41 – Unfairness (Unit 4)

Write a short paragraph (75 words) answering the following question:

Competition can be found in most areas of life. Reading 1 discusses how wealthy teams have an unfair advantage over poorer teams. Reading 2 discusses the runner Oscar Pistorius, whose legs may give him an unfair advantage over able-bodied runners.

What is another area of life where some have an unfair advantage over others?  Think about  school, jobs, relationships, etc. Be specific and begin your paragraph with a clear topic sentence.

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  1. Wealthy team can sell tickets at high prices and pay the teams to broadcast their game,and large companies give financial support to the best teams,these sponsors pay many money so wealthy teams have an unfair advantage over poorer teams.

    Oscar Pistorius has instead of muscles,he has prosthetic legs made of special materials. 2007 official decided that he could not compet. Because olympic games ban that give a person an advantage over another athlete not using similar equipment. For now officials have decided that he does not have an unfair advantage.

    Artist who worked for a long time but not famous than suddenly famous artist is earn less money. because suddenly famous artist is many advertising,CF and many sponsor. On the other hand not famous artist is no sponsor, no advertising ,CF.
    So entertainment is have many unfair advantage.

  2. Kartrider is car racing computer online game,there are unfair advantages
    Maybe you start Kartrider they give basic car but it’s very slow
    And you want buy a car, there are two ways buy a car.
    first user uses game money to buy a car.
    second user uses real money to buy a car.
    Of course real money car faster than game money car
    So many games, although game money car users have better skills than
    real money car users, real money car user win the race.

  3. I want to talk about gender inequality.In reality, women’s employment is much harder than men.Just a girl there are few employment opportunities and deprived of the opportunity to be promoted to senior positions. The woman who will be deprived of life is inequality.I think it is a great loss for national. So the country has created a gender quota system for women.If you do not have women’s quota women, in today’s society will suffer a lot of expansion.I think that Unfairs to women in many societies are not resolved.

  4. Do not complain that the world is unfair,the world is unfair to the original, Bill Gates has said.there is a lot of unfair competition.money affects the quality of life.if you have a large number of money to improve the quality of life. for example,use the money to win a big game and money made ​​a discrimination;homeless people come into the restaurant,people avoid them.

  5. When who borned, he has some advantages or disadvantages then other people. It is unfair. They have different parents, wealthy, gene, face, race, etc. That problem is in the lap of the gods. People can success without any advantages, but it is harder than with advantages. Think about solution of that problems. There is none. Nobody can solve this problems. So we accept to reality. In sports, this is not differents. Wealthy teams make more money, and became stronger than other teams. If you are not going to give so many money to poor teams, you must accept to reality and just watch the sports games.

  6. I think woman and man are unfair.They usually think woman does only housework and man does only office business and hard things. But it is not fair. Although woman and man are different hormone but they are the same people. So man can do housework and woman can do office bussiness and hard things. Also they do not seperate their works, they do their work together.And people also do not think stereotype.Then they can be fair.

  7. I think unfair advantage is unfair advantage is in everywhere – school, job, relationships, etc.
    Unfair advantage is made by money, fame, power, regionalism, school relations, etc. Unfairness wouldn’t disappear in society. If we want to stamp out Unfairness, we need to strengthen the regulatory. And , for fairness, we make regulatory people can not easily intervene.

  8. Wealthy family almost have an unfair advantage life over poorer family. Wealthy family’s children can take better education like extracurricular. They wear maker clothes and carry something expensive. They get some good grades and have many friends because they are rich. Through theis good grades, they go first class university, they can have good job easier then poorer family and they can get good relationships. Also they marry one of wealthy family. If they born baby, baby repeat this pattern. Almost wealthy family continuously must be wealthy and have much unfair advantages,too.

  9. Unfair in many cases in the world. I will to talk about the money. Money can be unfair for many situations. If your parents have a lot of money, Your life would be flat. For example, Wealthy family’s children can be a lot of experience. In addition, can take better education than wealthless family’s children. Also when you get married, if there is no money, there may be many obstacles.

    1. I really agree with you .
      I always thinks people are not same existence??
      But people always discriminate each other. I don’t know why…

  10. I really talk about this in my every life. Unfair competition will happen in everywhere. Especially in work place, it happens a lot.
    But we didn’t recognize and we passed it. So we always have to know our right.
    I’ll give you an example. In work place, if company has context exhibit, and you have a great idea of it. But your boss would tell you if you want to work for this company, you should give your idea. If it happens, you just give your idea???? That’s not solution. You’ve got another think coming. You have to find your way to protect you right. It is unfair competition. Also your boss uses abuse of his(her) authority. It must solve the right thing.
    We live in unfairness world. In work place, in sport games… etc..
    But we have to recover consciousness in everywhere.

  11. Many sexual inequality occur in our society.
    For example, When some women get merry and give birth, the company give many unfair advantages such as some women returned to work, the owner of office dose not give works or hers’ seats give other person.
    Some people think that men good at work than women. So there are inequality in salary and promotion.
    Finally, I think sexual inequality should disappear in our society. And we should changing our notion.

  12. This money is not money rich teams and the wage gap between teams, motivated from the changes.
    The team continued wealthy sponsors, ticket fees, the financial support of a large company with many world-class players to get the team and the team does not have that much money, lack of financial
    Can not get a good player.

    Oscar Pistorius is not the place of his legs by using an artificial leg was trying to fill the gaps in your own.
    However, unlike people with normal legs
    Oscar Pistorius’s legs were light and durable, so you played the Olympic Games could not be
    However, the fight went out again through the re-examination.

    If there is no money in the game I can wear good equipment, so I’m sad.

  13. My curfew is nine o’clock. The reason is because I’m a woman. My brother, there is no curfew. Because the man is because my brother. Curfew affects to social life. Go out have fun playing in the middle atmosphere may break or be hated. This is all my family members to give women and men because of discrimination. This is unfair. The reason woman, undergo the social Problem. Just because women in social life and interpersonal relationships will be constrained. Just because women do not know Man will stress. This discrimination is never bled.

  14. In soccer teams,Wealthy teams have much money which can buy player.
    The spender money,the easyer get the better player.
    Wealthy teams have a lot of best player ,of course best player have difference the other player.
    Difference is abillity of soccer .
    So, poor teams get a worse player.
    Then wealthy team get more win.

  15. I let you know unfair advantage in India.
    In India, ridiculous system is existence in this century. These system is called Caste.
    In many years ago, Caste is formed by religion. But recently, countries set a high value on human rights so that Caste was abolished.
    However most indians are live in this system. For example Harijan(the lower classes) are decided when they were born, and that reason make them poor. And they don’t enjoy basic rights like study, job…etc. In other hand Brahmin(the higher classes) are decided by the same reason, but they are rich and they don’t care about them.
    In my opinion it is really really unfair advantage.
    So I think all nations solve this problem together.

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