41 – A family business (Unit 5)


Do you like the idea of working in a family business? Explain in a paragraph (75 words).

To help you prepare your answer, think about:

  • the challenges the An family must have had,
  • why the An family was able to be successful,
  • why many family businesses do not last for more than one generation,
  • why the Bancroft family decided to sell The Wall Street Journal.

Your paragraph is DUE SUN 25 MAY, 11:59 pm

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  1. I think family business is great.The biggest problem in business is money.When you start business you needs some employers so you should give him or her a salary.But in family business you do not need to pay for employers. It’s a big profit. Also family members have responsibility. If you work somewhere, not family business, you will lack of responsibility.
    In family business each members have role so for family they work hard with responsibility.Finally you can offer the ideas for business to family.Family will respect your thoughts. Family may created and developed products based on family ideas.

  2. Family business is more favorable than other general business. Because, fellowship between peers.
    In the worst case, despite family ties can break each other. However, this occurs within the family fence will not be easy. Among many other business, colleagues fraud occur frequently. But, family business not occur that situation. Because, family business can progress more safely.
    And the family business is very familiar with each other, there will know each other’s advantages and disadvantages. So because the operations are complementary, it will perform well. And each share will continue his role well.

  3. I think that the idea of working in a family business is good idea, because family business is less hard than individual business . And family business merit is very various , for example family have teamwork so more cohesion and each understand each other. But family business have problem that young children in family is don’t have mony concept . And leads to conflict between parents . But I think family business have many merit , potential. So family business is good idea.

  4. The idea of working in a family business is sounds good. Because in this way , the family relationship is better than before and they depand on each other.
    I think the family business can make easily successful result. because they have their each ability, so they prove their’s real worth and then business is successful.
    And they are family, they can believe each other easily.
    I think the way the family business work successful is doing well their roles. If they do, the family businesses have successful result.

  5. In my opinion this is a family business with their roles well I think we should have this course, money is important, but the problem with their roles that I think more highly. Do not know what their roles are, or respect and understanding about the role of the family is not a family business in the end. Cooperate with each other and I think it is very important. Cooperation What could you not supposed to, so I think that a family business is difficult

  6. I think family business has many advantage. Because family business is more cooperative than individual business. And family business could be saving money.
    Because a family business, you do not need to pay for employers. Also the roles of a family enhance business efficiency. And because they are family, be able to rely on each other. But disadvantage also exist, I think family business have many davantage. So family business is good idea.

  7. I share the view that family unity builds success.
    Frist, family know well each other so that they also know their strengths.
    Therefore they can save their time and effectively decide their positions.
    For such a reason An’s family were devided their’s speciality like as Elizabeth designs the insides of the restaurant, and Monique managing the restaurant.
    Second, family can freely give their’s opinion.
    They are the expert on their area, but surely they make decision whatever.
    At that time, they have a discussion and get the idea that they want.
    Thus I think family business can success.

  8. i think working in a family business is very good
    fisrst this might work to ur mind when my family working together
    second enployment ratio will be reduced.
    third they will be more love each other becuase they are equally difficult so rely on each other.
    but there are disadvantage
    first they hard equally so everybody will be nervous
    second they are family so may be express emotion is crudity.

  9. Family business is useful becuse all of member have love of thiers company and responsibility.
    So it increase work efficiency.
    And from thier childhood they learned the job.
    Also thier communication with family is more easy rather than other people.
    Communication with memeber is most important in business.
    And children don’t have to worry about a job.
    So family business is useful.

  10. I think family business is nice. when you start business, you cooperate other person but it is so hard have met a credible person. thereagainst if you start family business you can trust family member.
    and you working in a family business.
    working in a family business have more responsibility than working in nomal business.
    bacause family business is relevant family members life. if you work terrible it is influence on family members.

  11. I think family business has a lot of advantages. But also has a lot of disadvantages.
    I think An’s family is special case.The rare case. The important thing of family business is communication. Communication will make a success result of family business.
    The Bancroft family is representative case of family business. They don’t have any communication each other. They had to communicate. But it’s too late. Someday they realize what they miss it’s terrible feeling why they didn’t realize that before.

  12. Family business has many advantage, but I don’t think it is so good. If children don’t like their parents’ business, although they will earn much money, they will not happy. Family has known each other. So they have prejudices. One day someone attact the other with this prejudices. Then they remain scratch in each other’s heart. Also, parents will often forget giving monthly pay. Because family is so easy to each other. Today families don’t communicate well. If they start family business in this stuation, family relationship will be worse.

  13. i think that family business is a good business items.family business is take over job of parents.but it is simply not take over job of parents.while take over job, we add new idea and change to fit generation.so business is more developed. however, the family business is not easy.because children do not want to take over their business.because they have dream that different from the dream of parents.

  14. Family business is not good. It can solve problem of employment. But it force children to have a job that their parents’ job-even though they don’t want it-. And it is hard to survive in corporations. It means family business has uncertain future. If they take over the business, it means take over uncertain future. But it is hard to refuse to take over their parents’ job-family business-. I think each person is different, but I think it is not good.

  15. I think a family business has a lot of merits. But I think a family business is not good.
    First, When we fell in problems of the economic, we are one bad terms with each other. So we can’t communicate each other. Then the family business situation gets bad.
    Second, We get along with our family everyday, So we can’t get our time and we infringed privacy. So Our freedom of personal life lacks. Then the family is so sensitive.

  16. i think family business is good idea. because if i hate study but my family have store. i learn about skill and follow my father. i don’t have stress . family business has love so they do fast and no complain . when they hungry they eat their food. but family don’t impose child .because they want their dreams. so family business progress when they want to family business

  17. In my opinion, family business is not bad. Because people cooperate with other people easily and they don’t betray easily. But if parents enforce their children don’t like their parents’ business, it is not good. Because people can their way without block.

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