Help me with the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Students, I need your help! May I use your name in my video?

EBS’s Happy 아이작 Durst has nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

ALS (근위축성 측색 경화증) on 위키백과

I will make my own video this week.


Someone nominates you. Donate $100 to help ALS research or get ice water poured over your head (and still donate $10). Then challenge others and so on . . . It’s a fun way to raise awareness about a good cause.

Normally, you have to act within 24 hours, but I don’t really care about that.

Are you interested?

Remember, you’re students. No one expects you to donate a lot of money (or any money!). But even 5,000원 or 10,000원 would be great!

I don’t know if there are trustworthy ALS organizations in Korea. If someone could find out, that would be very helpful. In N America, people are donating to and (Canada).

Let me be clear: your money is your choice and your business. No pressure, okay? ^^

What I want

I’m asking friends, but I also want to challenge some students. Would you like me to challenge you? Please let me know through 1:1 chat on KakaoTalk.I’ve read that 400,000 people around the world have this disease. 100,000 people die every year.

This campaign has become very successful in N America. I would love to help make it a successful global campaign.Perhaps this could be used for campaigns important to Koreans. It’s up to you. Let’s get this going! ^^

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