52 – Unfairness (Unit 4)

Write a short paragraph (75 words) answering the following question:

Competition can be found in most areas of life. Reading 1 discusses how wealthy teams have an unfair advantage over poorer teams. Reading 2 discusses the runner Oscar Pistorius, whose legs may give him an unfair advantage over able-bodied runners.

What is another area of life where some have an unfair advantage over others?  Think about  school, jobs, relationships, etc. Be specific and begin your paragraph with a clear topic sentence.

Your paragraph is DUE SAT 3 MAY, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE SUN 4 MAY, 11:59 pm


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  1. 1.First wealthy teams have many information than a poorer teams.so they know in advance bad thing.
    and wealthy teams have many money.so descent next generation.
    2.Oscar Pistorius has uncomfortable to have legs.so inconvenient for long run and he don’t run without protection.

  2. 1.First wealthy teams have many financial capital. So they can buy smarter,younger,and more expensive players. It’s a big advantage. So wealthy team has a better result than poorer team.
    2.Oscar Pistorius a half of legs. So he can use blade in Olympic. It’s cool decision. But some people say it’s unfair. Because blade can influence a running speed. and the others can’t use blade. I think it’s a hard to say fair or unfair.

  3. 1 wealthy teams always play well ,so fans eagerly look forward to win .
    but when the team is lost by poorer team, the fans give wealthy teams so much scolding.

    2 when able-bodied runners sing for air in the run race, how tired the runner Oscar Pistorius wearing walking assistance ?

  4. In a multicultural society, most half-bloods have a big trouble at their school over general students. They look different and are poor at Korean. So they are often ostracized by other people. Koreans need to understand other cultures and concede difference. And they also need to respect cultural diversity.

  5. 1. wealthy teams can many things with money. for example they can easily promote. Then people around the world became interested in team. people buy team’s product like player’s uniform. so thier financial status is better than other teams – wealthy team can lead to better results than other teams

    2. if Oscar Pistorius participate in able-bodied runners rally, i think it is unfair match. but he participated in his will and if there is no problem – even the match is unfair match

  6. I think a celebrity favor entrance into the university is an another area of life where have an unfair advantage.
    one singer entrance into a music department, I think it is a fair advantage. Singer relate with a music department.
    But if singer entrance into a department of Korean language and literature with a celebrity favor entrance, I think it is an unfair advantage.

  7. In many parts there is unfair. There is unfair profits for the wealthy about obtaining information. When this happens, the rich people to give money in advance to minimize the damage to realize. However, the poor people have no choice but to receive damage. And I wish there won’t be anymore discrimination in the world.

  8. I think that south korea is very important such as regionalism, school relations, kinship.
    These are people with low skills can make a promotion. Connections, school relations, kinship is basically discriminatory. Is due to pick people up. Because of the relationship they bear to know. Society is bound to be eventually closed.

  9. 1. Wealthy teams have many economic aid. So they can scout talented coach. It seems obvious that poorer team’s training conditions are lower than wealthy teams.
    2.Oscar Pistorius’s blade can be influence to record, but I think it can not give an unfair advantages to able-bodied people. The purpose of the blades is replace the legs not intended to reduce the record.

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