41 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)

Answer the question below with a short paragraph (50-75 words).

Do you agree more with the writer of Reading 1 or Reading 2?
In other words, do you think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed (R1), or do you think it is something to enjoy (R2)?

In your paragraph:

  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your main idea.
  • Support your topic sentence with a reason, an example, and details.
  • End with a conclusion restating your main idea.

Your paragraph is DUE SUN 12 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE MON 13 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.

19 Replies to “41 – Buy or Reuse (Unit 7)”

  1. I think our throwaway society is not seriusly bad thing to us. In our life, we’ll can’t feel trash problems. But it maybe will be a huge problem in future. And I think future is unrelated with me. It is our descendant’s problem and they can only blame us, can’t damage us. So we can just enjoy this. I think we don’t have to give clear environment to descendants with our sacrifice.

  2. I support writer of Reading 1. These days, environmental pollution very serious.
    In my opinion, environmental pollution cause of disposable product. Many people use disposable product because it is very convenient. But, people once it use, and throw away. Besides most people don’t separate garbage collection or recycling. If our society try hard overcoming the problem and find solution. At that time, people will be better to use disposable product.

  3. Now days, Many people throw away the trash. People don’t feel problem this behavior. If we still throw trash, Our planet will destroy. Street is very dirty and smell bad. I think we should recycle trash. And we have to recognize ploblem. If We fix our habit, We are able to pleasant area.

  4. I think our throwaway society is bad thing. Currently, we throw away a lot of trash. People do not feel seriousness. Trash that we have discarded , there will be many problems in the future. For example, throwaway society cause environmental pollution. Also If we keep the throwaway society, our descendants will be affected. So I think we must reduce waste.

    1. I don’t think so that.
      Anyway , when our life becomes more prosperous, there is other problems will happen.
      We just meet so early that problems. It just the consequences of current of times.

  5. Throwaway society is bad.
    frist nowadays we throwaway a lot of trash but many pepole it is not serious problem.
    But it is very serious problem.
    peole forgot we are not master of nature.
    Just we borrow nature and we consider next generations life.
    next generation have more problem when every time to we throwaway trash
    Not only important develop new technology but also improtant conservation nature.

  6. Throwaway society is not that bad. Life is always changing even we are sleeping.
    I know throwaway society left a lot of trash and a lot of bad consequences of environment.
    But we can’t go against the current of the times.
    People know how serious the bad consequences of throwaway society are. And also they are developing the way that we can deal with the whole problems.
    And we know we have all good times and bad times. Our economy grows faster and our life become prosperous. Consequently, throwaway society is just consequence of our convenient life. And always our ancestors did, we can get over the whole things.
    So throwaway society is not that bad you think.

  7. I think throwaway society should be changed.
    Nowadays people have too much of a waste. i think throwaway society is not bad itself.
    Throwaway products is necessary to some extent.
    But environmental pollution is serious problem by trash.
    If throwaway society continue our life will be devastated.
    So i think people’s way of thinking should be changed.

    1. i agree that throwaway products is necessary to some extent.if we use well, throwaway products will make your life easy.

  8. i think throwaway society is very bad. I work in Chinese restaurant and i throwaway many tissue, paper cup, wooden chopsticks, and so on
    very many disposable product. Always i think if customer will reduce disposable product, i convenient to clean table, and store reduce money to buy disposable product. so in future we have mind that if we reduce disposable product, we get benefit in all different walks of life.

    1. It really true when we reduce disposable products, we will save a lot of money.
      Also, I think technology will improve to solve this problem.

  9. i think throwaway society is not good for the environment.but we need throwaway society little.because it is convenient and simple.for example if using a one-way package pack lunch when we going on a picnic,you can come back home with a lighter bag.
    so if used properly this.it will make your life easy.

  10. I think when we reduce trash, we can save the earth.
    People don’t realize how serious this problem has actually been.
    Because they are said that they don’t see many trash, so it doesn’t matter in their life.
    We must know that the place we throw out, is the place we live in.
    So we can practice thrift.
    For example, we will decrease frequency of use of disposable products.
    Thus It’s everyone’s job to try and save the planet.

  11. I agree with writer of Reading 1.
    Because almost trashes we throw can use again if we fixed them.
    And new products are expensive in Korea, today.
    So i think we reduce trash and reuse more.

  12. I think our throwaway society is a bad thing that must be changed.
    Throwaway society is cause environmental contamination.
    Environmental pollution is cause of disease.
    So throwaway society is bad not people but also natural.
    But modern people make a lot of rubbish.
    A lot of the rubbish that we throw away doesn’t decay naturally and harmlessly.
    We must prevent environmental pollution, So We practice that reduce waste, Recycling, separate trash.

  13. I agree to the R2
    I think it’s better to create a better future to enjoy
    For example, I think the reason the technology now made ​​a habit of changing the cellphone to us from time to time
    But I think the problem is that waste enjoyed as good
    Watch this only if you will be a better future

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