52 – Courtesy (Unit 3)

Bad manners

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (50 words):

  1. Do you think people are generally polite or impolite? Begin with a clear topic sentence then explain your main idea with supporting details.
  2. What etiquette advice would you give to someone traveling to Korea for the first time?
  3. Do you know the etiquette of another culture? What etiquette advice would you give to someone traveling to another country? Everyone try to write about a different culture.

Your paragraph is DUE WED 16 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.
Reply to a classmate by THURS 17 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.

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  1. 1a. I think people are generally polite. We all know that talking loudly on your cellphone on the subway is rude to other people. Last weekend I was on the subway, and I saw a man talking on his phone. Because he did not want to bother anyone, he covered his mouth his hand and spoke quietly. I was impressed, but I don’t think this behavior is unusual. I see it a lot!

  2. 1b. I think people are generally impolite. The other day I was at the customer service center of a store. Customers weren’t given a number, so I waited in line. When it was my turn, a woman came up to the counter and started talking to the agent as if I wasn’t there. Fortunately, the agent told the woman that I was first and to please wait her turn. The woman acted as if she had been insulted. Stuff like this happens all the time!

  3. 2. I would tell anyone traveling to Korea to not be surprised by people walking on the left. People around the world who drive on the right side also walk on the right side. Koreans, however, have driven on the right side while walking on the left. A few years ago, the Korean government changed this. There have been efforts to remind people to walk on the right side, but many people still walk on the left. I guess old habits are hard to break.

  4. 3. If you ever go to India, here are some tips on what to do (or not do) with your hands. First, instead of shaking someone’s hand when greeting them, put the palms of your hands together, bow a little, and say, “Namaste.” Also, if you need to point to somewhere, don’t use your fingers. Instead, use your whole hand or your chin. That’s right! Use your chin! You may have to practice that one a little before you go.

  5. 2. I’ll tell you about the etiquette of Korea.
    In Korea, When the elders pick up the spoon, then we can begin eating and we can get up and leave only after the elders get up and leave first.
    You should concede your seat to the old and feeble, the pregnant, and handicapped in the subway.
    In addition, adults who need to use the honorific expressions. This is very important.
    Because Korea is deeply embedded in the roots of Confucianism.
    Please keep in mind!

  6. 3.I’ll tell you about Japanese etiquette.
    First In Korea, the right pass but Japan is left pass,so we should be placed left blank.
    and Japanese subway is very narrow,so don’t twist legs.
    Finally Japan has different greeting .in morning say ohiyo Gojyayi Mars in lunch say gonni jjiwa
    and in dinner say gonbangwa .
    When you go to Japan be useful this etiquette.

  7. 3.I’ll tell you about the etiquette of France.
    In France, when you eat a fish dish, you shouldn’t reverse it. it is not the etiquette.
    if you reverse it with your mistake, you may hear.. ‘ barbarian ‘.
    In France, table manners are really important.
    And when you meet people, you have to shake hanhs with them every times.
    Handshking is a life to French.
    If you are invited to French. Polite guests usully come 10 minutes after the time of the invitation. Visiting with the simple present is polite. The present is commonly a chocolate or the flower.

  8. I’ll tell someone traveling to korea about drink culture.
    when you drink alcohol with elder, you have to drink alcohol with head turned against elder.
    and if elder pour alcohol a cup for you, you have to receive liquor with two hands.
    That is old culture.
    If you do not, you can give a bad impression to elder.

  9. 3. i know the etiquette of some western curture. they have tip culture. if you go restaurant in u.s, after you eating, you’ll give tips. but if you feel uncomfortable, you do not have to give tips. and when you call a waiters. in korea, people calls waiters any time, but in western culture, you call waiters when they are close to you.

  10. I explain table manners in Korea. Don’t holding a rice bowl and soup bowl to eat. Also, You can take some out before eating it, however you can’t stop eating it during the meal. Another rule relating to the meal is not using mobile phone during the meal and taking the phone outside with you when there is a cell.

  11. 3.I’ll tell you about the etiquette of China. In China, people usually eat round table. It’s turning table. So if you want to eat some dishes, you have to spin the table. You may have to know that the most inside of seats calls a seat of honor and most important person or the oldest person sits there.
    And when you eat fishes, don’t turn them inside out. Becase there is a custom that people think if a fish is turned inside out, fishing boat also will be turned inside out. Just wait, clerks will do that.
    One more, don’t lower your head when you eat food. Because they think only animals eat something lowering their head. So I suggest that you raise your head and have a friendly talk when you eat.

  12. 1. I think people are generally polite. Most of people know offer their seats to elderly people.
    I take the bus to school everyday. So i can see peope offer their seats to elderly people. of course me too. People offer their seats make me smile.
    So I think most of us are polite

  13. 1. I think people are generally impolite. I learned that if people hate other people intentionally or unconsciously, they should apologize. But, sometimes I can’t see that. When we walk along the street, for example, we are hit a strager’s shoulder. In this time, I think we should say “sorry”. But, today people disregard “sorry”. So, I think people are not generally polite.

  14. I’ll introduce you to the ‘Austrailia’ etiquette.
    First, two people are walking into each other. and they have to apologize each other, even though who have fault first.
    Second, you use restroom, and then, leave the door ajar. beause ‘close the door’ means some people are in there. so the people can’t knock on the door, because of rudeness. if you close the door, a person of a later, waits constantly.
    Third, if you have drinking party, when you ‘bottoms up!’, you have to eye contact with everypeople who participate in.

  15. I will teach to foreigners about the honorific
    They are very difficult for this.
    In foreign countries, there is no concept of honorific
    Manners are most important in Korea.
    Therefore, it is misleading to not know something like this

  16. I’ll tell someone traveling to korea to be careful sit for senior in subway or bus.
    In the korea, there are sit for senior or pregnant women.
    If not be relevant person sit there , another people look at sitting person with scary eyes.
    So i wanna tell to foreigner is be careful that sit!

  17. i’ll tell you about honorific.
    In Korea, you should use the honorific your elders.
    Confucianism has deep roots in our society, so we should respect our elders.
    Don’t forget what I told you and lay it to heart when you visit korea.

  18. 3. Culture Etiquette Of Philippines
    when someone lated at the appointment several times, we think the man who is lazy and irresponsible.
    On the contrary in the Philippines, being late for appointment is a common sight.
    because the country is tropical climate ,so nature of the local population is slow.
    If you’ll meet a friend who is a Filipino , don’t early arrive there ,or you’ll wait long time.

  19. 3. I’ll tell you about the etiquette of Greece.
    The Greeks food is varied and rich. So dinner time is usually late side.
    They think that lunch time is most important. That time is sometime the head of association and served with conversation, song, dance.
    They don’t eat alone in restaurant and order a meal as group. And they prefer outdoor table rather than indoor.

  20. I think usually people are polite but someone are impolite. Almost everyone are power off their cellphone in the theater. But, last winter vacation I went to theather for movie. Before start movie I was power off my cell phone. And almost people were power off their cell phone, too. But in front of my seat person was not power off his cell phone. And he was keeping his KaKao Talk…….. So I had a think. Impolite person is always existence.

  21. I think nowadays most people are impolite. When i go to school by bus, bus drivers are very impolite. When old people got on the bus, the bus departed before old people seat. So old people nearly fell over. I think bus driver doesn’t show enough consideration for old people.

  22. 3.etiquette of thailand

    The Thais are well known for friendly.
    But should not touch the head. They think that head is very sacred.
    And also don’t stepped on threshold. Because, they believe soul is indwell in threshold.
    And absoultely do not touch people with foot. That’s very rude behavior in thailand.

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