Unit 7 discussion questions – Day 1

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The following are questions we may discuss next class. Answering them will make class more interesting and get you participation points.

Unit 7 – Is it better to save what you have or buy new things?

1. Below are examples of people fixing their possessions so they can continue to use them. What are some things you’ve repaired?

Patching ripped jeans
Patching ripped jeans
Upgrading memory on a computer
Upgrading memory on a computer
Fixing a broken laundry machine
Repairing a broken laundry machine

2. What is the oldest piece clothing you still wear?

3. What do you do with your old clothes?

4. How much trash do you think you throw away each week?

A lot, an average amount, very little

5. What is an example of trash we create too much of?

Examples: tissue, plastic bags, soda cans

6. Do you think it is okay to not finish eating all of your food? At restaurants, it is common to see lots of food left uneaten. What do you think of this?

7. Do you think it’s important to recycle? What and how do you recycle?

8. How often do you replace your cell phone or computer? How often would you like to replace them?

9. Do you have something useful and in good condition that you no longer want? What can you do with that item instead of throwing it away?

See you in class!