Unit 8 – Day 2 (Lv2)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 149 – Reading Skill – Exercises A and B

Pg. 150-1 – Reading 2 Vocabulary

Pg. 151-2 – Read “Writing a Short Story”

Pg. 152-3 – Main Ideas and Details

Questions to guide your reading: “How to Write a Short Story”


  • Why would you be worried about having to write a story?
  • How is writing a story easier than we might think?
  • What is the “recipe” to writing a good story?
  • What are the two important ingredients mentioned in Part 1?
    • What is a main character and what questions should an author answer about them?
    • What is a setting and what questions should an author answer about it?
    • Is the setting only a place?
  • What is a conflict and what questions should an author answer about it?
  • What is a resolution to a story and what questions should we think about when creating it?
  • What is a theme and what should we know about it?

Also, prepare to answer the following questions in class:

  • Who is one of your favorite story characters? Why? What about the character do you like?
  • Think of a story you enjoy.
    • What is the conflict in that story? (Ex. Harry Potter vs Voldemort — Harry has to kill Voldemort to restore balance in the world.)
    • What is the setting in that story? (Ex. Sherlock Holmes — London in the age of Queen Victoria)
    • What is the theme of the story? (Ex. Harry Potter — love, friendship, good conquers evil, etc.)

See you in class!

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