43 – Unfairness (Unit 4)

Write a short paragraph (75 words) answering the following question:

Competition can be found in most areas of life. Reading 1 discusses how wealthy teams have an unfair advantage over poorer teams. Reading 2 discusses the runner Oscar Pistorius, whose legs may give him an unfair advantage over able-bodied runners.

What is another area of life where some have an unfair advantage over others?  Think about  school, jobs, relationships, etc. Be specific and begin your paragraph with a clear topic sentence.

Your paragraph is DUE SUN 4 MAY, 11:59 pm
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  1. i think that upper class’s marriage have unfair advantage. upper class marry with same class. when upper class marry with other people, they think marrige partner’s social standing. even if upper class’s children do not achieve success, they marry successful people. in the 21th, this disappear a little. sometimes, upper class marry with lover. but this is happening still. i want to disappear this. i want to marry with person who they love very much.

    1. I also agree with your opinion
      I think the people of the upper class would like to marry people of the class similar to their own

  2. I think children attending private schools as compared to the children who attend the National School is to have a little more unfair advantage.
    I think children attending private school compared to children who attend a national school, and can live in a better facility with the educational environment a little better.
    I think I will have to integrate the school you are living together without breaking the National School, at a private school.

  3. I think Life is unfair. Today almost people born and be decided life. For example born in underdeveloped country like africa, northkorea. you survive hard so can’t imagine your future, there is no dream and hope. Besides In our society who born in poorfamily means that Has big probability he or she poorlive. Nevertheless we must live life to the full. Becuase life is naturally unfair and someday you can find real hapiness.

    1. oh your thinks and my thinks are very similar. See our country. In this coutry, many people live differently. i think life is unfair too.

    2. I agree with you. But the world is changing. So reduces the gap between the rich and the poor. One day I hope to come all life is equal.

  4. I think that the wealthy class student have an unfair advantage. The wealthy class student have many chance of education. For Example, If the wealthy class student do badly in school, they receive expensive private lesson. But the middle class or lower-income group student haven’t private lesson. Their only education chance is regular school class. At the end, the wealthy class student have high score and grade.

  5. I think examing people with their test score is unfair because I don`t think test can show everything about that person even though it`s the best way. It`s not a good way examing people`s value only with their scores.

  6. I think in hospital, there are many unfair advantage. People who are doctor’s friends or who are rich can receive treatment earlier than others including those who are in poor. Also, hospital give to surgery first the rich and powerful man.

    1. I think that hospital is unfair too. When I was very sick and went to the emergency room, knocking so still had not taken care of properly. So I was loud voice, she take action immediately.

  7. I think country people have unfair advantage. For example country people have new technique lately. But city people have quickly new technique. Resultingly country people have unfair advantage. And they have unfair old life.

    1. In recent years, the development of traffic coming into the city, it is now easier.
      So there are more people in the city
      There are very few rural people.
      Therefore, the development of rural areas is more difficult.

  8. I like football. Especially EPL, la liga, and I like to see. But la lige is very unfair. Because revenue structure is wrong. So EPL is more fun than la liga. To receive more love la liga should think that changes in revenue structure.

  9. I think that position rise in the company is unfair.
    New employee must work hard can climb one step at a time
    However, sons and daughters of CEO
    and the children of the President is able to go up to the
    high position immediately
    Everyone should start with a new employee
    So the company should be doing fairly.

  10. I think relationship is unfair. Because people meet people who grew up in similar circumstances. So upper class people meet upper class people, low class people meet low class people. So, when upper class people meet low class people, they don’t talk well. Of course, there are exeptions.

  11. I think the ‘money’ makes people’s life unfair. For instance, a child who was born in rich family can study,learn and experience a lot of things that who is not. Then the children from wealthy family can go to the universities even their expenses are expensive. After the graduation, they can get better jobs than who couldn’t enter the university because of no money. It makes them more rich or maintain their wealth. It makes a hierarchy become circulation.

  12. I think that wealthy compny is unfair. poverty company always need a meney.but wealty company always money is rich. if poverty company development new technology or product, poverty company sell to wealthy compny with a low price. so poverty compny is continuously poverty, wealth company is continuously wealty. it is a very unfair system. Need a fair system.

  13. Unfair advantage
    In old time and until present
    people think first son important than other sons or daughters.
    Parents give him many thing (example food, education,Property and so on)
    than others
    My father is the last son
    So he couldn’t get new clothes , universal life because of money and social values
    Now grandmother has little differance
    between my father and big father
    about attitude

  14. I think that school is unfair. Many student study and find their talents in school. But many student have to study in the school. In the world, many people have talents. Teachers can help them. However, they don’t do that. They take care of student who study so hard. It’s unfair. Teachers must support all student. All students have each of talents. So teachers have to acknowledge their talents. Therefore, students study or bring up owns talents. And teachers have to acknowledge them.

  15. In my opinion, major company and small-and-medium-sized business’s different makes unfair. Big company has many money and awareness. But small and medium sized company doesn’t.

    1. i agree with you many big company have a lot of money so they have many selection and many opportunity. if a small company fight with big company small company almost lose

  16. i think blood relationship make unfairness. generally people want their familly to be successful man or woman. so they support their child,parents and relative. people who have
    powerful relative have advantage. forexample they can make a job for their relative,advice to life and share their success.

    1. I agree with you. I saw a student who doesn’t study and always play around with his friends. I wondered and worried about his future, but he doesn’t worry about it. Because his parents, grandparents and cousins already have a big company. Most of his family members have a job in there and he will be hired by that company. Then what about someone who did study hard to get a job over there? I think it is unfair.

  17. I think these days, most unfair advantage is appearance .some people that borned pretty and handsome are loved by others their entire life so their personality is more positive energitic than who borned ugly . Although science technology is so developed, they can overcome their complex with plastic surgery but they spend their early life with ugly.face until they can have plastic surgery

  18. In my opinion, The world that we live is unfair.
    Every area have something that make us feel unjust.
    But, it is natural and unavoidable phenomenon.
    Innately, pretty and handsome people will honord by others.
    Smart and creative people will get a safety and stable job.
    Player who has good physical condition wil make a good showing.
    Therefore, We have to effort for our unfair life!ㅜㅜ

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