03 – Advertising (Unit 6)

Does advertising help us or harm us?

Advertisement with IU

Write a paragraph (75 words) answering the question above.

  • Begin with a topic sentence clearly stating your opinion. It can be more specific than merely saying advertising helps or harms us (ex. Product placement takes away our freedom as viewers and should be banned.).
  • Support your opinion with reasons and examples. Use information shared in class and mentioned in our book.
  • End with a conclusion that restates your opinion and even offers a prediction.

Your paragraph is DUE SAT 20 SEPTEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE SUN 21 SEPTEMBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

57 Replies to “03 – Advertising (Unit 6)”

  1. Today, people can see product placement in almost every broadcast media. I think it is too many and should be reduced. The most reason is that too much advertising disrupts focusing on the TV. For example, In a debate program, there are placed same beverages in front of each panel. Anyone can notice that is ads. But more surprising is that you can see a similliar forms of advertising in most entertainment programs. Maybe if you watch these programs, unconsciously you will focus on that beverage and remain it in your memory more than TV contens even you don’t want. Next, product placement is encouraging excessive consumption. If your favorite celebrity appears with a certain brand new cap in the TV, you may buy it. Actually, most fans purchase talents wearing caps, bags, clothes and so on even they don’t need. Also, products on the TV are nicer visual effect. So people immediately buy it without a second thought. Therefore i think the number of advertisng is reduced on the TV. People is not wathching TV for advertising.

    1. Nicely done! You make a good point that we usually become aware of brands unconsciously, without even realizing it.

    2. I agree this. This product placement is too much right now. You can see those ads in movies, TV shows and almost everything these days. I also agree about that ‘awareness’ thing.
      If you get used to this PPL things, you just can’t get out of that mind easily.

    3. I am disagree with that. If program are showed too many product placement, the Korea broadcasting commision will adjust program about the placement. so they can’t make too much proudct placement. I think that the program might be adjust the placement.

    4. i think show product is ok. i don’t like they taping the brand name for hide. for example when star drink coca cola even they taping everyone know that. And sometimes when i see good product i wonder that brand name.

      1. I agree. Hiding the brand in those situations is pointless. And, ironically, the covered up logo becomes all I can focus on!

  2. I think advertising is too much. When I am waiting for seeing movie or drama, ads are always shown about 10 over. In other case, in the middle of drama, ads are shown. Then, my obsorption in the drama is broken! I know that dramas and movies are made, thanks to ads. But it’s too much. And same ads keep replaying. It’s too tedious. If ads want to keep being showing, they should find other ways.

    1. iTunes has proven people are willing to pay for their TV shows and movies. I wonder how popular that idea is in Korea.

    2. Ads before the movies are really terrible, I agree. Recently there is thing called ‘Cloud Funding’ By this people are willing to pay the money to the developers and developers reply the customers by giving them what they need. I think this can make the world with less ads.

      1. I think you mean “crowd funding”. But I agree this is a good (and more democratic) way to do business.

    3. I know your feeling. As for me, when i see a movie in the Youtube, ad makes me crazy!!! Because i have to skip the ad!! Every 5minutes!!

    4. I think TV show’s quality depend on how many supporters they have. but i also don’t like put ads middle of drama….

  3. As developed technology, nowaday consumer is smarter than before. they don’t believe all of ads. Before buy product they search more information about product by internet. So If just show product and give untrue information, people notice very well. This can make bad image. because of this reason Ads are changing. Company focus emotional, funny, creative, communicational Ads. For example company offer UCC contest for make ads (like bacchus), support poor people (like gemany theater event), use normal people as model (like KT) People have sympathy with those Ads. So I think ads can connect people and make our life more beautiful.

    1. I think Hyundai Card and Apple are good for making good ads. Developed techs sure give us the ability to find the information and identify the unveil lies. So yes, ads really need to be changed the way like you said by focusing on emotion.

  4. Ad gives useful information to our lives. Because of ad, we can purchase product which we didn’t know how to buy but must need. Even we can know law and morality(Especially traffic safety, Non- Smoking area) that have to observe in our lives through public service advertisement. So I think ad gives convenience to us because we are provided suitable informations.

    1. I remember the ads I saw here and there during the 2009 swine flu (산종플루) epidemic being informative.

    2. I think so too!!! without information, our lives are uncomfortable. I gets information go through smartphone apps, TV, radio or promotion. Information is helpful to us.

    3. Yes. I agree with you. Through the ads, we can know many kins of public announcemnet. we can protect our health. We can make our health better than before. So we can get important information through the ads.

  5. I think there are too much ads these days which make us feel uncomfortable. When you try to watch the movie in theater, you have to wait about 10-15 minutes because of ads. This always makes me feel kind of bad because it makes the movie start lately. Even when you try to visit site or the other things, the pop-up ads interrupt me by making me to close the whole internet page by the mistake. Someone says we can get information by ads which is true and I partly agree about that. But I sure can say that there is more ads that don’t really help us than the ads do help us. This is the main problem and the main reason I think the ads are harmful for us.

    1. A lot of people complain that Facebook, which collects a lot of our personal data, does not show us ads we would be interested in.

    2. I think so. Sometimes too much advertising makes me uncomfortable. Specially, as you say, advertising in theater makes the movie start lately. I think it is a waste of time because I go to the cinema for watching the movie. Not ads.

  6. In the last class, i mentioned about apple’s ads. Althogh My phone is old thing, it’s still available. However due to the ads, i felt the urge to change the phone. Nowadays, people can see various ads anywhere. (ex. subway, megagine, radio….) So people are dazzled by ads. Like me, sometimes urge to buy something, even if that isn’t need. Such a thougtless ads are reduced. And a merits but also demerits are seen to all the people. Finally people will realize the need to do so. We need many things in life. And many companies are shown through advertising what tey have. Surely advetising isn’t bad. Though thoughtless ads must have reduced.

    1. Right! The creation of needs (which are really just wants) is probably the main reason people despise ads.

    2. Yes. you are right. Im still use I-phone 3G. still it is working. but i think I need to change my phone, because ads showes very good product and and my freinds said your phone is too old, change! you can get new product if you change. so now i consider of changing or not. but still my phone is working. it is very difficult.

  7. I think advertising is useful our life. It will provide information to people. Specially, we can see the public ads on the road. Have you ever seen the public ads on the road? On the road of the Gangnam, there are ads which is here is a no smoking area. So people can avoid smoking that area. If people smoke that area, they should be paying fine. Without the ads people cannot know that, so they will be paying lot of fine. And also, the ads give information to people. We can see lots of product placement in the TV show. When company is placed their product on the TV program, they invest to program. So, the TV program can be making good quality broadcasting. And if TV show placed too much product, the Korea broadcasting commission will be adjust that. So we don’t need to worry about that. We just enjoy watching TV show. Therefore, I think advertising is not harmful to us.

    1. That’s right! when I went to Gangnam station, I was able to avoid the smoke because of public advertising. So I like that PSA! It is helpful to non-smokers.

    2. yes. some ad’s purpose is not for profit. they just want to tell something for public. this ads are useful.

  8. I think too many of advertising is harmful. Of course, advertising gives useful information. But, what this does is just confuse us. Forexample, all of cosmetics advertisment say “our item is best!” If, a man who doesn’t know about cosmetics difinitely has a headache. Maybe, almost people don’t want to be decision obstacle. Ad gives us information. That’s often the case, but not always. What i mean is sometimes people are ripped off. In my case, i saw an ad and i bought a thing. But, it was different in comparision wih ad!! Too many ad even makes exaggeration. So indiscreet ad is harmful in our life.

    1. I agree. Too many cosmetic ads makes me confuse! I couldn’t know what is good cosmetic for me because every cosmetic companies advertise our product is best!

  9. I think advertising gives useful information to our lives. If we do not see ads, we will not know that the sale of new products. Although advertising is short it provides important information in the product. So we know what things used to. And it helps us. I have experienced buy things that I need to see the discount advertising. Also I feel a lot of looking at the public service advertising. Public service advertising reminds of forgetting the basic things rather than provides useful information. So I think advertising helps us.

    1. I agree with you. ad is helpful to us. you said ‘we can know sale of products’. I like that point.

  10. I think advertising is beneficial to us. When buying things that we need, Advertising is help us. The more information of the thing, we can pick up a more great product. and we can buy the thing with a cheaper price. Therefore advertisements in our lives give us a good influence.

  11. I think advertising is benefit for us . because people gets information through advertising. For example, when we walk on the street, we can see many advertising. Think about my case, I gets cosmetic discount information through kakao talk or street advertising. so I can buy it more cheap price. Without data, people can’t live with ease. Of course other people think info is interupt our decision. but, this concern is useless. Thus I am thaks for commercials.

    1. With messenger services like KakaoTalk, getting information about sales is even easier than ever.

  12. I think advertising help us. In the book said, provides information for buying something. I totally agree this sentence. For example, In shopping magazine I can know about that I wnat to buy. First clothes. I see the model who weared a beautiful shirt. Then I imagine the look that I weared. Second, medicine. I can read about component of medicine. so advertising is useful to us.

    1. I think so too. advertising helps us. because it provides information for purchasing products. I agree your example of shopping magazine.

  13. Advertising provides people many information. for example I can’t watch my favorite movie genre if there is no information about movie. also when I want to buy things you see the sale Advertising. so you can buy it more cheaply. Advertising helps people. when you want to go Somewhere but you don’t know, Advertising let you know where you have to go. so Advertising helps people.

    1. I agree about jihee’s opinion. Like jihee’s, my opinion, we can get information of product. And if we can’t get information about product, we must live uncomfortable life

    2. I agree with you. advertising provides many kinds of information to us. Imagine if our world has no advertisement, we can’t get anything information. so we can confusing easily. advertisement make curiosity of scientific video through advertisements. so i think advertisement is very important.

  14. I think ads are not harmful. Because we can ignore ads. If there are unnecessary ads, you can ignore and not see. And ads are help us. Because we can get information about product. If you don’t know about product, you will buy some terrible. So ads are helpful

    1. Oh I think so, too. I think Advertising is beneficial rather than harmful to us. Many people receive help and information through advertising!!

    2. Partially i agree your opinion. But some ads are unneccessary. Even though people have something, many people are seduced due to ads.

    3. i disagree your opinion. sometimes internet ads is pop up with loud sound (like a Strange song or noise), or sometimes we don`t close the ad. that situation is very very terrible. and we have a right to refusal.

  15. i think The ad is harmful. because when i surfing internet, i see a lots of ad! for example, facebook sponser ad or humor site sponser ad or community site ad. and most of that ads are not useful and that just a dirty on site. and sometimes that ads is make a loud sound or showed a embarrassed picture and finally we don`t close some ads when the ads are end;;; so i think the ads is harmful and useless and sometimes the ads are so rude!

    1. It’s funny that even respected news websites will show ads with “embarrassing pictures”. Be careful not to click!

  16. I think advertisement is very important to our. The good attributes of advertisements are that they increase companies’ brand recognition and sales quantity. they also strive to help customers gain knowledge of products that can be deemed necessary. but Not all advertisements are true. Some may include extensive exaggeration. so if you want exactly information, you can watch advertisement care carefully. it decided on you can get very exactly information.

    1. As I pointed out in class, a lot of ads don’t really explain the product. Instead they sell you on the lifestyle.

  17. I agree with ads were a lot. But I don’t think it is bad. Because in the world, everyday new invented products coming up. But If we can see little ads, we will use uncomfortable products before we used. And we’ll don’t know about new products. But there is lots of ads. So we can know new things and buy or use it. I think it is good.

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