50 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)

Answer the question below with a short paragraph (50-75 words).

Do you agree more with the writer of Reading 1 or Reading 2?
In other words, do you think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed (R1), or do you think it is something to enjoy (R2)?

In your paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your main idea.
  • Support your topic sentence with a reason, an example, and details.
  • End with a conclusion restating your main idea.

Your paragraph is DUE FRI 10 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE SAT 11 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

43 Replies to “50 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)”

  1. I think that our throwaway society is a something to enjoy. Unfortunately or fortunately, many products which come out nowadays have built-in obsolescence or we can say “planned” obsolescence. Companies are deliberately shortening the buying-throwaway cycle so that we cannot help but follow their plan in order to keep up with the so-called “mass” production system where we are living. So I think it is convenient to just swim with the tide. Don’t take it too pessimistically. I’m not saying that men are passive being who always have to be governed by something or someone. That would be hasty generalization. but I’m sure that we feel comfortable when we just jump on the bandwagon. Therefore, why don’t we just throwaway?

    1. i agreethrowaway society is necessary. It can create many jobs and invigorate the economy. throwaway society is necessary

  2. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that would be changed. There’s are a lot of trash in our planet. And more and more, time goes away, there’s no space to put the trash. Of course, some of new things are necessary. But, we have to use the least of new things. If we can use some thing anyway, we should do recycle and find the way to use. I think that if a thing can’t use, then the thing have to throw away. Threfore, if we can do recycling, then recycle and change our throwaway society.

    1. Your point is that the more we throwaway, the less space to bury the trashes will be left. I clearly disagree with you, because considering the speed of technological progress, we will develop some new technology to take care of the trashes sometime. Such technology would not just “emerge” without any urge or needs. the more we throwaway, the more we will need the space to take care of the trashes. consequently, the more space will be “created”. There is no going backward, only going forwards.

    2. My opinion is so similar with you. Especially in ‘If we can use some thing anyway, we should do recycle and find the way to use.’ part. At least, efforting is indicated.

  3. I think throwaway society is bad.
    Nowadays, our environment problem is very serious.
    many problem come to surface.
    Throwaway society make many trash.
    Beside trash enter expensive expenses for handling.
    so earth suffer from many trash.
    we can reduce and recycle disposables bottle, chopstick, cup.
    Also we can sell the thing that we don’t need to flee market
    eventually If we will try together, environment problem advance inch by inch.

    1. I agree with you. We should recycle the disposable items. Our effort can make a different outcome.

  4. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed.
    Our trash problem is serious. Before You throw something, you should think
    about environment. If modern people all have a habit of throwing, our society
    will be a mountains of garbage. It is true that we live in throwaway society. And we have right to enjoy this in some degree. But the point of my opinion is that we always remind our environment problem. Our small thinking of environment will be a big change of our society.

  5. I think throwaway society is good. Many people think throwaway society cause serious enviromnet problem. But in morden society many technology are develop and that technology take care of trash problem.
    Of couse, It can create many jobs and invigorate the economy.
    So, throwaway society is good

    1. + disposable things are conveient. if we recycling, throwaway society is not problem

      1. My opinion is similar to yours.
        Throwaway society can be able to develop something.
        And it can create many jobs.

  6. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing, so it must be changed. Our technology progresses so fast, so many products are manufactured and improved. So people throw away products that condition is good because new product. one people think “Maybe it’ll be okay. I am just one person.” But this thinking become garbage problem. Garbage problem eventually return our problem. So we change our mind and action.

  7. My opinion is that throwaway society is a something to enjoy.
    I think stick to old things are not be able to develop something.
    To escape from the old things, we can achieve evolve and development.
    Things are changing quickly.
    If we have junk stuffs, throw them to the wind.
    Don’t take stuff old things, they will only become a burden.
    We will have to make a bit of a sacrifice. But we can have greater satisfaction from development.

    1. I think, you ignore the problem of environment because you just think the development of the economy. Growth of the society is a good news. But Just think of single side is not enough for modern society. We have to think of the risk.

  8. Throwaway society is something to enjoy on condition that we can bear our trash. Many new goods are producted, and company tempt us to buy their products. We almost love new things. Throwaway society is good for economy, but it can bring many problems. For example, if you have yourger sister, you can buy new clothes every week and give it to her.
    I think we can enjoy throwaway society when we have reponsibility.

    1. I agree with you. As long as we take responsibility of our wastes, it is smart to enjoy what we can. People think it is bad to throw away too much but i think it isn’t the quantity. It is rather more about HOW we throw our wastes. Do we recycle? Do we segregate properly? Do we throw them in the right bag? At the right bins? I think these are the important questions. Even if you throw one bag a week, if it is just one bag full of everything without segregation then i don’t think that is looking after the invironment.

  9. I think our throwaway society is a something to enjoy.
    There are some reasons.
    First, buying new one instead repairing old one is able to save more time than repairing. Repairing stuff spend time too much than we expected.
    Second, throwaway society can make and preserve certain service-related jobs.
    Finally, throwaway society can invigorate the economy. To invigorate the economy, people should buy a lot of new one.
    So I think throwaway society is good.

  10. I agree more with the writer of Reading 1. Our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed. Although disposable product is so convenient, excessive using that causes serious environment pollution. I think technology can’t solve environmental problem perfectly no matter technology develops. So I think throwaway society is not good. And we should effort at least to reduce trash.

    1. I agree with you because we make too many trash. We should notice that we are all living together with trash.

  11. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing. Throwaway society causing environmental problems.
    A factor of our enviroment problem is many trash. Usally We didn’t think about trash problem. After given a warning of trash in the mass media, We are worried about the environment problem. We should have consciousness of trash problem. If we don’t think of enviroment problem and maintain throwaway society, sooner we will have trash mountain. It is true that we have pleasure that get new something. But we remind our trash problem. That get a new one is good but we should think of enviroment problem. So we should have thinking about throwaway society, and must be reduced trash.

    1. trash problem is natural because we live in technology society. We think about trash problem but annoying that put a plan into practice.

    2. The disposables are often a problem in society sometimes.
      I sympathize with your comments and
      I will try to use reusable rather than disposable items.

  12. I agree mort with the writer of Reading 1. Because environment problem, of course. We live in throwaway society and it is convenient, also it’s easy to throw something away. But more we throw something away, the environment go worse. I think everything we use is that come from nature. That means the environment go bad, we can’t make things that we use and that we consider convenient. In other words, whole world is blessed with natural resources. If someone want to enjoy throwaway society, he will economize resources. So I think throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed.

  13. I think our throwaway society is not bad. I think buying a new things is more reasonable than repair something old because i feel happy when i buying a new things and save time. Because we have the money,it is natural to buy something new and by doing so, economic is development. We are worried about the environment problem, but i think developed a way of processing waste as the technology advances, if we recycling well, it is no problem. so our throwaway society is a something to enjoy.

    1. I agree with you.Buy new thing save time than repair old thing.
      Buy new thing is good for economy.

  14. I think our throwaway society is a something to enjoy. Because throwaway society is good for economy. If people do not throw away anything and do not buy anything, company has no income. And company will lay off employees. They have no money and don’t buy something. Economy will not grow up.
    So people throw away old product and buy many new product and economy will grow up.
    Of Course throwaway society breed pollution problems but our society can develop solution. So I think throwaway society is good.

  15. I think we just can enjoy throwaway society.
    Because times have changed. Our life is so busy. We own convenience more than before. And factories producing so many disposable stuff.
    Although we know that can be harmful to environment, I think that is avoidable, maybe.
    Besides by so doing, consumption and market economy will be increasing. And technology for our living will be able to develop.

    1. I agree with your saying. because we are so busy, think convenience rather then think environment.

  16. I think desire for something new or something better is what keeps the society and the economy going. It is what makes us strive and work harder which eventually helps us develope ourselves as an individual. I am not saying that conserving and keeping old items are bad. I just want to point out that in reality, people want new and better things. We have the environmetal problems and everything (which is not something to be ignored) but i don’t think there is a right answer to this one. To enjoy something, something else have to be sacrificed at some level and im not saying it must be the environment, i just think there just mighy be a way to balance things. When we throw away something, yes it might end up as garbage somewhere not doing anything. But i think most of the time especially in the recent years, everything we do affects someone else at some point. Let me give you an example. When we throw away something, someone will have to collect it which may create new jobs. The things we throw away can be re-used as it is or be recycled to make new products which can create more jobs and businesses. And as these businesses and industries grow, we can have new and more high-tech things in return. Yes we have to pay for them but thats what we earn money for and thats how the economy works. I think there is just a limited range of things a person can own and actually use effectively in everyday life. The rest i believe can be grouped as more of a collection. Given that there is a limited range of things we need and can use in everyday life, i think it is smart to have the most efficient, high-tech, and best looking things we can get.

  17. I think the first time better than 2 times a Comment
    Because that does not require anything waste many people
    The garbage they give it to the people
    So there is no need to do the things we do not need to produce and consume
    Undesirable phenomena, even if it is often a waste of money ever
    Resources are finite, and the environment is also finite.

  18. Throwaway society is bad thing. So our society gonna be changed. The reason is environmental problems. Because of trashes(old computers, outdated smart phones etc.), environment is worse. Many trashes is formed by people’s mind that persues new things.
    We are a human. Human has intellect. So all people can think we should protect ‘our environment’. If you just enjoy the throwaway society, you will live in mountain of garbage.
    For the environment, We reject the throwaway society.

  19. I think that our throwaway society is a something to enjoy. Today is a rapidly changing society. It is important to follow the trends. We throway old things and buy new things, our economy is growing. When the economy is growing people have more job. This virtuous cycle will be repeated.

  20. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed.
    There are limits in the earth and the world, but we can’t see that well.
    Because trashes go otherplace that we can’t see and the product that we can’t see the making process come to us.
    Finally, there are trash mountains in the developing countries and many speices are disappearing because of loosing their habitats.
    I think we have to change our attitude about spending and at least we think the responsibility about what we spending.
    Of course I have thrown away many items, but I want to change little by little.

    1. You make good points. What might not be a problem today could still be a problem tomorrow. Also any effort, little by little, is better than no change at all.

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