14. My favorite color is dark blue. When I feel gloomy, I find the color to relaxed.
    Some of my clothes and shoes are dark blue. But, When I matches all of mine for dark blue, maybe it impressed dark.

  15. 2. I want to introduce the Apple logo. Apple logo is look like one bited apple.
    Usually Apple uses white and black on logo. Sometimes Apple uses coloful color on logo.
    The logo that consists of black or white make people feel classic and neat.
    The typical colorful product is iphoneC. Using iPhoneC can express personality of customer. Using simple color make good brand image. especially black and white become the main idea when people think of Apple.

  16. Red is special color to me. Because I believe that red is very lucky color.
    I have red color wallet, bag, shoes, and many things…
    And I think red is give us some powerful feelings.
    Red color means passion in many culture.
    Chinese said that red means wealth. And some people in Korea think like that.
    Me too!

  17. I like every colors but one of my favorite color is brown. I think brown is warm color becase trees are brown, and I feel warm from that. Moreover to me, brown looks simple, mordern and classic. I really don’t like a harmonious room. I like simple. Many people think that simple is mordern but I think it is classic, too. So my table, chair, bookshelf, dressing table, and my room floor are all brown. Also many of my clothes are brown, too.

  18. My favorite color is pink.
    Because it is pretty color.
    When I was young, many of my clothes was pink.
    And my bedroom wall color is pink.
    In addition, my cell phone case is pink too.
    But I don’t like hot pink. Just like pale pink.

  19. My special color is brown. Becuase brown is vwry confortable and hard.
    My furnitures in my room are all brown color. It’s vert simple. I like it.
    I like white color ,too. It is harmonize brown color.
    And brown is comfortable for eyes. So easy to find everywhere!

  20. My favorite color is peach pink.
    Its color, give a warm feeling more than universal pink (baby pink).
    For example, my wallpaper and bedding of the visit, I feel the warmth and comfort. And to give the impression mature than universal pink , rather than a girl, peach pink is easy to use for over 20age.

  21. Frist ,l’m sorry to be late.
    My favorite color is brown. brown can feels comfortable. most of my cloths have this colors, and my furniture also has.brown is not solid color , but It seem to be one.
    in textbook, the brown color also have some loose feeling , but I love this characteristic.

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