03 – The price of success (Unit 3)

Write a short paragraph answering ONE of the following questions (75 words):

  1. What do you think it takes to be successful? Give an example from your own life or someone you know.
  2. After reading “Practice Makes . . . Pain?” do you think it’s a good idea for children to play sports?

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 17 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.
Reply to a classmate by FRI 18 APRIL, 11:59 p.m.

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  1. 1. I think the goal is important to be successful.
    If there is no goal, people don’t have any will.
    So they will be bored to live. When I was 17, I did not have any goals, dreams. I was spiritless. I always said ‘why I study, for what?’ But, after I realized what I want to be, start something. I was reading books and searching about my goal. I felt like I am alive.
    2. I think childern have to play sports. Because they are growing, sports will help them to grow.
    Of course, excessive sports are not good. But, moderate sports will be good supportion to grow.

  2. 1. i think patience is most important to succeed.
    if someone do hard work, people think so boring or difficult.
    but patient people will be endure this and continue work.
    so they will succeed their job or goal.
    2. children must play sports. but they do not aggressive sports, because that is very.. very dangerous! so before children playing sports, they do warming up and playing proper sports.

  3. I think playing sports is good for children.
    First of all, playing sports help children’ body.
    They can be more healthy and their bones becom more strong. Also they can be more tall.
    Second,they can throwaway stress!!! Thesedays, young kids have to study,study,study!! They can’ play with friends even they can’ run at the playground! So playing sports give them freedom and positive mind.

  4. 1. I think challenge is most important to be successful. Because If there is no challenge, there will be no performance. For example, many scientists have succeeded with a number of challenges too.
    2. I think it is not a good idea. Because I think children grows up whenever they hurt and they be pained.

  5. I think listening carefully os really important to be successful.
    Because people have nice feeling when I listen carefully to them.
    For example, a man catched a job, he just listened carefully.
    I want to say them to do it if you want, and enjoy.
    If they enjoy for that, they don’t care about pain.

  6. I think it is a values problem. People have each value and the value is never same. It is just similar thing. And human similar genaral value is fundamentally indolence. They justify many failure. “It is just part of my life”. “I can do well next time.” It is very natural thing and we couldn’t know well when It is appeared. However some people are not. They never give up. and It is also very natural thing. Therefore we need a big chance of change.

  7. In my opinion, that is good idea for children to play sports. But I partly agree with what the reading say. To play sports can take a lot of time and make children exhausted. However it has more good thing. Children can keep their body healthy. Moreover they can grow ability of co-workship from playing sports with friends. What if I had children, I let them play sports. Also we can find their ability from sports.

  8. If I accomplish successful life, I think that having sincerity is important.
    Because if I always sincerely prepared about job or future, I deal with unexpected problem and seize an opportunity to do.
    When I was 15, I found my dream. So for my dream, those days I steadily performed study assigned to me.
    Because of persistent studying, I didn’t need to cram for examination period. So I could make good grades in school than before.
    From that time I have been realizing importance of sincerity, so I’m still try to be sincerity person.

  9. I think the goal is important to be successful.
    If there is no goal, there is a lack of willingness.
    If there is the will to achieve the goal, one day succeed.
    when I was 17, I did not have goal. so I lacked the will to study.
    But 2 years later, I have a goal. I want to be a kindergarten teacher.
    So I studied hard for admission into a early childhood education subject.
    I finally did it.

  10. 1. I think patience is important. When i was nineteen, i had failed to college. But i didn’t give up. Because of my goal…….. I have been dreaming of going to college of education. Although late in college but, i am glad that i want to do that. Yet enjoy college life more than study, i will study hard later.
    2. Children must play spots. But they don’t strenuous exercise. Just light exercise !! Light exercise is good to children. Also it will be helpful to study. So i think that children are essential to play sports.

  11. 1.If you accomplish successful life, you must know about yourself.
    for example what you really want to do, what level you are at, what you are interested in.
    If you just look at yourself from the outside, you can not truly know about yourself.
    If you know about yourself you can live successful life πŸ™‚
    2. I think children must play sports. because when children play the sports,
    they can improve one’s confidence and they can reduce stress.
    so I think children must play sports.

  12. I think passion is very important to be successful
    when i was fresh man in the kangnam university, i did not try hard on every level
    because i always thought that ‘ its ok im fresh man’
    as a result i have a bad grade
    now i regret last year…
    and now i have a passion about my mayjor
    so i try to study hard now
    i want to tell every fresh man!
    be passionate!!

    1. with out passion..how people can live for?
      we are living because we have passion to go forward
      better job, better life this is all relate to passion!!
      passion is something we got to have on our life.

  13. When you something to do, Self-motivation can makes you enthusiastic and energetic. Self-motivation gives the power that you overcome difficulties. In my opinion, the people who knows the method maintain high self-motivation seems like to be successful. How can we motivate ourselves? We need to have a dream to inspire ourselves and set up the goal achievable in the short-term.

  14. Playing sports is good idea for children. I think sports help to realize that life is not easy. there is old saying that ” No pain, No gain”
    Sports is not just practice or excercise, it teachs us that passion, challange, and responsiblity.In my opinion learn or playing sports
    make us better and better, it is not just about be health or diet. Sports is same as life and it teachs us how to surive and be strong out there.

  15. Playing sports is good for kids.
    because they can improve the physical strength.
    also, they can make friends, too. but, too much is always bad.
    children have to play outside for period of time.
    but they have not to become oppressive.
    It is important to have a outdoor activities for children.
    parents have to encourage their children to do outdoor activities.

  16. It’s not a good idea for children to play sports. First reason, If children learn about sports early, children’s bodies will be hurt.
    Article in the book is a examples. Like Courtney, Danny,kevin, they driving hard themselves. Second, their height will be stop. If they practice hard, muscles and bones feel pain and then groth is stop. Third, they don’t eat what they want. Because they control their weights and muscles. So children who learn sports early is not a good idea.

  17. I think it’s a good idea children to play sports because childhood is important.
    people have to running a playground and jumping, playing with a ball as a child.
    parents worry about injuring so they keep children from playing sports,
    children don’t develop muscles and become weak bones.

  18. 2.
    I think playing sports is good for children. Because playing sports makes children’s mental and body healthy. Especially to growing children making their mental and body healthy through sports is important. Of course there could be little possibility about getting injuries. But getting injuries is not that big matter to children if those are not huge injuries and parents traet that immediately and perfectly. Most of all merits of playing sports like making bond with their friends, making their mind and body healthy are very strong when compare with don’t playing sports at young. So parents have to make their children go out and play sports.

    1. yeah, I think playing sports properly sure makes body and mental healthy.
      For young children, they’re growing real time, so they need playing sports to
      make sure their body and mental healthy.
      Like ‘A sound mind in a sound body’.

  19. 1.What do you think it takes to be successful? Give an example from your own life or someone you know.

    i think try to all situation because it is important to our life.
    many people are not genius but they are success because of their effort.
    so i think the best key of success is effort.

  20. I think hardworking and sacrifices are needed to be successful.
    You can’t do everything you want to do, so you need to give up something, that’s
    sacrifice and of course,hardworking is no exception.
    Last year, My math score was so poor, so I decided to make it better.
    After then, I tried to study as hard as I can.
    I studied when I had free times instead of hanging out with my friends or play.
    That lead me to the improving my score.
    So my opinion is hardworking and sacrifices are needed to be successful.

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