41 – Technology and Self-Reliance (Unit 6)

Answer ONE of the two questions below with a short paragraph (50-75 words).

  1. How does technology save us time and make our lives more convenient?
  2. Why is it better to get help from people instead of machines?

In your paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your main idea.
  • Support your topic sentence with a reason, an example, and details.
  • End with a conclusion restating your main idea.

Your paragraph is DUE SUN 21 SEPTEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE MON 22 SEPTEMBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

27 Replies to “41 – Technology and Self-Reliance (Unit 6)”

  1. Improved technology has made our live more convenient.
    For example, mobile phone apps. Recently mobile phone has evolved rapidly.We called it the smartphone.Accordingly many function is emerged.We can check the bus times anywhere.
    We can go according to the bus schedule.There is no need to waste time waiting for the bus.
    In addition, we can get the information we needed anywhere. We can find the famous restaurants in other areas from apps. If we do not know the way to where you go, we can use map apps to go where we want.
    Technology development give us a convenient life and allow us to save time.

    1. Very good examples! Is there a popular app Koreans use to find good restaurants? Or do they just search Naver?

  2. Technology save us time and make our lives more convenient
    First 15 years ago we don’t have transportation card
    we pay coin or paper money so my pocket very heavy and some people cheat bus driver
    but nowadays we have transportation card
    Even some cell phone and credit cards have transportation card function.
    Second we can get information by internet. before the we can serach internet,
    getting information is very hard
    Usually we got information by people or book
    But nowadays just click internet and serach what you want it

    1. I look forward to the day we can do everything from just our phones (or watches). Of course, I hope it will be safe to do so.

  3. Machine isn’t delicate and fall behind exquisite part. But people is delicate and exquisite. Because machine system is fixed to do and machine don’t have meticulous part unlike people.
    If a machine system is breakdown, we cannot use it until it is fixed. For example, first, when the blackout began we can’t use machine. second, flow electronic components we can’t use machine.
    People is flexible. If there is an unforeseen incident, people can take care of matters as they come, but machine can’t take care of them. For example, if suddenly customer want to receive service, people can provide service. But, machine can’t provide service.
    It is better to get help from people than machines when we need to make creative things. Because machine is limited with regard to thinking.

  4. I think it is better to get help from people instead of machines. Our younger generations are using a lot of machines, smartphone, notebook. And also they use machines anytime, anywhere. But machines won’t exist without human. Human made machines and will make a better machines.
    For example, people use machines when they do surgery. Machines can help more delicate things like suture. Human can make decisions, think flexibly and prioritize that they think what the most important thing is. So human can do the things that machines cannot do.
    So i think that getting help from people is better than the machines.

    1. You make we think of when I visit medical websites to figure out what’s wrong with me. They’re able to give me dozens of things that could be wrong, but that’s not very helpful. In those cases, it’s nice to have an actual doctor make the diagnosis.

  5. I think machines are better to get help than people. Because machines are accurate and fast than people. for example, we made a car, if people made a car maybe finished goods take time one month. but machines made a car , finished goods take time few second. people can tireed but machines not tired. so i think that getting help from people is better than the machines.

    1. How do you think machines are better in your day-to-day life? You don’t work in a car factory, do you?

  6. The machine will often fail the normal operation. Then the user may feel uncomfortable every time. On the contrary, when customer get help from people the situation don’t occur. Because people don’t occur error. And awkward person on the machine is difficult using machine. Also machine can’t smile to customer, but people can smile. No one feels bad when people smile to them. I think that mental services are important. Machine perform just given work. So customer can’t get better survice. So I think that it is better to get help from people instead of machines.

    1. Really? People don’t make mistakes? That hasn’t been my experience. I do agree that a smile can do what efficiency cannot.

  7. Bus information system can save us time. This technology shows where bus is and when bus arrive at bus stop. Almost everyone use bus to go workplace or school. When you are at home and preparing to go out, you can get information about when does bus come. You can go to the bus stop at time. Then you don’t need to wait the bus long time. You can save your time.

  8. Because machine have not emotion. For example, when customers call company, their problems are not post on the home page. So they are very serious. But almost programs are registered just common errors. Therefore It is so complicated to transfer to people. And customers are depression about their happening, so customer service representative can give comfort to them. Anyway people have feeling, so they expression sorry. Thus I think people is better than machine.

    1. A topic sentence would have been nice. But you’re right: when I get sympathy from a machine, it’s just not the same.

  9. when I have no time but I want connect with my friends or family, I can use cell phone.So I save my time and make my life more conventient.Once I forget house password ,I call my mom and ask quickly . If I don’t have cell phone, I go to my mom directly.Then I spend a lot of time. So cell phone is a good technology machine!

    1. I heard that in old times we used pager to connection. At that time pager was very innovative technology, but now it rated just process of change. In future something will invented that is better than cell phone.

  10. I think machine is save us time and make our lives more convenient.
    calculator is convenient and save us time. for example, a number higher than 100 calculation is complicate. and It’s easy to make mistakes when doing complicated calculations.
    but calculater is calculate very quickly and exactly. many people use calculator for calculate.
    If calculator is nonexistent, many people have a headache because a number higher than 100, 1000, 10000.. do addition, subtraction, division, multiply.

    1. Wow, I’ve never thought about the calculator. People usually don’t think the calculator is kind of machine. And I agree it’s saving out time and convenient. But Koreans do not use frequently.Because Koreans are regarded people’s memory work!

  11. 1.How does technology save us time and make our lives more convenient?

    Technology save our times and make out lives more convenient. Transport -ex) public transit- can save so much our time and make us convenient when we go to a long distance. And we can use internet and get information when we are walking in street – even when we are in toilet- through so-called ‘Smart phone’. And we can do the shopping in our home through internet and television.

  12. I think a lot of technology make easy we’re life.
    for example smart phone applications.
    It provides a number of features.
    for instance, it give Information on the bus time.
    so we are not spend waiting a bus.

  13. Advances in technology gave us life easier
    That is also the generation affected much to the development of such a technology that a person to aid in the development of the technology must be thought to
    Looking at the technology that is rapidly evolving as well a combination of the old and the current thinking is that I have
    We hope to develop the technology

  14. tecnology give me to convenience .
    The computer is a typical example. The computer can do shopping, e-mail, listen to music, and so etc everything is perfect. so everyday i do computer. if that isn’t theseday , everyone have not funny little things.
    but there are drawbaks too.
    Forexample machine call .
    that is not good to me. so if i have problem, i call real person. not machine.
    rather machine is uncomfortable . because there is not answer, i want to…
    so totally my opinion is middle.

  15. Technology save us time and make our lives better. For example, we can go far away in less time with car, ship and airplane. And we can talk with people live in different country easily. TV and Internet make our lives better.

  16. Improve the quality of human technology. Development will increase the production rate of the technology in the first day. Instead, the person who makes the second day today was convenient along with many mechanical technologies evolve, the life of the people.
    Goods when I was a kid I was uncomfortable because the barcode machine was taking things faster machine is currently calculated in a barcode.
    This makes it easy for people machines.

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