41 – Stories (Unit 8)

Answer the questions below with a short paragraph (about 75-100 words).

Think of a story you enjoy.

  • What is the setting of the story?
    • Ex. Sherlock Holmes – London, England in the age of Queen Victoria
  • Who are the main characters?
    • How would you describe them?
    • What do you like about the characters?
  • Are there secondary/minor characters you also like? Why?
  • What is the conflict in the story?
    • (Ex. Harry Potter vs Voldemort — Harry has to kill Voldemort to restore balance in the world.)
  • What can you say about the resolution? (Ex. Harry Potter kills Voldemort by allowing himself to be killed.)
  • What is the theme of the story? What did you learn from the story? (Ex. Harry Potter — love, friendship, good conquers evil, etc.)
  • Why do you like the story?
  • Be sure to have a proper introduction and conclusion!

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 30 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 31 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I like that story, too!” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.


The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

caves of steel

The Caves of Steel (1954) by Isaac Asimov is an entertaining science-fiction murder mystery everyone can enjoy. 3,000 years in the future, wealthy people called Spacers live on faraway planets. People on Earth live in overcrowded indoor cities (caves of steel) with robot helpers. Earth people do not trust robots, and they are jealous of Spacers. An important Spacer is killed on Earth and police detective Elijah Bailey has to find the killer with the help of his new robot partner R. Daneel Olivaw. Bailey is stubborn and has a bad temper. Although R. Daneel looks and acts like a human, Bailey has difficulty working with him because he is a robot. When the mystery is solved at the end, Bailey learns to respect his partner. I really enjoy the dark way Asimov shows the future. Technology is more advanced, but people still have to deal with jobs, social status, and prejudice. Reading this novel set in the future is a fun way to remind ourselves that people don’t change.

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12 Replies to “41 – Stories (Unit 8)”

  1. I like ‘The Great Gatsby’ The Great Gatsby’s setting is America, New york Longland 1920th.
    Be the main characters, there are Gatsby, Day Jay Buchanan(Gatsby love her), Nick Carraway(Gatsby’s friend, I see situation throw his eyes), tom buchanan(bad man, I hate him).
    Gatsby is crazy for love. I can do anything for his love
    Day Jay Buchanan is pretty woman but she cowardly and she want money
    Nick Carraway is middle person he doesn’t judge other person
    we see situation throw his eyes
    Tom buchanan very bad person he lied and he cheated on even he married
    with Buchanan
    Actually I don’t like anyone when I first saw this movie I like Gatsby but few years ago I think Gatsby is not good person he is lier and he do illegal things
    Gatsby conflicted with Tom. Gatsby love Day Jay and Tom love Day Jay
    Day Jay drive and Gatsby sit next to her Day Jay She killed the person in a car.
    Gatsby say “call me if you want run away together.” and he wait Day Jay
    But she dump him. Day Jay killed the person’s husband shoot Gatsby when he hear phone ringing
    I have learned anything with this story.
    But my thinks change for characters every time Whenever I look many times.
    For example first time when is saw this movie, In my perspective Gatsby is very poor
    But second time I think Gatsby was happy. Even he dead, he think Day Jay choose him. If he doesn’t shot he know truth and he will frustrated.
    I think when I old, I understand other characters perspective.

    1. At first, i really couldn’t Gatsby’s behavior. But later i thought he was a really true romantist.
      All his behaviors are for only one person. That is really awesome.

  2. I like ‘My love my bride’.
    In Seoul, Korea. 2014 years.
    The main character is Yung min, Mi young.
    Yung min married Mi young.
    They loved each other.
    But Pass time, they fight, don’t understand each other, even they see other people.
    Some day, Mi young is very sick. But Yung min don’t know that.
    Finally Mi young is rushed to emergency room.
    After time, Yung min know that.
    Yung min sorry to Mi young.
    They realize precious each other, they are reconciled each other.

  3. I like ‘most’
    In Czech, outside contury. maybe 1950’s years.
    The main character father and his son, go to father’s job.
    His job is a drawbridge open man.
    When ship come to bridge, he open the way.
    and suddenly train some to bridge.
    but he don’t watching them.
    so his son tried to pull the lever fell.
    at that time he saw that. when he pull the lever, his son is die
    But he could not pull the lever.
    so he pull the lever. he’s son is die.
    but in the train, people don’t know that.

  4. My favorite story is the big fish.Will come back home to get a phone call that his father Edward is in critical condition.Will’s father and hero of the movie “Edward Bloom ‘is
    The cracker’s father enjoyed a lifelong adventure.son hates his father bragging.Thus arises the conflict between father and son.But son find clue that the story of father’s was not lie.
    Will become curious the appearance of a real father so he trace the history of Edward.Meanwhile the body of Edward condition deteriorates further
    Will fall into a coma.Will this keep alone when suddenly waking Edward Ward.
    “My son tell me how to die.”said the father
    Son start to how to die his father.”We came to escape the hospital attracts a wheelchair and go to the river.Everybody was out to river. I mean everything.As the Father sent off,Everyone was delighted. Father died in the original shape, huge big fish.That’ll end up being so.”
    “Exactly the same as I saw.”Pleased to smile and close eyes Edward.

  5. The Hunger Games by suzanne marie collins is recent hollywood blockbuster.The Hunger Games is the twenty four boys and girl disconnected from each section of the colony to die and kill each other in future society of dictatorship.Dictatorship ‘Panem’ is constructed in ruined north america.there is also the center of panem named ‘Capitol’.the hunger games is picked a two by two teenage boys and girls in each of the 12 zone every years for game.this game is die kill each other until only one survived. in addition, all courses are live broadcast twenty four hours on reality TV show.Hero of ‘catnice’involved in the hunger game instead of the little sister in the hunger games contestants chosen.i think that this game is similar to reality,so i like this book.

    1. I like Hunger Games too.
      It is a movie that has good story and actions.
      I saw its all series

  6. I like “About time” movie. This movie space background is England, time in the background is modern times. Main character is Tim(Domhnall Gleeson) and Merry(Rachel McAdams). Tim take time travel skill. So he uses this skill for happen problem. One day, he looks beautiful girl. He falls in love to Merry. He comes to a resolution what he confess to her. So Tim and Merry be lovers. For a long time they occur good things or bad things. Occur bad thing for them. Tim uses time travel skill and back the time. Then he does again. If he do, bad things change good things. Eventually Tim and Merry live happily ever after. This movie theme love, regret, happiness, romance. This movie is unrealistic but, give a moving. Many people to have felt, ‘Love is good thing.’ and ‘Life is time with everyone can do together.’

  7. I like ‘3 Idiots’. This is a movie that made by India, in 2009. This movie’s main characters are Rancho, Raju, Farhan. They are best friends in University.
    Rancho was described as a person who have open-mind, and Raju was described as a person who have to get a job in a major company because of his family, and Farhan was described as a person who likes taking wild animals’ pictures but study hard to become a engineer because his father want it. I like ‘Rancho’, because he is not fettered anything else.
    This movie have some conflicts like Farhan and his father’s differents in his future, Rancho and professor’s conflict etc.
    I think a resolution to make soft this conflicts is the sentence that ‘NOT TO ENFORCE ONE’S IDEA TO OTHERS’. When who enforce his/her idea to others, that time a conflict is occur.
    The story’s theme is ‘freedom’. Freedom is every people’s right. I learn the importance of freedom in this movie. I like freedom, and Rancho is a good case that a success person who have a freedom. This movie tells us to have our fling. So I like this movie.
    This movie shows differences between two types – have freedom, not have freedom – of people, and tell us the most important thing is freedom.

  8. I recommend the movie Mist (2007). In Long Lake, David Drayton go to mart with his son. Suddenly an old man comes in the mart and says the anything in the mist. Then mart is attacked by monsters. David Drayton decides to fight for his son. I think ending of the movie is good. The mist in the movie is the life nobody can’t see anything. The hero’s judgment and appearance of army are symbol of that.

  9. I love this movie. “The lord of the rings”.
    In peaceful hobbit country, the magician gandalf came. And he found the ring, and he told Frodo that ring is very dangerous and Sauron will comeback to find this ring. So he decided to go the “mountain of fire” to destroy the ring with his friends. But they attacked from their enemies(who want to get the ring.) So they fall apart from themselves. Frodo and Sam were having really tough situations but they got over all thing. There were a lot of temptations of the ring and Frodo couldn’t throw away the ring but Sam always helped him and finally they could destroy the ring.
    And there are the other persons. Aragon, Gandalf, Legolas, Kimli and Saruman. This is not the end. They really helped Frodo except Saruman. I wanna say if Frodo had gone his long trip alone, he definitely would fail to destroy the ring.
    And i want to say my favorite characters are Aragon and Sam. Sam is true companion who can help their friend and Aragon is romantist whom i never seen before this true lover.
    Last, i’m pretty sure that you can find these things in this movie, true love, real friendship and a lot of conflicts!!
    Also i can sure you will love this movie.

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