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  1. I think people are altruistic. People help other people who need help. But, they do not want any compensation. Recently, there was big accident in Danwon high school. Although divers didn’t have any benefits, they saved a person’s life. In my case, when I took a bus, there was only seat of the old and the weak. So I sat. After a while, grandmothers took a bus and I conceded the seat. It is rightful thing. But some people don’t do. So ecxept some people, I think most of people are altruistic.

  2. I cant say that all people are altruistic. Im sure people want to help each other in many other ways, like donate, volunteer for anything good, help to catch robbery and etc… we have all these good thing in our mind or brain but in reality, we just ignore or pass through it.
    We can usually see young people give up there seat for older person in subway or bus but not everybody do that, also it is not require to
    do it or nobody telling them to do it, all these is free and its up to us. it makes you feel better then welcome to help and care
    but its not your own business?! then welcome to just pass through it. Everybody want to be hero but Not everybody can be hero!!
    its all up to us. what do you want to be? Doer or thinker?! Its all your choice!!

  3. I don’t think that all people are altruistic. Some people help each other. However, Other people ignore. Recently, on the way to school, i saw someone dropped the wallet. Because there were many people around, i ignored it. If there had been alone, I would have given help. In addition, these things happen in the bus. Although the elderly are in front of me, and I ignored it. Since there are many other people, I am hesitant to be. So I seem to be a non-altruistic person.

  4. i don`t think that every people are altruistic! when i walking in the subway, i saw old woman is fell to the ground. i think somebody help her because many people in the subway!.. but everyone don`t help her and.. so do i… so i think that usually people is not altruistic!

  5. I don’t think that all people are altruistic.
    This is my dad story.
    Dad went to the restroom during oil filling at the gas station.
    After he came out the restroom he realized that the phone left behind in the restroom.
    He immediately went to the restroom.
    But his phone was no.
    who stole the phone between short time.
    Phone was turned off, he could not find the phone.

  6. I think people are altruistic restrictively. Most people have altruistic mind but they’re not act altruistically all time. When people saw someone in a tricky situation they feel pity or sympathy to that person but don’t feel the necessity to help. Because they think that except them there are still many people help the person. Saying my experience, it was last winter that I saw the man who is lying on the middle of the street. He seems unconscious or just sleeping and I thought he must have drunken. There were tiny rain and cold weather so it could be danger if he kept lying there. But everyone walking on that street just passed by him. Same was I. I was rush to the shuttle bus station for late for class. And when I look back the man was gone. I feel very shame about me and feel not everyone is altruistic.

  7. I think people are so altruistic.
    Although there are egoistic person, the majority of people are altruistic.
    That’s because they do donate and participate in volunteer work herself.
    For example, The recent case of sinking the ship, many people are volunteer work and do donate for nothing.

  8. I don’t agree that all people are altruism
    Cuz many interest groups consist even now
    I think ‘altruism’ means that altruism people dosen’t think about advantage , only voluntary action.
    But so many people think about their interst .
    For example , about 2 years ago i walked down the ori station and i watched girl who was locked by elevator door. I was shocked that situation but
    people just passed away from her.
    Cuz it isn’t their situation. Most People reacts only their interest

  9. I think people are altruistic. Because in the subway, someone who doesn’t know how can I get there ask other person, that man will apply someone’s question. Second, think about sewol ferry. many people help victim. For example, fundraising, relief supplies etc… Third in my case, in public transportation, I concede seat for old men.

  10. I think people are altruistic. for example if disaster happened, many people donate money to social institute. and people who endangered money are helped by the ohter people. in this case people are altruistic.
    When I was elementary school student, I donate money by calling company. and during the vacation I save money at the bank finally I donate them through school campaign.
    A few years later when I was high school student, our school surport WORLD VISION. so each class collect 30000won at a month. It continued when we graduate school.
    In this case I think people are altruistic.

  11. I don’t think all people are altruistic, but most people are altruistic.
    A few days ago in my experience, a woman got on a bus and used bus card.
    But it wasn’t works, so she had to use cash.
    But unfortunately she seemed to be embarrassed. Because she didn’t have any cash.
    At that moment, a middle-aged woman gave cash to her.
    So eventually she could get on a bus by a middle-aged woman’s aid.
    I was also impressed with the help of a middle-aged woman and I thought I will do that.

  12. I think most people are altruistic. The reason I think ‘most’, not everyone, is related to courage. Actually, it isn’t easy to help someone we just met. Because people afraid of any possible negative consequences, we played it safe. If I see a guy laying down on the street, I will pass by him and just think “How can I help him? Maybe he harm me… Someone who brave will help him.”
    In my opinion, people more altruistic when they know each other. As we discussed last brain drain subject ‘Technology’, people are very social animals and want to help.

  13. I think most people are altruistic.
    When I was a kid, about 14 years ago from now,I got injured because of falling off.
    I was crying and sitting down there waiting for help.Finally someone helped me to
    get to the hospital and get cured. The person who helped me was totally stranger for both
    him or her and me. But he or she still helped me. Not everybody just help the other people in need. But most of them try to help or at least think or regret not helping them.
    It is true that people can’t live just by themselves if you live in society.
    So I think it’s just people’s nature to help each other and to be altruistic.

  14. In my opinion, all people are originally kind. So when they see someting bad or someone who need help, they can’t ignore that. In addition, people can’t live alone. We always help each other while we live. People have to be altruistic for their life and actually they are. But sometimes we can see some people unlike them. They might be rude or selfish. Even if we met egoistic people, we should help them by altruism.

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