52 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)

Answer the question below with a short paragraph (50-75 words).

Do you agree more with the writer of Reading 1 or Reading 2?
In other words, do you think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed (R1), or do you think it is something to enjoy (R2)?

In your paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your main idea.
  • Support your topic sentence with a reason, an example, and details.
  • End with a conclusion restating your main idea.

Your paragraph is DUE FRI 10 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE SAT 11 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

34 Replies to “52 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)”

  1. I agree with R2,our throwaway society is a something to enjoy.
    I want to ask you. Do you thin throwing away is bad unconditionally?
    We throw away somethings and then only that somethings can be another something, I think.
    I want to get an example.
    In school, there are a lot of food trashes of school meals. School throw away them.
    And they become a mixed feed for animals.

    1. i agree with your opnion. “lot of food trashes of school meals become a mixed feed for animals” is good example i think. i heard school as well as in many places become a mixed feed for animals

  2. I think it is something to enjoy.
    We can easily buy many things due to diversification of the types, lower prices, and so on.
    For example, in the past, banana was expensive.(Similarly, other fruits) Now, because of import liberalization banans are very cheap today. We does not bother our mother anymore to buy it. We can buy it ourselves.
    I think it is good. I can buy things that i want to possess. It is quite attractive.

    1. Hi, So Hee. I thnk this is an attractive factor too. I also be able to buy more diverse and cheaper item thanks to diversification of the types and lower prices.

    2. I think Buying one cheaply is very good advantage because i can buy that by myself.

    3. I like your example, and I agree with your opinion.
      I like the fact that I can buy things which I wanted to possess. It’s a small something to enjoy.

  3. I think that our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed .
    definitely, disposable thing has the advantages it is easy to throw away and cheap.
    But how do we handle a lot of maintain of trash?
    It is problem globally. We have to have sense of responsibility.
    Of course, removing disposable thing is impossible. However, we have to make efforts about
    reducing the trash.

  4. I agree with R1. In throwaway society, because of our spending habits a lots of environment is destroyed more and more. For example, we usually our phones not very long time but for making phones there are needed a lots of resources. So environment are destroyed for make them. I think we need to be moderate about our appetite.

    1. I agree your opinion. Especially, ‘our spending habits a lot of environment is destroyed more and more’ sentence.

    2. I agree with you. spending habits a lots of environment is very good example. we preserve our environment.

  5. actually, i agree with both of agree. but my opinion is more close R2 than R1.
    There are many problems in our society. but also there are many alternatives.
    A typical example, large amounts of waste are recycled by government. and some of waste can be Fuel by Bio-gas system.
    on the other side, throw things that do not need and buying a new one helps the economy.
    May be to save is worse than spending money

  6. I agree with Reading 1.
    Because our society is already have a lot of trash. So we will use disposable things less than now.
    Here is some method for reduce disposble things. If we going to cafe. We must go cafe with tumbler. And if we going to shopping. We must go shop with plastic bag.
    Maybe we do this method, society trash is more and more reduce.

    1. Hi seok Hyeon.
      I think your opinion is good idea!
      If many people do that, environment is better than now

  7. I’m positive about our throwaway society. because time goes by, most people feel sick and tired of old things. so we should buy new things regularly.
    also throwaway products help other peoplel.
    for example, looking around , there are a lot of people that need warm helping hand. some people have unnecessary things, but other people need the unnecessary things. It is kind of donation.

    1. I think so too. Throwaway society has a positive result. But I fail to realize that unnecessary things are kind of donation! It’s very fresh idea.

  8. I agree R1
    We throw away trash, too much . So our environment is very polluted.
    I think that we must be as possible as recycle.
    For example, When i was highscool student , I reform my father’s pants.
    So I could save money and environment a little.
    In conclusion, we have to think about recycle

  9. I agree with R1. throwaway society destroyed many environment. For example, For Pyung Chang Winter Olympic destroyed kang won do 500 years Forest to build ski stadium. I think we should preserve the environment.

  10. I agree with Reading2. I think to buy new things is good. Because If we don’t consume new things, many people who sell these things will be damaged. It is not good absolutely to recycle. So, I think that our throwaway society is a something to enjoy.

    1. I also agree your thinking. But, my opinion is different with you. If merchant should sell more environmental, there are good solution for enjoying.

    2. I agree with your opinion. I think that our society needs consumption activity.
      money come and go.

  11. I agree R2.
    Everyone likes new things and someone likes only their possessions but possessions someday wore out ang do not use,so they buy new things.
    My opinion is one, throwaway society is not bad. It is quite a natural thing really.
    So everyone thing buy new thing is good oneself.

    1. I agree with you, Dahee. Most people tend to like new things.
      And we are actually buying a new things. I also think it’s not so bad.

  12. I agree with R1. Society are changed, and our appetites are also changed. In this way, of course, people can enjoy throwaway society. But, Is it right? I think throwaway society has many bad things. For example, we know global warming. Global warming is developed for plastic, proposal plates, etc. We can enjoy this, but we also protect our earth. So, I think we must change our throwaway society.

  13. I agree with the idea of R2. This is because in a society where things are recklessly thrown away and easily bought, much of the resources get wasted. If such wastefull mind consists in the society, things will not be conserved anymore.Usefull items that can be used efficiently will be abandoned.Therefore such mindset in the society must change.

  14. I think throwaway society is good for us. Because nowadays much of our stuff are made disposable. Disposable things are esaily available and it provides convenience to people. And I think disposable things are more clean. For example, rather than continue to use towel, using a wet tissue is more convenient.
    So I think throwaway society gives a convenience.

    1. I agree with your opinion. I really like disposable products. I often use paper cup at picnic. It’s really convenient and clean. And after picnic i throw away cup at trash can. it’s so simple

  15. I think we must enjoy throw away society. It’s absolutely right. If i have enough money, I can dump old shoes and buy new one. My money, my choice. It’s very simple. It sounds silly but it is fact. For example, the young people of today they often throw away shirts only wear one season. Because it’s not perfect quality, and The shirts maybe don’t set the next fashion trend.
    Fashion trend change too fast to buy expensive shirts. So young people buy inexpensive and cool quality shirts. After wear 9or12 times, throw away! It’s so simple and convenient system. So i think throw away society is good for us.

  16. I agree with reading1. But i partly argree with redaing2. If we many buy things, our’s economy
    rev up for production and consumption. But we create many trash. trash create many problem. for example enviroment pollution, refuse disposal cost, etc. So we must be think many things. I thinks our’s ethical custom and enviroment is important than econmy. And we can solve enconomy. for example, We consume eco-friendly things. I think we must be consume eco-friendly things and We mube be thinks our’s enviroment

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