Unit 7 discussion questions – Day 4 (Lv3)

I will ask the class several discussion questions. Students should answer with specific examples. To receive participation points, students must raise their hands and share their thoughts. Prepare to discuss the following in class.

General discussion questions

  • What is something risky you have done?
    • What happened?
    • Why was it risky to you?
    • How did you overcome your fear?
    • What was the result?

Reading 1

  • Does fear motivate you?
  • When do you get in “the flow” or “the zone”? In what situations do you become completely focused on something?
  • When you do get an adrenaline rush?

Reading 2

  • Kelly Perkins (the mountain climber) says “I’d rather the mountain be my physical challenge than physical challenges be my mountain.” What do you think she means?
  • Perkins was a mountain climber before and after her heart transplant. How do you think her motivation for climbing changed after her heart transplant?
  • Do you think people who do extreme sports would be happy if they stopped taking risks?

See you in class!