43 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)

Answer the question below with a short paragraph (50-75 words).

Do you agree more with the writer of Reading 1 or Reading 2?
In other words, do you think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed, or do you think it is something to enjoy?

In your paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your main idea.
  • Support your topic sentence with a reason, an example, and details.
  • End with a conclusion restating your main idea.

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 9 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 10 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

34 Replies to “43 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)”

  1. I agree with the reading 1. I think that throwaway society is something to enjoy. Because we always want to chase new brand styles. For example, I think we want to but new fashion. In shopping mall, managers put out many new styles each weather. So we throwaway our old clothes. Then, we gain new styles and many people envy our fresh styles. So I agree throwaway society.

    1. Very nice, but it sounds to me you actually agree more with Reading 2. What you say about envy reminds me of an article I read about the iPhone 5c (that’s the less expensive, colorful one). Apparently, that model didn’t sell very well because people didn’t envy 5c owners like they did with 5s owners.

    2. I agree. We want to buy new cloths when seasons change. After we bought new things, we don’t wear old things anymore. And when we wear new things, my feeling is more fresh!

    3. I agree to your words Because, feels good when you buy the clothes we and When wearing a new clothes, get the satisfaction with confidence

    4. I like clothes. So not wear clothes thorw away sometimes. Intact clothes change to trash. I effort reformmy clothes. So I reduce trash

  2. I agree with reading 1. I think that our throwaway society is something to enjoy. For example, when we go to camping or picnic, we bring many dish, spoon, chopsticks etc. We have to carry many supplies that are so heavy. But when we bring disposable things, these are light and convenient. Also we can throw disposable things away after camping. So i agree throwaway society.

    1. It sounds like you agree with Reading 2. You’re right that using disposable items is a more convenient way to live.

    2. I agree disposable things are very convenient and light. But i think when we use disposble things, we have to ready environment problem.

    3. Yes, I agree your opinion. Disposable things is good when camping. Also when we make a group tour those are very very good. I think throwaway society isn’t bad. Sometimes this society is useful

  3. I think throwaway society is something to enjoy. For example, if i have hole in my socks,
    i replace my old socks. I don’t patch my socks. And my computer has a problem, i replace
    my old computer. most people would rather have new things and design, so i think throwawy is good.

    1. I am a person who agrees more with the writer of Reading 1 – “we have to change the throwaway society”, but I could think another idea because of your writing. Replacing my old things is making trash, but I can buy the new things with new design. I am not accustomed to buy new things if I already have one. But if I feel tedious with my things, it could be a chance for me to buy again with different type. We are living in a rich world so we don’t have to get a stress to fix my old things. Now I can understand more about the writer of reading2’s opinion.

  4. I agree more with the writer of ‘Reading 1’. When I read ‘Reading 2’, I felt that the writer is making an excuse because he thinks that recycling is a pain to him. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed. Of course we are comfortable and convenient because we don’t have to be concerned about the stress of fixing, reusing and saving. But I think we should have a responsibility to live our lives comfortable. It might be annoying to think about how we have to treat the things, but if we throwaway all the thing we don’t need, the environment and the earth would be full of the dump of trash. I think it is good to learn how to save the things, just like don’t making lots of trash, and think for the future of the earth.

    1. Your idea is very nice! The earth is where we live. but, environment is polluted by a rapid pace. I feel fears so, I hope that changes people’s idea. before you throwaway or purchasing something,
      we should think again!

    2. Yeah. You are right. We must keep environment for our descendant. That’s duty for people who live present time.

    3. You all bring up an important point. Many people might agree with Reading 2 more because they don’t see a trash problem now. But we actually actually making an effort today for a good future.

  5. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed. If we continue this throwaway society, garbage are more and more. Then our earth is polluted, finally we would be difficult to live in earth. So we have to recycle(paper, iron etc) and reuse. we use a glass than paper cup , we use food box and we use recyclable razor. Then we will save our earth. For this reason, throwaway society must be changed.

    1. I agree throw society. We have different thinkings. But i agree with your opinions. Earth is very important to our life. So we must effort to reduce garbage. If we don’t do that, our earth is very dirty. From now on, i will effort to reduce my garbage.

    2. After looking at your first post, it looks like someone persuaded you to change views, Myeong Jae. 🙂

  6. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed. sometimes, reuse is more expensive than buy something. but, There are a lot of things that can fix for free. too
    For example, The hole in a sock or clothes can fix it in the house. also, Do you buy a item for a new design? we must change our perceptions. because reform of the goods can make a new design.

    I use cell phone for two years. I want new design. but cell phones were available yet. so, I decorated by sticker or cell phone case. It was a new design and fell like I’ve buy a new one. we should reduce waste and devlop a habit of saving by reuse items.

    1. You have good suggestions for fixing and redesigning our old things. You remind us that it doesn’t have to take a lot of money or effort.

  7. I think our throwaway society is bad something that must be changed. That throwaway society enjoy is good temporary but the future very bad. First of all earth will sick. Sick earth influence our people, animals, plants.
    Also, If you buy new something (TV, computer, ipot…), maybe you buy another something (new TV – remote control / new computer – mouse, keyboard / new ipot – new ipot case …). So if you throwaway society enjoy, I think you throwaway more trash.
    By comparison, If electronic machine repair, you reduce trash.
    Still you want to enjoy throwawy society. I recomand products made with recycled materials.

    1. Right! You often need new accessories to go with your new things. If companies made more high-quality products from recycled materials, I wonder if consumers would buy them.

  8. I agree with author who written Reading 1. I think it is not good people make great amount of trash. Earth is not our possession. And we can’t live forever too. We must leave this world good for our kids. Trash makes environment be pollution. Pollutioned air,ground and water could pain for our descendant. They will curse us. We should repair or think one more time before throwaway a things.

  9. I agree with reading 1. I agree the convenience of disposables. but may damage the nature With the disposable too much. also, If you do not dispose of the goods that can be used to repair my own yet It can be a unique thing. and do not dispose of unconditional sharing is also a great way for people really need.

  10. I agree with Reading 1, too. I think throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed. Of course, change and throwaway something is very funny and interesting. Getting new is also happy. But if we throw away something more and more, we have no choice but to get huge trash heap. It is not good at earth’s environment, even people’s health.

  11. I agree with reading 1. I think throwaway society is destructive. I heard many trash destroy the environment. So I try to fix and recycle. Furthemore, sometime recycle things is better than origin things.

    1. True. Some examples would have been nice. Is it easy to find good products made from recycled materials?

  12. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed.we live nature together. we don’t live whitout nature.
    It is very easy to throwaway anything. but , something decay takes many years. for example plastic, can, fiber and a disposable product, etc, need many time to decay,
    while these decay, our enviroment is shipwrecked and polluted. we must guard our environment. so we must reduce now!!

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