50 – Unfairness (Unit 4)

Write a short paragraph (75 words) answering the following question:

Competition can be found in most areas of life. Reading 1 discusses how wealthy teams have an unfair advantage over poorer teams. Reading 2 discusses the runner Oscar Pistorius, whose legs may give him an unfair advantage over able-bodied runners.

What is another area of life where some have an unfair advantage over others?  Think about  school, jobs, relationships, etc. Be specific and begin your paragraph with a clear topic sentence.

Your paragraph is DUE SAT 3 MAY, 11:59 pm
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  1. In business world, the disabled have many disadvantage.
    They want to work hard. But they can’t apply and work on job that they want to join.
    The disabled mainly work in a simmple field like build-up region.
    Handicapped people have equal rights that work with workers without disabilities.
    It is important that disabled person have disadvantage in working field.
    I want to improve working conditions that disabled person work.
    So, I think attitude toward handicapped people in working field need to change.

  2. In life, money is unfair advantage in a lot of areas. Rich person is grown in favorable conditions since childhood. And they almost get a good education. But, poor person has lower education. If they study hard and go on to university, they should work part time job to earn tution fee. Another example, member of the National Assembly didn’t see his son off to his military service through secret deal. In Social atmosphere of wealth and power-conscious, ‘money’ is most unfair advantage.

  3. Many time appearance is an unfair advantage. Many people estimate one’s personality with appearance. At first, For example, Many people think that a pretty person has good personality but ugly person has bad personality. So ugly person relatively has bad relationship. So ugly person loses confidence. In company interview, if two people have same grade, interviewers give good score to pretty or handsome appearance. So ugly person suffer unfairness. So many people must not estimate one’s appearance.

  4. In school, students with disabilities have a a right classes with non-disabled students . But, for the convenience of non-disabled and disabled students in their classes to be separated. This is very unfair to students with disabilities. So I think more often attend classes that integrated education.

  5. In our life, level of education is very important to judge the person. And, It causes a lot of unfairnesses.
    For example, when people meet person who just graduated high school only, they will think that man is an ignorant person. So, the person with at least a high school diploma or the equivalent has difficulty to get a job. Although that person has great ability.

  6. wealthy team have advantage which buy good player.
    also this team can recruit outstanding director and provid better training environment and equipment
    these team support enable player can do best game so they more win through get thick fandom.
    furthermore, wealthy team can give great image by a lot of advertisement
    this is why wealthy team is more advantageous than poor teams.

  7. In our society, money is an unfair advantage and money impact a lot of the our lives.
    Rich person study very good environment . Good study environment give great grade and famous college diploma.
    But poor person study bad education environment. So they very hard to earn good grade and hard to go famous college.
    Famous college students easy to earn good jobs and gather much money.
    But not famous college students hard to earn good jobs.
    So rich person rasie their children very good environment but poor person doesn’t.
    money is not fair.

  8. I think Olympic is unfair competition. because wealthy country runs the more support. but poor country cannot be like that.
    for example in swimming race,fencing and curling wealthy country win a medal.
    but poor country cannot get a medal.
    It’s so unfair competition. it just wealthy country’s advertising means.
    IOC has to more support in poor country and wealthy country also help poor country.
    This is the way that solve unfair competition.

  9. Foreign workers have many discrimination in our society. They are poor. They don’t have any power. People are reluctant and ignore foreign workers. Foreign workers have unfair treatment in jobs and income. They work much better than others. They are more hard works than others. But they receive less money than others. It is very unfair. They miss their home.

  10. I think our school bee seems to be important. Even in the sciences, who for the first time, the meeting has not been as good as ask universities to protrude from a punishing first find yourself being ignored. Just like a good College should know that person’s character. Good comes out of college than those who might have a job they would have a better and more successful will that may. People should not be judging an outward look, as long as school discipline as those who think it is unfair to evaluate.

  11. I think gender have unfair advantage.Generally,president is a male and female is a secretary that assist man.The atmosphere in the community, male must have protect female.
    If the men went into the woman toilets just accidental,they hear bit but woman did that,they only just a mistake. And Korea have women-only parking area,women-only loan. company has unfair advantage to female pay, promotion, deployment. peolpe need to change thought about gender role

  12. I think that there are some unfair advantages in company.
    In company, when executives hire some worker, they often see regionalism, school relations, and blood ties.
    If things come to this stage, a man of real fiber is not selected infelicitously.
    So managements must hire person fair by rejecting regionalism, school relations, and kinship.
    Also, some people give a bribe to executives for promotion.
    This is not fair! Offering a bribe is illegal.

  13. In life, many people know that money have powerful infuluence. For example, People can usw many useful services if they have a lot of money. The services exameple is people can progress in company easily.

  14. There are many unfair advantages in school.
    In school, there are different types of students. High level score students and a little bit low level score students. School students who study well and gives more privileges.
    For example, Dormitory gives the opportunity to use first that the high level score students.
    Like this opportunity, there are unfair advantage in school.

  15. In our life, money is very important thing and unfair advantages.
    Children of rich parents will become rich people.
    Because they get good education, find a good job, inherit their father’s estate.
    On the contrary to this, children of poor parents will become poor people.
    The vicious circle of poverty keeps repeating.
    If they are trying earn money, however, it is difficult to transcend the rich.
    So money is very unfair.

  16. I think age have unfair advantages. Not all but many people do in eastern countries. Adult always say that you are too young so you don’t have to know that or you are so young that you are not qualified to do this. I heard these words and it feel bad. Of course drink, smoke and so on are bad things so only adult can choose to do it. But exclude the bad things children have rights to know and to do something.

  17. I think that there are some unfair advantage of revese discrimination of men. Reverse discrimination means that because of cognition of protection for women, men can’t enjoy their right. For example, women only train. Of course women are weak than men. But that can’t be the cause about reverse discrimination of men.

  18. In many contests, the winner’s paragrapy is related with their contest’s host.
    if who joined contesets, any teams skill is not excellent, host give the most related team.
    another example, the contest winner is also decision become their past.
    for instance, I was very hard to win many contests when I didn’t have any one price first.
    but, I have that, Winning in the contest is very easy thing to me.
    only wirte “in the past, I have a price.” in introducing blank, it effects me takes more advantage.

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