03 – Risk (Unit 7)

What is something risky you have done?

  • What happened?
  • Why was it risky to you?
  • How did you overcome your fear?
  • What was the result?

Write a paragraph (75 words or more) answering the question above.

  • Review “Writing a narrative essay” in the Writing Skill section (pp. 148-9) for help. I’ll be looking for:
  • an INTRODUCTION to give background information and explain why the story is memorable/important for you,
  • a BODY that includes events in the story, along with interesting details, and
  • a CONCLUSION restating why the story is important to you.

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 9 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 10 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “Wow! Cool!” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of a detailed thought.

35 Replies to “03 – Risk (Unit 7)”

  1. When I was in elementary school stduent, I went to go to lake with my family. I don’t remember the name of the lake but we were so pleased at that place. I couldn’t move foward because of high fluid of a moving fluid during playing with tube at the lake So I cried out dad so loudly .but my dad couldn’t hear As a result I was moved alone with the fluid so, fell of the small fall. Dad rescued me but I’ve got a small scar on the body. Then i realize that water is so scared and dangerous. So I always pay attention to when I take the water.

    1. Wow! It’s amazing how quickly a situation can change. It’s a good thing your father was keeping an eye on you.

    2. When I was younger, I almost drowned in swimming pool. Because the pool was deeper than me and my family’s prediction, I didn’t use the safety vest. Fortunately, my father saved me.
      That was some unforgettable experience for me.

  2. when march of this year, i was stricken with pneumothorax. so i had a operation, and took a rest during 2 weeks ago. so i fear about the hurts of internal organs and sometimes my lung is really hurt, even though i am took a surgery and take a rest! so i can`t enjoy the exercise like a running (because i love running). but someday i think `i want run, again! but.. i lung is still hurt` but i really want prove to me i am healthy,now! this mind makes me running. so .. on may, i start again the running. first of all, i began with slow walking and one weeks later, i start the slow running short distance. i repeat this running on and on. so now i lung`s hurt even out and i still enjoying the soft running. i feel that i am healthy now.

    1. You had a similar experience that we read in our book.
      Do you have a goal like kelly climbed to the top of halfdome, a mauntain in yosemite national park?

      1. It looks like you and I thought the same thing while reading Seung Cheol’s story! 😀

    2. The spirit that makes people do the things they want in spite of getting injured is always great.
      I think it is the greatness of human’s mind.

  3. I had a big accident when i was young. I was a serious injury for the first time. Starting with my story, I took a shower with my older sister. She had stood at the edge of bath to hold the shower and I wanted to follow her. So I stood there like her. Then, the problem happened. I was thrown off balance and I hit a bath spouts. My forehead was seriously torn and it was bleeding. Actually, I didn’t remember after that. I just heard that I had to get 7 stitches to hold together the cuts and my sister was scolded. Afterwards I was so sorry what she had had to be scold. However, this accident happened because of me. After this accident, I try to tell “I did” if it is my fault now. I am actually afraid someone have in trouble because of me than I suffer a big injury. it was risky to me more than a injury. In this sense, maybe I didn’t overcome my risk untill now. But I think It is not bad.

    1. It’s so sad…. But I think that now you know what is your fault. You have to admit your fault next time and your sincerely apology would be better. Then you will be better man!!!

    2. Sounds painful! But you’re right. Getting in trouble is sometimes scarier than getting injured.

    3. I think most kids want to do as their older brother or sister do as well. I used to do what my sister did as well. But the result was often not good. Maybe this is the reason that you need to act carefully when kid is nearby

  4. About 10 years ago, so I was 10 years old, I went to grandparent house with my family. And I was playing with my older sister in the town. Then, suddenly, A bee flew to me. So I became very surprised and scared. And I waved my hands for drive down the bee. Then the bee was angry and attacked my finger. I cried loudly and I ran to my father. Father applied medicine in my finger. So my finger was healed up and my heart was calmed down.
    Ever since, I am very scared to bee. So, I still can’t forget the memory of then.

    1. I am scared to bee too. even now when I see bees, I yell loudly.
      As bees have a poison, that point is why we are cared to bees.
      but we are bigger than bees. so our worry is useless.

    2. I understood your feeling. I also had a similar experience that bee shut my hand two years back. I played with my friend in the park. That time i held a banana. Maybe bee sensed good smell from banana. And after bee shut my hand. so my had was biger and biger… so painful.. still Im afraid of bees. but.. I think it is a cut.!!

  5. When I was ten years old, I was have a swing at the playgroud with my friends. usually, I was scared about ascend high. but that day, I want to have a swing like other child.
    So I take swing. and my friend was push my swing powerfully. then I drop on the ground.
    As ground was not soft, I was broken my arms. I rode a taxi to hospital. finally I wore a cast for three weeks. since that accident, I can’t have a swing well still. when I have a swing, I recall that accident. however, although that memory, I like take a swing slowly. therefore I take a swing often.

    1. Oh. It was a dangerous moment.
      Are your arm okay these days? 🙁
      I think you should be careful not to get hurt again!!

  6. when my age was 10? our family and my father’s friends went to beach. I playd in water alone. that time, something happend! wave is too strong, so my tube overturned! I sank the water. I can’t come up above the surface. I think ‘oh… i will die….’ that time my family was playing ball game. they didnt know my dangraous situation. Fortunately, a strange man hold and raise me! I said thank you.
    after that situation, I was more like water. Isn’t is satrange?

    1. I had the same experience. I also had played in water alone and my tube overturned but I couldn’t remeber the reason. But, after this accident, I am afraid of water unlike you.

    2. oh I have a same situation.
      when I was elementary school stduent, I fell down to the water.
      even now I scared water very much. I don’t like water.
      but you’re different. you like water.
      It is so strange^^

    3. I have a similar experience.
      Tube is washed away between caring cousin.
      The water came up to the neck so I was scared.
      Fortunately someone brought a tube. I really thank him.

    4. I also got similar experience in a valley.
      Even that time i was very scared now i like water too.

  7. I like to travel. So I have many experiences about trip. Specially, Last year I went Bangkok in Thailand. I usually go trip with my family or friend. But I want to go trip alone. It means that If I have travelling alone, can I finish my trip successfully? It was challenge to me when I prepare trip alone. But I decided to go trip alone.
    So I went to Thailand alone. When I reached in Bangkok, I was so nervous and afraid because I don’t know that which place I can sleep, how to book the hotel or guesthouse and how to use the transportation. And also my English was not comfortable to me. How to do communicate with people. Many things were difficult and challenge. But I tried to do my best. I held a guide book on my hand of left, and also I held a smart phone on my hand of right. When I go to the Kosan Road which is very famous place to the tourist, I asked to many people which transportation I can use for going Kosan Road, how to use the BTS which is a transportation such as subway station but it is not under the ground, which place is famous restaurant, the people explained very kindly and easily when I asked so question each person. And Finally I visited one of famous place in Bangkok. And I enjoyed my time alone.
    If I didn’t go alone to Bangkok, I couldn’t get feeling that I can travel alone and go everywhere whole world. Without trying, I can’t get good experience. And through this trip I overcome myself! It is awesome! I suggest to people if you want to get new experience and have good time alone, Go to the trip alone not with friend or family! You can feel joyful and execiting!

  8. When i was nine or ten, i went to visit a family membe’s grave. On the way down, someone touched the bee hive. ALL bees attacked my family. It was no use struggling. My family escaped, but i was left to stand alone. After all, a lot of bees attacked my head. Because of bees, i got stung shiftlessly. My face was mess. Because of bees !!!!! After that, i am afraid of bees…. I also got stung recently. i was more afraid of the bees.

    1. I’m so afraid of bees.. I don’t have your experience but I always worry about attacking me. and big bees more scary.

  9. I went to 한탄river two years ago. I played water rafting in the river. I rode on a boat and rowed hard. sometimes boat crashed in to the rocks. I was so scary because I didn’t like water. Maybe I will fall in to the water or drink so much water even die. so it was risky to me. I didn’t look at the below and I thought to myself, I can do! so I overcame my fear. but now I’m not afraid of water and I can swim. I’m brave more than past.

    1. I experienced similar situation(I wrote that experience too) I’m really scared when I think I will die. I think you too. but we are conquest that fear!! we are amazing!

  10. I went to camping with my friends when I was 20.
    we saw bungee jump near camping zone.
    so we decided do that last day.
    when I stood bungee jump lane my legs were shaked.
    But I didn’t hesitate to jump. Because I did’t want my friends think me coward.
    when jump I got very strange feeling. It might be adrenalin.
    After that a roller coaster wasn’t really exciting. I always wanted something more exciting. Later I planned to go travel some countries when I was 25.
    when I arrived New zealand I decided do skydiving. because New zealand has hot spot for skydiving. So I went Queens town to do it. But it was cancelled due to whether wasn’t good. And next day, after next day again. I couldn’t stay there more. I was really disappointed. But I noticed Fox glacier that was on the way our trip can do skydiving. That was my last chance. when I arrived Fox glacier I went skydiving office. Finally I took light aircraft and jumped.
    After???? amazing? wonderful?? NO word can be explained !!!!
    I strongly recommend when you have chance do it!!

    1. You are awesome! If i have change for standing bungee jump, i don’t want to stand..!! I’m so afraid of that.. but you are so brave!

  11. When I was 15 years old, I was playing at home with friends.
    I ran running machine with a friend and fell.
    I put a hand on the running machine to stand up.
    My friend did not know that I fell, so running machine is operated.
    My hand entered along the running machine. Increasingly flesh dug.
    Friend stopped the running machine and tried to pull my hand.
    But she could not. she asked for help to 119.
    They got out of my hand I went to the hospital for an ambulance ride.
    I went to the hospital for treatment for a month.
    The accident remained a scar and since the accident I do not run running machine.

  12. The most dangerous thing I experienced was The special forces camp with my younger sister. It was special to me because of The NBC experience. Sometimes I couldn’t breath because I have had chronic rhinitis.
    So I thought that the gas would be absorbed in to my body(nose, eyes and so on) and it aggravated my respiratory disease than before. This idea led to scare me more and more. When I entered gas room, I also felt my idea coincides reality.
    But I wanted to be nice, proud older sister for my younger sister, I overcame the fear.
    This experience gave me a lesson that we can beyond the physical pain for our family.

    1. When i was in army i also did.
      First time when i was ready that i was ok. because i never experienced.
      but before do scond, third time…. made me really don’t want go there.
      because i knew everythings. i think have do that once in my life is enough.

  13. 2 years ago, I joined gaming competition hosted by local PC room. It gave me moral
    experience that you can’t do anything well since you only think about bad result.
    At that time, my friends and I were not that good at playing game, but we joined the competition just for fun. But after looked at the entry list, we really frustrated because our
    opponent team’s members were way much better than us. We only thought about losing at that time. But before starting the game, my friend said ‘Don’t mind about losing.Let’s just have some fun.’ So we won the first game, but end up losing twice in a row.
    The result was bad but in the end, we only cared that we enjoyed the game.
    Before getting that lesson, I only thought about winning in game, since losing big is pretty
    big embarrassment for me. But this experience made me think about the reason I play game. It is just for fun, not for the result.

  14. It was last summer. I went to a river where I know well. The river is very dangerous. Because the water is very deep and the wave speed is so fast. anyway, I was drunk a little, and walking with my friend on ground beside the river. Then I saw a young boy who falling fast on the river. So i took the phone to my friend and asked to call 119, and catched the boy, and falling down together. The tube was big. So I grab it and talk to the boy. It is okay, I’ m here with you.
    I called 119 allready. They will come to rescue us. But it was really scary because the power of water was too strong to control, and my feet can’t touch the bottom. But finally, the 119 came to us to rescue, and I alive. I had learned swimming long time ago, so I can alive, and I decided to go to catch him… Don’t do that If you are not good at swimming or you are scary the water. It is really really dangerous. But I’m alive^^

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