50 – Courtesy (Unit 3)

Bad manners

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

  1. Do you think people are generally polite or impolite? Begin with a clear topic sentence then explain your main idea with supporting details.
  2. What etiquette advice would you give to someone traveling to Korea for the first time?
  3. Do you know the etiquette of another culture? What etiquette advice would you give to someone traveling to another country? Everyone try to write about a different culture.

Your paragraph is DUE WED 16 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.
Reply to a classmate by THURS 17 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.

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  1. 1a. I think people are generally polite. We all know that talking loudly on your cellphone on the subway is rude to other people. Last weekend I was on the subway, and I saw a man talking on his phone. Because he did not want to bother anyone, he covered his mouth his hand and spoke quietly. I was impressed, but I don’t think this behavior is unusual. I see it a lot!

  2. 1b. I think people are generally impolite. The other day I was at the customer service center of a store. Customers weren’t given a number, so I waited in line. When it was my turn, a woman came up to the counter and started talking to the agent as if I wasn’t there. Fortunately, the agent told the woman that I was first and to please wait her turn. The woman acted as if she had been insulted. Stuff like this happens all the time!

  3. 2. I would tell anyone traveling to Korea to not be surprised by people walking on the left. People around the world who drive on the right side also walk on the right side. Koreans, however, have driven on the right side while walking on the left. A few years ago, the Korean government changed this. There have been efforts to remind people to walk on the right side, but many people still walk on the left. I guess old habits are hard to break.

  4. 3. If you ever go to India, here are some tips on what to do (or what not to do) with your hands. First, instead of shaking someone’s hand when greeting them, put the palms of your hands together, bow a little, and say, “Namaste.” Also, if you need to point to somewhere, don’t use your fingers. Instead, use your whole hand or your chin. That’s right! Use your chin! You may have to practice that one a little before you go.

  5. 2. If you visit korea in first time, you have to know some etiquette.
    People seem to be upset or stare at you, you don’t need to surprise
    because korean is often woodenly expressionless and they think that foreigner is amazing.

  6. 2. I want to tell you some etiquette, if you visit in Korea.
    If you are going to sit on the subway or bus when the old man if you see you can offer one’s seat.
    And when you eating food don’t make a sound.

  7. 2. When foreigner visit Korea in first time, they have to know some etiquette. For example, in Japan, people generally hold bowl when they have a meal. Because they think laying bowl at table looks like dog eat food. But if Japanese visit Korea, they need to lay bowl at table.

  8. 1. I think people are generally impolite. Because Korean people usually do not keep public order. In subway, many people cut the line and push other people. This occurs everyday! And especially the No.2 subway line, I think that place is simillar to hell…

  9. 1. I think people are polite. Many people know that young people offer their seat to an elderly person. Last week many people are in the subway. Elderly person board a subway at imae station. A handicapped seating is full, so elderly person stand front young girl. Young girl kindly offer the seat. I’m happy to see this scene.

  10. 1. I think people are polite. We all know that talking loudly with your friend in the library is rude to other people. when i go to the library,all people do not talk friend.
    they are quiet and try to walk quietly.
    Last weekend I was in the library , and I saw a man acting very carefully. He acted carefully
    in order to convenient other people.I was impressed.

  11. I think people are generally impolite. Especially nowadays teenagers are more impolite.
    They do not keep etiquette in public places. They chatting loudly with friends and use so many expletives. They don’t pay attention in elderly person and don’t give their seats to the elderly person. Teenagers even tease friends with disabilities. Teens are really rude and impolite.

  12. i think people are sometimes or usually impolite. We are know that talking loudly in library is so rude to many people.
    Yesterday i was in library, i hear a woman speak so loud. But she doesn’t care about it!
    For the benefit of the public sometimes people care about others.

  13. 2. I want to tell you etiquette in Korea.
    You must make a bow politely to your elder.
    And you should hold up spoon after older people do.
    Also you must keep pace with older people when you eat meat.
    Those are respectful behaviors to your elders.

  14. 1. I also think people are usually impolite. People know when we are in the bus, the old is in the same bus. Then, we have to get out of the seat. But usual people don’t get out. It doesn’t look good. Of course, some people don’t do that. But I want all of people get out of seat.

  15. 2. If you travel korea, There are some etiquettes that you have to follow.
    So, I will give some tips to you. First, You have to make room for older people
    in subway or bus. Second, You must not finish the meal, If other people don’t finish the

    1. Especially,In the transportation, traveler can be seen rude. but I think korean will be understand foriegner’s activitys. of course.

  16. When I ride a subway train. Sometimes I can see the some foreigner seating in the handicapped seats.
    Korean is think this action very impolite. Korea is have a traditional culture has called 효.
    It is the examples, does not sit in the handicapped seats.

  17. 3. In Japan they don’t like to warp present with white paper. They always say “いただきます(itadakimasu)” before they something to eat. They don’t like to give some food for other people with chopsticks. They never unwrap a present in front of someone who give present. They daon’t use sppon when they eat soup

  18. 2.South Korea is one of the most important manners of dining etiquette.
    Unlike other countries, from older people to start the meal.
    In addition, you will need to adjust the time. Other people eat rice pace.
    During eating, must not you hear the sound of eating, the station is using a spoon. (Never do not)
    Finally, you have to drink alcohol by turning your face towards the less people older than you.

  19. 1. I think people are generally polite. We often concession their seats to the elderly on the bus and subway. In my case, i saw a lot of concessions.
    Last week I was in the bus, a grandmother rides the bus but every seat is full. A man instantly yielded seats for the grandmother. People who offer their seats to elderly people always look good.

  20. I want to tell you some etiquettes of Korea.
    Koreans use spoon and chopsticks at meals.
    But you should not be used those at the same time.
    And when the adult pick up the spoon, then we can begin eating.
    And Koreans take off their shoes when they go into a house.

  21. 1. People are usually polite. Because many people know about korean culture. So they look like polite people. For example, people give away seat for older people in subway naturally. And they follow korean table manners that follow eating space with others. These manners is natural for Korean.
    People are generally polite because of theses natural customs.

  22. 1b. I think peole are impolite. We all know that we have to stand in line when we take a bus. But every day I see people observe the regulation. I took a bus number 5600 when I go to school. A lot of people take this bus so not everyone can sit on the seat especially on rush hours. That’s why people are rush to the bus when 5600 bus stops and they are push from behind. It’s like someone squeeze me into the bus and I feel so bad. That situation make me annoyed everyday. I understand people want to sit and go to the destination comfortable but they are too selfish.

  23. I think people are generally polite. We almost keep quite on the subway. There are not many people who talking loudly on your cellphone on the subway on the subway.
    If we take a subway, people almost keep quite. But some people loudly talking on the subway. we all know that behavior is wrong. So we frown face.
    So I think people are almost polite.

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