43 – Technology and Self-Reliance (Unit 6)

Answer ONE of the two questions below with a short paragraph (50-75 words).

  1. How does technology save us time and make our lives more convenient?
  2. Why is it better to get help from people instead of machines?

In your paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your main idea.
  • Support your topic sentence with a reason, an example, and details.
  • End with a conclusion restating your main idea.

Your paragraph is DUE SAT 20 SEPTEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE SUN 21 SEPTEMBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

55 Replies to “43 – Technology and Self-Reliance (Unit 6)”

  1. I think it is better to get help from people instead machines. Because the machines can’t catch customers talk. If the customers want a glass of water for digital dining, that machine can’t serve what they want. And in the movie theater, there are quick ticket system. But part of that machine can pay only for credit card. So I think person is better than machines.

    1. Seung-Ho, I think machines is better than person. Particularly small mind person easy order to machines. So I think machines is good to small mind person.

      1. Small minded person doesn’t sound like a nice thing to say. Do you mean a shy person? What’s the Korean word for what you said. ^^

    2. Wow, you really like paying with cash? Don’t you think it’s more convenient to pay with a credit card or your phone?

    3. i have smiluar experiment. when i go movie theater machine can’t read cash. i buy ticket from clerk

      1. I think you mean you had a similar experience. Do you hate it when you get change from a cashier and all the money is really old and dirty? I do.

    4. I agree with you. Because machines have limit. but person can everyting. so i like person than machines..

  2. Machine us to save time and convenience to us. because it is possible that the use of the machine, to reduce the time ordering food and people with language disabilities to use the machine, it is not necessary to experience the discomfort

    1. Even though I think people is better than machine, I agree with your opinion, too. If machine can reduce time to catch language, than maybe machine will be better than people.

    2. I agree with you, but I think those reasons could be also bad reasons. People could lost their jobs because of machines.

      1. I think that soo jin’s opinion and your opinion. Even if job is reduce, other job will asise. Eventually I prefer the use the machines.

    3. Being able to work with all kinds of people is probably one of the biggest advantages of self-service machines.

  3. I think it is better to get help from people instead of machines. Because some people want detail order. For example, In Mcdonald some people say. “No pickle. No tomato. No ketchup….” This situation if machines accept this order? My opinion is No. But people possible very easily. And I think person voice is better than machines voice. Thus I think people are better than machines.

    1. I think your opinion is acceptable. But, machine is more and more upgrade with technology!
      Soon, We can order detail through machine.

    2. I think I’ve done well explain why the machine is better than people and I think a person is better than the machine because I hear your explanation People are able to that of much more than that the machine is can

  4. I think people is better than machine at least ars service or at restaurant. We can’t tell what’s the problem or what do we want exactly to machine. At that situation, people is better than ars service or just machine because we can request detail things to people.

    1. I agree with your opinion. When we order a small part of a detail from the restaurant, machine is inconvenient. People want to get a fine service. So, machine is not suitable for restaurant.

    2. I don’t know. If I wanted to custom order my computer, for example, I would actually have more confidence ordering through a website. Easier to check for mistakes!

  5. I think peron is able to help better than machines. Because people do not fail like a machine. You have probably experienced, you could not handle an emergency because of a failed machine. But people are different from the machine. You can aid the person at all times. And people can handle more detail parts than machines. So, i think person is better than machines

    1. The machine is easily broken down. There is no bank around me, I went to look for a cash manchine.
      but,I found the Three broken ATM…I’m very tired
      The machine is inconvenient sometimes.

    2. Good point! People are probably better at solving problems and responding to new situations.

  6. We can save our time by technology. We can search the internet and find out the answer what we wondered just at that time. We don’t have to move the place to get the information. For example, most of people have smart-phone these days and they can know how to get to the theater by transportation, when the movie starts, how many seats are available.
    Because of these reasons, I think we can save our time and live our lives more conveniently by technology.

  7. I think people is better than machine
    the machine can not accept many variations
    machine is very sharp. so incnovenient sometimes.
    For example, I want to beverage.
    so I went to a soda machine
    I have crumpled bills
    crumpled bill is not go into the soda machine bill slot
    I’m very upset!
    so I like people that can accept many things than machine

    1. Oh!! I am agree your option. I used to angry many machine.
      So i like person.^^ And I don’ t treat machines well.^^

  8. We can use Technology to save us time and make our lives more convenient. For example, When I’m in emergency, If I don’t have credit card or cash, I can go to ATM and I don’t have to wait my turn with number ticket. Also, If I want to watch new movie, I don’t have to go cinema to reserve movie, I just use internet reservation system. So, I think machine is very necessary in our society.

    1. I agree. Technology is so convenient. when i don’t have money i always use ATM and withdraw money.

  9. 1. why is it better to get help from people instead of machines?

    I think person is better than machine.
    Because people is very friendship, detail and thoughtful. But machine is mechanical and formal. Maybe before I use machine, I an very nervous. Then I won’t use machine.
    For example, I made a call to hospital when I have fever. I want to reserve my turn and ask my questions. But the hospital’s machine spoke vagurious words. I was so confused.
    So I think person is better than machine

    1. oh! that’s too bad…
      I had a same experience.
      I made a call to computer a/s center, then i received center’s machine spoke.
      I asked, but center’s machine didn’t spoke my question.
      So i was very confused.

  10. I think machine is convenient and save us time.
    Machine can offer information what we want.
    For example, map(my smart phone app) shows information
    how to get there and how much time it takes.
    And calculator can provide correctly answer.
    Secretly, i use calculator my math homework.
    So i think machine can offer information what we want, machine is convenient and save us time.

    1. I somtimes used calculator to do my math homework when I was middle school student like you.
      I agree your opinion that using technology makes our lives convenient. Especially in homework…..
      Many different technologies give us a lot of information, ideas, and knowledge. They are very helpful.

  11. I think a machine to help give us a lot of convenience, but i prefer person. for example when i ordered the food. i want to ask out to hate mushrooms can not understand the machine. Also, you can not devided even affectionate greetings.

  12. In my opinion, getting help from people is much better.
    Of course, a human can make mistakes. But It seems a machine is same. When a person makes a mistake, I can tell him or her, and the problem can be fixed. But a machine is different. I can’t tell it, “You made a mistake.”, so nothing can be fixed. One example is my experience in the library. I often go to the library. There is a self-borrowing machine, and I usually use it when I borrow books. Sometimes it can’t scan my card bar-code. However, I cannot ask it why this problem arose. It makes me very annoyed.

    1. I have the same frustration when I’m unable to use my credit card at a vending machine. I wish it would tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  13. I think machines are better than human. Because human can make a mistake. But machines never make a mistake. If machines make an error, it’s machine broke down. In addition, machines do work very fast. So I think machines are better than human.

    1. Well… I think can be a specific question for person. so I prefer a person. For example, call of the agent.

  14. I think Human is better than machines. Think together! A employee greets to us with smile face. When a employee is machine, but because this greeting not feel emotion, We also not feel emotion. Vitality (existing soul) is important. sympathize can do only Human to human. So I think it is impossible a machine replaces a human.

    1. My opinion is almost the same as yours. sharing of emotion is important from person-to- person!

  15. I think that human better than machine. Even if machine is save time and convenience, we think unprepared situation. Example when I was solder, I went on vacation. Originally soldiers does not use the cell phone in corps. When I return the corps, I used for delivery machines in order to send a cell phone at home. Unexpected delivery machines are go wrong. My corps locations 강원도 양구. And delivery machines is only one. Finally I go to Corps with my cell phone. I am scolded my 행정보급관 for a few days

  16. I think that human better than machine. Machine do not suit one’s individual condition/situation. it just perform coded instruction. when I used self-service check-in machine. I was looking for the wallet ( just for a few second ). but did’t wait and returned to the previous page. I am frustrated with this situation so, I like flexible human service .

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