Unit 6 discussion questions – Day 4 – Due Sept 18

DO NOT give your answers below. Reply here only if you have a question. Answers will be shared in class.

We will have a class discussion on Thursday, September 18.

I will ask the class several discussion questions. Students are encouraged to reply with specific examples. To receive participation points, students must raise their hands and share their thoughts. Prepare to discuss the following in class.

Key Discussion Questions

Reading 1 Review

  • What is good about digitial dining from the point of view (관점) of a:
    • customer?
    • server?
    • manager?
  • What is NOT good about digitial dining from the point of view of a:
    • customer?
    • server?
    • manager?

Reading 1 Explore

  • What is an example of self-service technology you have used? Think of things like digital dining or the machines on page 104. How does it work? Explain the process.

Reading 2 Explore

  • The writer shares two frustrating experiences with technology. When have you been frustrated with technology?
  • Does technology really save time and make things more convenient?
    • When does technology do this?
    • When does it fail to do this?
  • What are some good reasons to live in an age without the technology we have?
  • Why is life better because of the technology we have?