50 – Technology and Self-Reliance (Unit 6)

Answer ONE of the two questions below with a short paragraph (50-75 words).

  1. How does technology save us time and make our lives more convenient?
  2. Why is it better to get help from people instead of machines?

In your paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your main idea.
  • Support your topic sentence with a reason, an example, and details.
  • End with a conclusion restating your main idea.

Your paragraph is DUE TUES 23 SEPTEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE WED 24 SEPTEMBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

72 Replies to “50 – Technology and Self-Reliance (Unit 6)”

  1. I think server can help customer instead of machines, for machines do only fixed work. For example, machines can’t help old people at Restaurant Z(digital diner). Old people want to ask server for help detailedly and friendly, not for machines. Therefore, people can help customer when machines can’t deal with complaints at various situation.

    1. Right. Computers can only do what they’re programmed to do and probably can’t respond to new situations the way people can.

    2. I feel the same way. The old want to receive help from people. Because they feel awkward to machines.

    3. You are making hasty generalization, it doesn’t matter with age of people. Once being accustomed to using tech, anyone can use it easily. Learning how to use digital machine is necessary sacrifice.

    4. I agree with you. Machine has no feelings and cannot interact with people. But server can interact with people.

  2. I think technology save us time and make our lives more convenient. When I went to the cinema, There were a lot of people who want to watch the movie. There were long waiting line. So, I went to automatic ticket dispenser and I was able to get movie ticket convenient. Also, Smart phone save us time. Smart phone map application like ‘naver map’ is very useful. ‘Naver map’ finds the fastest way to go my destination and time of arrival. Smart phone makes our lives more convenient. If they have smart phone, We can use Internet everywhere Without desktop computers. Therefore, I think the technology is very useful, time-saving, and makes our easy life.

    1. Naver Map has helped me find bus routes I need so many times. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

    2. Have you thought about being stupid because of the technology? I actually feel a lot. Without devices, I often feel like I am projected in the world with naked.

  3. I think machines are often saves the time by way of doing things fast. For example, The machine isn’t ask unnecessary questions and asks that I can only fix things, so give it. Also, The machine has required people and easily solve can be together without any difficulties making quick work is available. So people can save time and will not be an unnecessary consumption. But, The machines use a sensitive handling of the affair can not do it, old people can feel their difficulties.

    1. I clearly cannot agree with you. Usually those who do not make unnecessary questions are machines, not human.

  4. I think it is better to get help from people instead of machines. People are active.
    So people can cope with unexpected situations. But machines are passive.
    So machines possible to cope with only defined situation.
    When we want to ask a questions, machines can not solved the problem immediately untill connected to real person. But people can.

    1. I agree your opinion. I experience machine problem. I need help but machines are passive, so I can’t solve problem.

    2. “people can cope with unexpected situations” is very nice point I think. The complexity of human society and relationships are beyond my expression.

    3. I agree with you. Your writing is what I want to say.
      If we have to face machines before meeting people all the time,it’ll be really weird.

  5. I think people is better then machines. In my case, phone charges is too much,so i call Answering machine. but, In order to understand the charges, i have to complex process. but i ask the Phone store, they simply tell the cause. machines make our lives more convenient but for me, unnecessary process is existence,so fell uncomfortable.but people is face-to-face system so i can request just needed.For this reason,people is better then machines.

  6. I think technology make our lives more convenient.
    Because machine is faster and clear.
    For example, we use Automatic Teller’s Machine.
    If we need to the bank urgently, bank was closed or too far then we use Automatic Teller’s Machine.
    When i go to the bank, i can’t handling my task because there are so many people.
    This situation is that we can use Automatic Teller’s Machine. We can deal with our task more faster and easier.
    also When i get lost street, i can use navigation. Navigation show a way.
    For that reason i think technology is useful.

    1. What if you are very urgent and ATM is not working…? It can be really hard to bear the situation.

  7. I think today we lives this world is very convenient because of technical.
    I even until elementary school, want to use internet go to PC room or our home.
    In addition we sit in front of TV and see the news.
    But now we use applications in smart phone, and just right find I want.
    For example, News, weather, and transportation etc…
    The technology developed by, we also can save time and able to live a more convenient.

  8. I think people can help other people efficiently instead of machine. Because machine activate inefficiently. Because machine can’t see and talk with people. So machine explain how to activate this machine automatic. If people don’t understand how to machine, Machine continue progress. So people can’t get information. But people can explain information in a calm and orderly way. So I think people work efficiently instead of machine.

    1. I think similar. When I lost my card, I called to callcenter. But, I can’t do anything. Because I can’t find the service when lost a card.

    2. I would like to add something to your comment. you said that machines which “activate inefficiently” are bothering. I think that machine is so “efficiently” designed that it sometimes feels like working inefficiently, paradoxically.

  9. I think people can help better than machine. Of coure, machine is fast and efficeint. But, machine is not sensitive and can’t take action immediately when people need more information about something. And it can’t do what are not programmed to doing. So if someone wants the other service, he can not served that service. So, I think people is better than machine.

    1. I agree with you. Machines often can’t solve many problems. And machines can’t provide more detail information than people.

  10. I think technology save time and live more convenient.
    6~7 years ago smart phone is not exist. if we want some information we use computer or book, but now we have and use smart phone. then if we want some information just touch!
    So, i think technology save time and live more convenient.

    1. Critics of technology might point out that you never have to worry recharging the battery in a book.

    2. Speaking of information, You may find some “superficial” information at google. However, the fact that goodly information still remains at library has not changed over time.

  11. I think technology save us time and make our lives more convenient. When I travel to Taiwan last summer, I had the help of Google Maps to find easily go without a tour guide to many attractions and restaurants. I did not waste time lost could not spend the money to pay tour guide through this. So, i think technology save time and live more convenient.

    1. However well developed the google map is, local people’s help is essential to one’s trip i guess.

  12. I think it is better to get help from people instead of machines.
    To try my story, I used self-service movie ticket box last sunday.
    I reserved my movie ticket. But self-service movie ticket box sent pop-up continuously.h as Ticket box suggested additional item such as drinks and popcorn.
    I didn’t want them! I tapped no, no, no, again and again.
    It was very unnecessary and tiresome.
    I agree machines improve our lives, but I think people is better than muchines in many ways.

    1. Without pop-ups, the profit of movie theatre will go down which means the cost of maintenance for the machine cannot be countervailed by extra-product and that means we are going back to “primitive” way.

    2. Yes you’re right. Technology make our life easy, but always they make our life easy !
      Sometimes, machine supply unnecassary things or don’t supply things that people want.
      So, getting help from the people is better than completly depend on machine.

  13. Q : Why is it better to get help from people instead of machines?

    Technology is destroying the quality of human interaction. For me, Being touched means a lot. I know the power of being touched. Every time I am touched by someone, I can feel “self” and that I’m being loved, if not, respected. I would like to say that “I’m being touched, therefore I am.” However, technology obstruct the precious feeling of being touched. Facebook, Smartphone, and other not-humane devices like digital kiosks are divesting the most humane feeling imaginable. Paradoxically, the most “materialist” culture became the most “immaterialist” culture. The ridiculous move toward “ex”carnation is ruining what I mostly liked, the feeling of being respected. Therefore, I prefer to be helped by human because to respect or be respected truly is to be able to say, “I have been touched.”

    1. wow, what a humane human. Facebook, Smartphone and others have too much private information.
      I think sometimes that they make people lonely.

  14. I think server is better than machine.When I went to the restaurant, Server treat me kindly. I visit first time this restaurant strange to me. But server introduce menu detail. I feel so good and then the food taste more good. This experience make me restauraunt special and visit often. So, I think interaction between people is important.

    1. According to Richard Dawkins, self-centered aim transformed to altruistic behavior. At least, I don’t have to think about this uncomfortable cynical view when I use technology.

  15. Getting help from the people is better instead of machine. Because machine just provide fixed information or service. On the other hand, people can provide extra information or service that people want. Further people can work fluid. If you use ATM at bank. When you selecet ‘cancel’ menu, ATM show you the first page. But, if you talking about bank business, bank teller don’t explantion again. For these reasons getting help from the people is better.

    1. I am sorry. I have some mistake on my writing.
      But, if you talking about bank business -> But, if you talking about bank business with bank teller.

    2. I’ve been in situations where I would call a company, explain my problem to a person then get transferred to someone else and have to explain my problem all over again. I don’t know why the first person couldn’t have explained my problem for me.

  16. I think technology save us time.
    For example, in movie theater or airport and so on, we can use technology.
    In my experience, when I went to airport to go to Hawai, I used self-check in technology.
    I could skip long lines at the airport check-in counter, so I saved my time.
    For this reason,technology makes our life more convenient, and faster.

    1. I went to a Bus terminal, for going on vacation. The ticket queue is very long. So, I went to bus ticket machine with my credit card. There is no one there. I bought ticket quickly. It was even easy to buying a ticket. Machines make us convenient!

  17. I think technology save us time and make our lives more convenient. For example, these days we don’t have to go supermarket to buy something and go to bookstore to buy some books. Moreover we can order foods through not only calling but also internet. Therefore we can buy a lot of things and foods more convenient than past.

  18. It is better to get help from poeple instead of machines. Because People can be flexible according to situations. when I recharged a card. The machine got my money and did anything. So I called a manager and told my situation. Because I might be late, he gave me the money to recharge it before checking the machine. He didn’t say “Wait. Until I check it all.” He understood my situation. This is I prefer getting help from people instead of machines.

  19. I think technology save us time and make our lives more convenient. For example, smartphone, we can do almost everythings. We can search some information such as how to go somewhere, how to make something, that useful in my life without computer. And we can take a nice picture like DSLR. Also it can be creditcard or point card. We can get weather information(heavy rain, heat wave, typhoon, earthquake) quickly. I usally use T-Money in samrt phone. It is very useful. It can be charged itself if it doesn’t have enough money. So technology save us time and moke our lives convenient.

    1. I agree. Technology made it easier to get all kinds of information. Just by having one smart phone, you have access to almost any information in the world.

  20. I think people can help customers instead of machines. Because machines can be solved only simple problems. For example, in my case, I had problems with cell phone so l called the service center. I want to talk immediately with counselor. But an automated voice recording ask many questions but I can’t solve my problem. I waste many times and feel so tired.
    And old people or people who do not familiar with machine are better to converse with people than machines.

  21. I think it is better to get help from people rather than machines. Let me give you a simple example to explain why. Imagine yourself lost in the countryside and you’ve driving for hours but still can’t find your destination. You have 2 options. You can use your navigation system to find the location or you can ask the people living in that area. Now, navigation is a program which needs to be updated from time to time and some locations don’t even exist. People living in that area however, would be familiar with all the landmarks and short cuts. Machines are programmed to do a certain job and it can do nothing more than what it is programmed to do. If i only had one chance at that situation, i would get help from the people rather than machines.

  22. I think machines are more confusing than the person. For example of me, I was very embarrassed several times because of machines that didn’t work well. Machines often response so slowly although they are very smart. They also break down too easily. That makes me so embarrassed and upset. So, I prefer to ask person than machines.

    1. I agree. sometimes machines confused us. it is so embarassed.
      but it also gives us comfortable things!

    2. I have the same experience but I still feel convenient using machines. Digital thing have developed just short period of time! I think we live in the innovation! It wil be better and also machines are necessary for our life.

  23. I think iOS can make us to comfortable. altough it can be seem amatuertic but this inovation is so cool and change our life. we can chech our messeage, bank account, e-mail, religeon where we are, and whether. also we can control out of range things. for example, we can check our house by lte cctv, our car by smart camcorder! It is wonderful thing we can feeling it!

  24. I think technology save our time and make our lives more convenient in everywhere. I feel technology advance very fast. All technology exist for saving our time and making our lives more convenient I think. For example, when I go anywhere, there is digital machine and I use it much. I use bus card, subway card, ATM and so on. Few years ago, I must buy ticket from person. I shold stand line up and wait. It takes lots of time. But now I pass through the station just few seconds. It is very convenient and save time. Of corse, sometime it have errors but not so many and person is also make errors. So I save my time because of technology.

    1. I think the city is bigger and bigger, it needs technology more and more.
      I also use digital machines very often. But I don’t want to do something by only one way.

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