43 – A family business (Unit 5)


Do you like the idea of working in a family business? Explain in a paragraph (75 words).

To help you prepare your answer, think about:

  • the challenges the An family must have had,
  • why the An family was able to be successful,
  • why many family businesses do not last for more than one generation,
  • why the Bancroft family decided to sell The Wall Street Journal.

Your paragraph is DUE SAT 24 MAY, 11:59 pm

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  1. I think working in a family businesses is not appropriate for these days. In the past, many people do that ways for business . But In modern times, our job is getting variety so we don’t have to follow our parents’ business . we can do what we want. Moreover Like Big company, passing the power to their kids looks unfair advantage for outside people who want to be success without background.

  2. I think working in a Family businesses is
    efficient. they know well their members because people spend many times their family members together.
    So I think they get more unity than Other part time job or general employees.
    Also they don’t need to worry faith .
    Because Family is trusted exist.
    Family business means ‘whenever helped humans can work together.’

  3. I think working in A family business is good. First we can see family members long times i think this reason is very important. Human lives short time so we can see Like people long times in life is big bless. Second we can learn easy and saving money and time. Third we don’t have to worry about look for a job. Fourth we can leave family’s Fame next Generations. For this reason I think A family business is good.

  4. I think family business is good.
    Because it can have more responsibility for this family work in a family business.
    And you can work with your family growing closeness between the family and a family can be many conversations
    Also, I know that if we family business the time it is possible to spend a family because there are many, love of family members also increases

      1. I agree with your opinion. I think that family business can close with family.

  5. I think family business is good idea. Although they often fight, they can talk much time and they can know each opinion. Also they have much time with their family , they can more close. And they are family, so they more comfortable than another part time job’s workers. And young generation work with old generation, they learn important etiquettes. So i think family business is very good effect to all of family.

  6. My thinking is that family business is very good situation. For example I worked in grandparent’s store during winter vacation. The store is to sell dried fish and walnut, peanut, banana cip, blueberry, cherry and so on. I work together with grandparents to wrap these foods. I experienced family business during winer vacation. It’s very great things. Because it’s more closer than before. Most of family is small- family. So, I met grandparents in holiday. But in winter vacation, I always met grandparents and I lived their house. I learned many etiquttes so I adapted well in kangnam university. And i good relation with many people. I always thanks to my grandparents.

  7. Family business is a good system.
    First, the family are more comfortable than a stranger.
    so atmosphere is good and efficiency of the work incerase.
    and if I work hard, my family can make a lot of money
    if everyone worked hard, my family is will be rich
    also, we can do more conversations with my family.
    a meeting about business and plan, a closer relationship with my family

  8. I think working in a Family businesses is good. The United States employs a professional manager. But South Korea is to inherit the family business. And I think now that South Korea’s corporate form. From an early age, most often hear, you suspect that it is because they get to know. “Blood is thicker than water” is saying that. Nice to get out of the family as much as I think more.

  9. I think family business is good. Beacause family business have many advantage. First family business spend time with family.SO family relation more closely.
    Second, family business can save money.Because working with family use not unnecessary money. third, family business not use family business. So employee speak various opinion. So i think family business is good.

  10. I like the idea of working in a family business. As I told you in the class before, it is one of my father’s dreams. He wants to own a Korean restaurant. He asked me to do the business together. It is good to help him and work with him. He wants to cook, and I would like to serve or do other things. It became my father’s dream since when I was young, but it became one of my dreams, too.
    I think I could work there happily, and I believe it would work at the business, too.

  11. I think family business is not good idea.
    In modern times, many jobs are disapear and create.
    So, we follow this trend and also consider the possiblity of future growth.
    This is th reason that many family businesses do not last for more than one generation.
    Of course, there are many reason.
    Family members have to many conversation and share ideas that success business so that family buisness more continue passing one generation.
    In this process, sometime opinion of family member might ignored.
    And,also they may don’t like working family buisness.

  12. i like the idea of working in a family business i think it has many benefit.
    son and daughter who have parents who run family business can have advice from there parents. there parents are maybe expert of there business. so they can have great teacher.
    unless they have unother dream or interest run family business togather is good choice to me

  13. I think the An family is successful, I think the reason is because the sense of responsibility.
    Because there is no responsible so no love and no interest for their work.
    In that sense, their role in the An family is a good idea to think that it was established.
    In addition, the family love and respect each other because they think it could be successful.

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