41 – Colors (Unit 2)

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

  1. What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life? (ex. bedroom wall, clothes, accessories, etc.)
  2. Think of a company with a logo that uses colors effectively. What does the company do? Describe the logo. Why do you think the colors are effective? How do they make you feel?
    • NOTE: Everyone should write about a different company. Look at your classmates’ posts before writing.

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 3 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.
EXTRA CREDIT! Reply to a classmate by FRI 4 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.

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  1. 1. Dark gray is one of my favorite colors. Most of the pants I wear to work are dark gray. It is also the color of my favorite suit. You may have noticed that the background color of Brain Drain is dark gray, while my personal website’s is an even darker gray. To me dark gray is looks simple, clean, and professional. That’s the image I want to show others.

  2. 2. I think McDonald’s is a company that uses colors well in their logo. McDonald’s is a fast food company, and their logo has a large yellow M against a red background. Red and yellow are both warm colors, so they make customers feel comfortable and cheerful. The colors can even remind customers of their food. The red makes me think of a hot hamburger with ketchup. The yellow makes me think of golden French fries and cheese on my burger at McDonald’s on a bright, sunny day.

  3. 1.My favorite color is dark blue. The reason I like the dark blue color makes the mind at ease.
    In addition, the dark blue is neat., 90% of my clothes and dark blue
    The remaining 10% is dark-colored clothes., My background is dark blue and the cell phone
    And the dark blue makes me calm.Part of my life is dark blue and dark blue clothes will look when worn.
    I like the dark blue too. Than any color..

  4. 1. I like yellow since I begin to conscious colors. yellow represent fresh, pure, cute, pellucid, cheerful to me. Even look as if be clean my eyes. I want to continue to look yellow. Therefor I like yellow flowers, yellow accessories. But among My clothes, no exist yellow. Because yellow non-matching my skin color. This is very sad. but I choose something, I possible select the yellow item. This is very nice. Thank you for reading. goodbye.

  5. 2.I think Coca-Cola’s is a company that uses colors very nice in their logo. Coca-Cola’s is a drinking water company. Their logo has a script white Coca-Cola against a red background or a script red Coca-Cola against a white background. Anymore they release a script black Coca-Cola against a white background or a script white Coca-Cola against a black background. Red is passion color. Their purpose is to make customers feel powerful and cheerful. Coke color is similarly red or black. These days their purpose is to protect nature. So which country makes white color coke. Anyone likes Coca-Cola is so sweet and delicious.

  6. I want to introduce my favorite company, LEGO. LEGO is a toy company, and their logo has big red square, yellow, black, and white letters.
    First, red is warm color, so it makes people feel cheerful and gives a stimulus in a short time. Second, yellow and black complement each other, so they can highlight and catch everyone’s attention. Last colors like white convey reponsibility and confidence for consumers of all ages.
    So when I was little, everyday I pastered my parents to buy it and I don’t think it’s just my experience. Thus I think LEGO uses colors well in their logo.

    1. I like LEGO too
      LEGO logo catch my attention when i went departmentstore
      red color make me feel cheerful but actually LEGO is not cheerful

  7. My special color is black.
    I think black is very normal colar.
    So black color is everywhere suit.
    Black color is in my room everywhere.
    And black color is see thin then my body.
    So girl wear black color clothes.

    1. Yeah i agree. I love black, too.
      But in Spring and Summer, black color clothes are so hot..
      So i usually wear black color clothes in Winter

  8. 2. I think baskinrobbins 31 is a company that uses colors well in their logo.
    baskinrobbins company is icecream company and their logo has lage blue and pink B,R
    B,R is divided two parts one part have blue and other part have pink
    So we see BR, we also see 31
    Blue is cool color pink is fresh color
    So they express fresh and warm
    And people saw BR they think sweet because usually cotton candy color is blue and pink.

  9. 1.
    My favorite color is sky blue. That color is so beautiful, bright and peaceful.
    And also it makes me calm. Because sky blue is pastel color.
    I already said in class, the coat i bought recently is sky blue. It is so beautiful i think.
    When i wear that coat, the coat makes me feel warm. That is why i love sky blue.
    But i sometimes worried about stain. Because I’m clumsy. So i’m always careful to do not make a stain..

  10. 1.What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life?

    Black is one of my favorite colors. Most of my clothes are black. I think black is very convenient color. Because black is easy match other clothes. When I wear that black clothes, it looks slim. And black clothes is no worry about stains. That is why I love black!!! So I always buy a lot of black clothes. Thank you for reading.

  11. 1.What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life?

    My favorite color is Blue. Blue color reminds me the memory of my family.
    When I was young my family often went on a trip to the sea in foreign country.
    Foreign country like Malaysia and Thailand sea is very clean and clear and blueish.
    I enjoyed skin scuba with my father playing with fish and lying in the middle of the ocean made me happy.
    So I like blue color and blue makes me feel peaceful and calm.
    Therefore, my room is fiiled with blue clothes,quilts and wallpaper.

  12. Homeplus is a department store. Their logo has red word “Homeplus” and red highlight under that word against white background. I think white is clean and peaceful , red is warm and intense. So Homeplus looks like something kind , clear and luxurious . And this logo leaves strong impression on me. So I use this familiar homeplus frequently.

  13. 1.What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life? (ex. bedroom wall, clothes, accessories, etc.)
    My special color is yellow.It feels me bright, happy and calm.I have a yellow knit,T-shirt,pencil case socks and shoes.It is beautiful color. And it means spring and some beautiful flowers.So I like yellow color.It also means loyalty.Kings and Queens uses yellow color many times.

  14. 1.What is a color that is special to you? How does it make you feel? Where is this color in your life? (ex. bedroom wall, clothes, accessories, etc.)
    My special color is silver. It looks nice and beautiful. Silver can sort out venom. In Western culture, silver is regarded holy metal. For example, silver cross can beat Vampire etc. Silver looks soft luster. So it is my favorite color.

  15. My best color is burgundy. Burgundy is very beatiful color……..
    I think that this color is luxurious.Burgundy means sublimity,sanctity,justice.
    And burgundy item is easy to match black color item.
    I have a lot of burgundy item because it is timeless. It never become countrified item.
    So i have burgundy cardigan,eyeliner,eyeshadow,nail polish,socks,skirt,cap,T-shirt.

  16. red is my favorite color. because red is loud color and dark red is beautiful. i have red sweater and red shirt. even my shoes color similar red. i want to dye wine color. therefore i like red color.

  17. Black is one of my favorite colors.
    I have a lot of black clothes.because black clothes look tinner.so i usually
    wear black clothes.
    And Black makes me relax,comfortable.
    Black is dark color.so make me chic. Looks hot black clothes in summer.

  18. My favorite color is yellowish green. because yellowwish green to relax my eyes. and this is peace of mind. so my room wall is yellowish green and my handcream, umbrella, and i have many socks. however it is not like the clothes of the yellowwish green. but i like yellowish green stuff.

  19. My favorite color is black. Because black is very simple and calm. It feels me relax and calm. I am almost wear black jean. And My shoes is black. Also my glasses frame is black. I love black!!

  20. I like blue and black
    Blue and black are easy to match the other color.
    Black is not likely to dirty and make me sharp.
    Blue is one of the color because that is hang out me

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