Unit 7 discussion questions – Day 2

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Reviewing Reading 1: Think Before You Toss

1. Why is it easier to replace something than to fix it?

2. Why are many of our possessions impossible to repair?

3. Why do we love disposable products? Explain with an example.

4. The author says we (in general) have an appetite for new things. Think fashion and electronics. Do you agree?

5. According to the author, what is the solution to our throwaway lifestyle? How could you do this? How do you already do this?

Preparing for Reading 2: In praise of the throwaway society

6. What are good reasons not to repair your old possessions?

7. Some people think products made a long time ago were made well, while modern products are made poorly. What do you think? Examples?

8. Why do people buy inexpensive clothes? Is it only because they don’t have much money?

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