03 – Foods (Unit 2)

Favorite foods

Write a short paragraph (75 words) about your general eating habits.

You can explain the following:

  • What kinds of foods you like and dislike. Be general (ex. sweet foods) and specific (ex. cake).
  • Do you think you have a balanced diet?
  • Do you like big or small portions?
  • Do you like foods from other cultures? Do you like to try new foods?
  • Are there foods you disliked as a child, but enjoy today?

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 3 APRIL, 11:59 pm
EXTRA CREDIT! Reply to a classmate by FRI 4 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.

34 Replies to “03 – Foods (Unit 2)”

  1. I love to eat, and I’ve been a big eater for most of my life. The foods I enjoy eating most are salty, fried, and/or covered in cheese. Pizza, nachos, and potato chips are some of my favorites. I’m not just crazy about junk food, though. I actually enjoy healthful foods like salad and fruit. I don’t eat them often enough because it’s such a pain to wash and cut fruits and vegetables. That’s the main reason I don’t have a very balanced diet. But, honestly, I will eat and enjoy just about anything from any country. On special days my wife and I like to eat Indian or Middle Eastern food. Their food is delicious and nutritious! I think the only food I really hate is nattō from Japan. It looks and tastes like snot. It’s disgusting (but good for you)!

  2. I like to eat bread. especially, a whipped- cream cake!! I love it!
    I dislike mushroom. Beacause it has a strange smell. I like things like pizza and burgers but i also like the vegetables. Thus i don’t think i have unbalanced diet. And i don’t like to eat a lot.
    I have not seen eatingfood from other cultures, but i like to challenge the new food.
    When i was child, i hated kimchi. But now i can’t eat rice without kimchi!

  3. When i was young, I didnt eat much food except meat. Im pretty sure these day many child love meat more than vegetable. Anyway parent try to made me eat all kind of vege but i could not eat it, It made me throw up or made me puke. I’m sure when i was child i hated that taste of carrot or cucumber , feels kind strange, and smell was bad. Now im growing man and i thought i could eat all kind of food but still there was many thing that i could not eat but vegetable is i can eat now!! that is something i am proved myself…
    These day i love to eat from differnt cultures, like Sushi from Japan, taco or burrito from Mexico and ofcoure from Amercian food.
    Even tho i dont eat much about food but i love to try new thing. that mean is I love food and I could not live without it.
    Im not sure what kind of foods im going to eat or try but im very exciting and looking forward to it!! lol

  4. I hate to eat mushroom. and I even don’t eat eggplant only one in my life. There are same reason. They are light and clean. right, I don’t agree them. but they are overly soft. It is serious and critical to me. exactly the soft temper is very terrible. the same Sujebi, clam, eggplant are. I can eat the thing a bit these days. but It is ‘a bit’. I don’t forget when I was young to eat Sujebi and puke.

  5. I think I don’t have a balanced diet. Beacause I like meat, cheese and all kind of fatty foods. Especially, when I was young I never eat vegetables. Maybe that makes me as this figure. Anyway, now days I eat most kind of vegetables and even like some kinds, like perilla leaf and lettuce, but I still hates carrot,paprika, and scallion. Though My eating habbit have changed, My originally prefered food have not chanded. I love all kind of fatty food, especially chicken. When I have enough money I eat choicken as often as I can. Cheese is my favorit food too, so my best choice when I want to eat pizza is adding all kinds of cheese topping to Domino Pizza’s cheese pizza. That’s fantastic. It’s too greasy and heavy to eat but sometimes that kings of greasy pizza makes me happy. I must have bad eating habbit and I know that’s very for my health and appearance. However, I can’t stop eating this sort of foods.

  6. my favorite food is curry because it is little spicy! so when i go to restaurant, i often eat this! and i love oily food. (ex.pizza,chicken) but! i hate really sweet food. for example i hate hershey`s chocolate and so on..
    sometimes i think I don`t have a balanced diets.. beause always eat my favorite foods(not various food.). so i`m think need change to balanced diets. (but i do not eat much food, i think this habit is good )
    when i young, i hate all meats. but now i love chicken!

  7. I really like sweet food. Especially, i love candy and chocolate.
    I also like spicy food. and fatty food, too.
    I think i don’t have balanced diet. because i always eat what i like to eat.
    i know it is bad for my body. but i can’t stop.
    I think i don’t like food from other cultures or new foods.
    because i like familiar food. i don’t want to have a new experience.
    and l really hate paprika,broccoli. i know i need them but i hate their taste.
    but i think health is most important in my life. and i will have a balanced diet.

    1. your taste is same as mine!
      i love sweet food like chocolate!!!
      I like chocolate cake, chocolate milk ,chocolate ice cream!
      I love chocolate:)

  8. Almost like I somehow transfer the food is tolerable.
    But like most about Toppokki introduction.
    Toppokki the rice cakes, fish cakes, seasoned with pepper and put a variety of vegetables is cooked, spicy taste of food poisoning is to be attractive.
    I don’t like vegetable especially i don’t like aubergine. I dislike their unique taste.
    Thus I think i don’t have a balanced diet. But i always trying to eat vegetable.

  9. I like sweetfood especially , strawberry and watermelon . In fact I like all kinds of fruits!!
    Like everybody does,I feel comfortable when I eat sweet things.so I like sweetcandy and jelly.
    I think, jelly is the most sweet things around the country. specially fruit jelly is perfect 😀
    also pudding is a sweet food like jelly. when I go to mart, I allways stop by the jelly and pudding corner.
    there are a lot of sweet things, not only in Korea but also other foreign country. And ice cream is the sweet food either.

  10. i like sweets, like chocolate and macaron.
    and i don’t like vegetables. especially paprika.
    cuz it has no sweet and it looks like green pepper.
    i think i have a balanced diet just for breakfast.
    because i commute to school so my mom take care of
    my breakfast.

  11. I think I have good eating habits. I am not a picky. There are some foods that a child doesn’t like to eat such as beans, garlic, and other vegetables. However, I have enjoyed eating them since I was a child. While I love them, I also like to eat meat and junk foods. Actually these days I eat junk foods too much. So I got a fat. Now is my fattest moment. I am planning to diet from tomorrow. I ate my last chicken just before write this. I believe I can lose my weight!

  12. I like to eat foods, but i don’t like the sea foods. I don’t know why but from I was young, I didn’t like it. And I also have becoming like food. It is the small intestines of cattle.
    When i was young, I ate it in first time in my life. And I never tried it again.
    But when I grow up to about 17, I ate it again and found the new world.
    I have very balanced meal habit, but nowadays I’m worried about eating chickens at night.
    But it’s okay. Because Kangnam University is really hard to move.
    I’m trying to don’t take Dalgoji.

  13. I really like spicy and fatty food. one of favorite food is chicken.
    I love it. I can eat everyday. To be honest, I can eat one chicken alone.
    I hate paprika and red pepper. Because I do not like the taste of chewing it.
    so If paprika and red pepper in food, I subtract it.
    I eat everything except paprika and red pepper.

  14. I like fried food.
    Especially, pork cutlet,chicken and deep-fried. Because these foods are strong-tasting and stimulate my appetite.
    But, usually I can’t eat enough fried food because I know that it is not good for health.
    So I always exercise after fried food eating.
    And I don’t like spicy food. because when I ate spicy food, it make me annoy.
    After mouth is full of spicy food, I have to drink water continuously .
    So I rarely eat spicy food.
    Thus I don’t think I have balanced diet because I don’t eat any spicy food.
    I like food from other culture.
    Particularly rice noodles and Taiwanese food.
    Because I love new experience.

  15. I really like to eat meat, especially pork and I often eat fast foods.
    Since, I like to eat fast foods,meat and fried foods, I think I don’t have balanced diets,
    and also I like to drink soda so that makes things worse.
    I always try to stop eating fast foods but I couldn’t do that.
    The food I like from other culture are spaghetti and sushi.
    Among of sushi, salmon is my favorite.

  16. I really like Chicken so I can eat Chicken every day.
    I am not sick of Chicken. especially I like spicy Chicken. and I dislike all kind of fish. for example raw fish and Sushi so on
    I think i don’t have a balanced diet because I don’t care about balanced diet i enjoy eating fast food.
    one of my favorite foods from other cultures is Japanese ramen. of course i like korea ramen too!
    When i was child, i don’t like Jokbal because of Shape but now i really like Jokbal!

  17. i love spicy food such as 떡볶이.
    and i hate tofu because it tastes horrible and feels weird when i eat.
    i think that i do not having balanced diet because i always eat spicy and salty food and it often causes stomache
    i like foreign food it is special and really new to me
    therefore i often go foreign food restaurant

  18. I really really love sweet foods!
    Specially, I love chocolate, macaron and cake!
    So I eat chocolate cake every my birthday.
    Oh! I really like tiramisu, kind of cake. Because my portion is big portion, I eat them all for one time.
    When I think of them, I want to eat them!
    I like sweet foods but, I don’t like vegetables, sea foods.
    They don’t have any taste! I mean they are not bad but tasteless. And I don’t like their smell. But, shrimp is now good! When I was a child, I didn’t eat it. Beacause its eyes are too weird! But, one day, I ate it that was in carbonara. Taste was so good! After that day, I like shrimp!
    Like this,I don’t have a balanced diet.
    Because of my unbalanced diet, I get fat!!
    So I am losing weight!
    I really like Italian foods! I like their oily foods! Specially carbonara!!! I love it.
    I like eating but I don’t try to eat new foods.
    So I eat foods that I used to eat.

    1. Oh we are same food type! I love sweet food too! especially tiramisu!
      But we are different dislike foods. I like vegetables,sea foods. especially raw sea food!

  19. I really like sweet food. Such as cake,chocolate,ice cream(I ate it just now ) ,cookies.. and so on. especially strawberry tart,tiramisu and chicken!!(It’s not only sweet but also bitter. right?) Um.. just thinking about it, I’m so happy! I think I always eat sweet foods. So my weight incresed gradually… On the other hands, I dislike salty food(escept for cheeses). Because my family doesn’t eat salty food. I think it’s a genetic problem. Nevertheless, I don’t have a balanced diet. I ate a meal when I want to eat. And eat only one food. I will fix it someday…

  20. I love sweet food. cake,icecream is my favorit!! And i also love spicy food!!
    Maybe these foods make bed healty…But i can’t stop it!!!
    I can eat almost foods. But i dislike seafood,vegetables. Not i can’t eat, just i dislike.
    Especially i hate oyster. It tastes pulpy. Raw fish also!! Fortunately i don’ hate all of seafoods.
    I love shrimp, lobsterand brown seaweed.

  21. I love spicy food so I like to eat pepper and garlic. l feel released my stress when I eat very spicy tteokbokki or ramen. Maybe I am a nontaster because I can enjoy spicy food.
    Also I often visit a Mexican restaurant to eat taco, britto and nacho chips! There are many Mexican food chain store like “Taco bell”, “Vatos”, ect. The “Little Mexico” was my favorite restaurant because it was located near KNU and very delicious. But it was disappeared during last vacation. I’m so sad about that 🙁

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