Unit 8 – Day 2 (Lv3)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 162-3 – Reading Skill, Exercises A and B

Pg. 164 – Reading 2 Vocabulary

Pg. 165-6 – Read “”Out of the Box” Ideas for Greener Cities”

Pg. 167 – Main Ideas and Details


Questions to guide your reading: “”Out of the Box” Ideas for Greener Cities”

  • What are local governments doing to make cities more energy efficient? Why?
  • In what strange place are some new farms being built?
  • What is indoor farming? What are the benefits?
  • What role will skyscrapers play?
    • What are the benefits of farming this way?
  • What is an alternative to building things?
  • What happened to old Cheonggye Stream?
    • What did Lee Myung-bak do?
    • How long did it take? What was the result?
  • What is the “Bicing” program in Spain?
    • What are the benefits of this program?
  • What does it mean to “think outside the box”? Why should we do this?

Also, prepare to answer the following discussion questions in class:

  • Are any of the ideas mentioned in Reading 2 used in Korea (besides Cheonggye Cheon, of course)?
  • What is one change your city could make to improve quality of life?

See you in class!

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