52 – Colors (Unit 2)

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

  1. What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life? (ex. bedroom wall, clothes, accessories, etc.)
  2. Think of a company with a logo that uses colors effectively. What does the company do? Describe the logo. Why do you think the colors are effective? How do they make you feel?
    • NOTE: Everyone should write about a different company. Look at your classmates’ posts before writing.

Your paragraph is DUE WED 2 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.
EXTRA CREDIT! Reply to a classmate by THURS 3 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.

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  1. 1. Dark gray is one of my favorite colors. Most of the pants I wear to work are dark gray. It is also the color of my favorite suit. You may have noticed that the background color of Brain Drain is dark gray, while my personal website’s is an even darker gray. To me dark gray is looks simple, clean, and professional. That’s the image I want to show others.

  2. 2. I think McDonald’s is a company that uses colors well in their logo. McDonald’s is a fast food company, and their logo has a large yellow M against a red background. Red and yellow are both warm colors, so they make customers feel comfortable and cheerful. The colors can even remind customers of their food. The red makes me think of a hot hamburger with ketchup. The yellow makes me think of golden French fries and cheese on my burger at McDonald’s on a bright, sunny day.

  3. 1. My favorite color is Red and Navy. First most of my point in fashion and accessories are red.
    To me red is looks warm and passion. It is also the color of my favorite shoes. It looks energetic. That’s the image I want to show others.
    And most of my clothes are navy. I think this color makes me more fashionable. In addition, Navy is looks calm and professional.
    2. I think LG is a company that uses colors well in their logo. LG is a home appliance company and their logo has a red base and white face pattern.
    Red reminds their passion, challenge and warmth. White reminds their effort to make friendly feeling. Those colors make me reliable to LG.

    1. I agree with the idea of you. Red accessories , has been able to point.
      Also , the navy can be made to appear to you look more arrogant.

  4. My favorite color is bright colors like yellow, yellow green, powder pink.
    Bright colors , gives comfort and peace of mind to me . There are many bright colors , so I dressed . There is also an effect that looks delicate and wear the clothes of bright colors .
    In addition , the study room is my wallpaper of powder pink , bed room is a wallpaper of yellow green . The successful degree of concentration of study , I can sleep well at night . I prefer my own room .

  5. 1.My favorite color is blue blue is very cool and peace of mind to me and comfort mind!
    blue color is my note color! bedroom is a wallpaper of blue !!

    2.I think SAMSUNG is a company that uses colors well in their logo. Samsung is best company in the korea. Their logo is a very simple!! so many people think their logo.
    Their color comfort to me

  6. 1.example)
    Aqua,baby blue are a special color yo me.
    these color make me feel free. I put my thoughts in order with these.
    The hapir pin that I prize’s color is baby blue color.

    The company ‘SAMSUNG’ logo.
    Samsung is a representative electronics company.
    Oval shaped with blue colors. logo’SAMSUNG’ is in english, because people around the wolrd can read 삼성 easily.
    I think samsung uses the color effectly. Because..Blue color means sky and sea, oval shaped means the space,world.
    It makes me refines when I see the logo.

  7. My favorite color is yellow or orange. I like to see this color because I feel so good. Because of the color of my clothes and school supplies are commonly used.I like this color, so i have yellow and orange pen,pencil,notebook and i have a lot of clothes in that color such as those.

  8. 1.What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life? (ex. bedroom wall, clothes, accessories, etc.)
    I love blue! It’s my special color since I was kindergartener. I don’t know special reason, but I reallly love blue color. When I am watching blue, I am comfortable, stable, calm. My cell phone case is blue. My pillow and blanket are blue. And most of my clothes are blue, too. Actually, I live in blue world.

  9. I like bright color. And my best color is white. White makes me calm and bright. And often I heard I match with white very well. So, I have many white clothes, accessories.. Even my room’s wall, desk, dressing table is white. My room is almost white. And I have a white bycle. When I ride a these bycle, I feel gorgeous and free. So I like this color.

  10. 1.My favorite color is black,gray and orange.
    black and gray is very chic ,doesn’t show dirt and fit any clothes. so my winter clothes are most black and gray.
    Orange is very looks bright and active. so I like orange lipstick.

  11. 1. My favorite color is light green!! Because light green is relaxing and can soothe my nerves.
    also green is natural color. For example grass, trees, woods.
    That color is fresh, bright mood. So my note, wall, blankets etc… are light green.
    Scholastic ability test’s mechanical pencil is light green.
    So I took an exam well than usual!!

  12. My favorite color is emerald blue.
    Because, I love tropical ocean. When I visited thailand, I saw emerald sea.
    And I fall in love that color
    But, I don’t have emerald color clothes. This color is not for everyone

    1. I don’t like emerald blue. but i want to go emerald sea, and want to see emerald sea.
      If you don’t mind, i want to see emerald seas picture.

  13. My favorite color is black and purple.
    The face is black, so don’t wear bright-colored clothes
    and black is chic, and black is good with everything. so i like black, But
    black is not spring’s color. It is bad.
    I have black color’s bag, shoes, clothes, cap and accessories.
    The reason that i like purple is that purple is the color of strong personality.
    And it is unigue.
    i have purple color’s bag, tumbler and note.

  14. 1. My favorite color is Black. Because it is nice on anywhere. Black is handsome color on my mind. Black is almost in my life. Some example my pants, my coat, my computer, my phone…. etc.
    So I love Black!!!!!

  15. My favorite color is black and white and gray
    They are very simple! and easy!
    and they are easy to match with another color!
    so i love black ,white ,gray
    They are easy to see
    ex) cellphone, my cloth, computer, keyboard ….
    very simple colors….
    so i love that!

  16. 1. Black is special color to me. because it is easy to match with other clothes and it isn’t
    stand out. I like all black codinate and it’s very comfortable color with me.
    In my dress room, there are almost black clothes and my bag, shoes, wallet are also black.

  17. 1. My favorite color is sky blue and green. Sky blue makes me feel clean and free. Green makes me feel stable.
    Also i like pastel color. This color is warm and cheerful.
    This is why I like these colors.
    My shoes color is sky blue and room door is green and clothes color is pastel.

  18. My favorite color is BLUE! When i was young i went to Saipan with my family. And we went to sea, the color of the sea is very beautiful. And I still remember the great color of the beautiful sea. I have blue bag, note, phone case,,,,,and so on.

  19. My favorite color is skyblue. because when I was 11 year’s old, I went to Austrailia.
    It’s my first trip in foreign country. thenceforth, I like sky and board a plane.
    When I see skyblue, I felt as if I were in the sky. So my room’s wallpaper is skyblue and white.

  20. my favorite color is gray. gray is commonplace color, so it is easy to match with other clothes (gray&black, gray&white) and depending on the brightness, feeling is different, dark gray is chic and light gray feels clean

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