43 – Stories (Unit 8)

Answer the questions below with a short paragraph (about 75-100 words).

Think of a story you enjoy.

  • What is the setting of the story?
    • Ex. Sherlock Holmes – London, England in the age of Queen Victoria
  • Who are the main characters?
    • How would you describe them?
    • What do you like about the characters?
  • Are there secondary/minor characters you also like? Why?
  • What is the conflict in the story?
    • (Ex. Harry Potter vs Voldemort — Harry has to kill Voldemort to restore balance in the world.)
  • What can you say about the resolution? (Ex. Harry Potter kills Voldemort by allowing himself to be killed.)
  • What is the theme of the story? What did you learn from the story? (Ex. Harry Potter — love, friendship, good conquers evil, etc.)
  • Why do you like the story?
  • Be sure to have a proper introduction and conclusion!

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 30 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 31 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I like that story, too!” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.


The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

caves of steel

The Caves of Steel (1954) by Isaac Asimov is an entertaining science-fiction murder mystery everyone can enjoy. 3,000 years in the future, wealthy people called Spacers live on faraway planets. People on Earth live in overcrowded indoor cities (caves of steel) with robot helpers. Earth people do not trust robots, and they are jealous of Spacers. An important Spacer is killed on Earth and police detective Elijah Bailey has to find the killer with the help of his new robot partner R. Daneel Olivaw. Bailey is stubborn and has a bad temper. Although R. Daneel looks and acts like a human, Bailey has difficulty working with him because he is a robot. When the mystery is solved at the end, Bailey learns to respect his partner. I really enjoy the dark way Asimov shows the future. Technology is more advanced, but people still have to deal with jobs, social status, and prejudice. Reading this novel set in the future is a fun way to remind ourselves that people don’t change.

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  1. Our Twisted Hero is a korean’s novel in 1998 years by lee mun yeol.
    In novel, Byung tae transfer to another school at 5 grades.
    Then he had some conflict with Suk dae. Suk dae is a class leader and has a big power in class. And he wield the power to friends. So Byung tae told his behavior to teacher,
    but teacher didn’t believe Suk dae’s behavior. So Byung tae succumb like his classmate. Time passed, a new teacher came and Suk dae’s power is a gave away.
    I like Byung tae beacause he is a very brave person.
    And from Byung tae’s behavior, i learn how to think about authority.

    1. Oh I read this book. When I 13 years old, I read this book. And I learned that it’s don’t know what become person.
      I want to read this book one more time. Thanks to tell this story.

    2. I read this book!! I remember this situation. Teacher hit a student. And hit hit hit. Do you remember this situation? Also I want that see this movie!!

    3. I read this story, too. I learned that this does not only show the school, but also show our society. A leader should work for the other people, but as Suk dae, many leaders are looking for their interest.
      I hope we can live in the clean world, and the world that full of people who are like Byung tae.

    4. i like this story espicially i like the scene when new teacher come. new teacher help byung tae. i red this book in textbook. i din’t know textbook’s story are not full sroty.

  2. Frozen(2014) is the most famous movie in the world. It’s Disney movie. There is many main characters. Anna and Ellsa are lovely sisterhood. But Ellsa has curse. When she touched any things, many things changed ice. Ellsa conflicts many servant and environment. And christophe is very greedy person. He want to take winter castle. But Anna efforted to help her sister. I touched to Anna’s warm heart. Later, Elllsa came back and they lived together. I learned family’s love. Because I have youner sister. So I felt that I treat my younger sister well. The reason that I love this movie is Frozen’s music. Frozen music is very nice. And my favorite song is ‘let it go’.

    1. I see ‘Frozen’ too!
      I found the true love.
      That’s a family’s love.
      I think family should to be first and very important.
      And i know Frozen’s music is so fantastic!

    2. i like ‘FROZEN’! Because Ellsa is so beautiful and elegant. Also i like ost ‘Do you want to build a snowman’. It is so pretty and amazing movie.

    3. I’ve seen that movie, too.
      I was eagerly toward to see that movie because Elsa’s voice actress was my favorite musical actress. And it didn’t disappointed me. Music was so wonderful and story was really good.

    4. I know the story through film. I also impressed about that characters. I think Characters in the movie are very attractive.

    5. I see ‘Frozen’ too. ELLSA is cute and lovely.
      usually I don’t like animation. but this animation is fuuny and impress

  3. Harmony is very famous sad ending story. It is in prison. Main charaters are Jeonghae. She had baby but she have to adopt her baby because of law. After she adopt her baby, she starts chorus in prison. All of women in prison, they performance at many concert. But they conflict with social’s prejudice. Many people hate them and doubt. So Jeonghae can’t meet her baby. After some years they have christmas eve performance with children. Jeonhae met her baby by chance. And her baby’s new mom gave photos to Jeonhae. I think this story’s theme is mother’s love and result of effort. I like this movie because many actress’s talent are so perfect and i think about mother’s love. Also i like this movie’s ost.

    1. I see harmony too!!!!!!
      Received a lot of impressed to see the harmony
      Really amazing idea maternal love is

  4. The most beautiful father in the world (2001) by Youn So Young is korea novel. Modern time, son and father’s background is setting. Min U’ father love mountain. So father challenge McKinley mountain. Min U is proud that his father challenge high mountain. But when father hiking he was damaged coming strong snow. Eventually  his father’ all fingers are frozen and gone. After, 
    father changed violent. He hit table, he drunk alcoholic and he was sad everyday. Min U saw this changed father. Min U hated this situation. So he wrote he’s heart of hearts he’s diary. Someday father read son’s diary. And father promised that he change again brave father. Finally family is happy happy happy and again Mackinley mountain climb successfully with his son.
    After I read this book, I feel family’ love and never don’t give up and try try try!!!! Although I read when I’m elementary I learn many lesson and many impressive. 

    1. I heard your story in class.
      It is very impressive!!
      I think that love of father and son made a father challenge.
      love of family seem to be a great power!

  5. I want to introduce you to a movie story ‘The Island’.
    The setting of ‘The Island’ is in the future, in US.
    The main characters are the clone of people, a man and a woman.
    Rich people makes their clone to live their lives longer. So the clones’ memories are injected and they will killed and their healthy organs are going to the existing human. So the clones live in the clean place and eat nutritious food for their health.
    The two main characters are trying to fight with the company which makes clones and live their lives. Finally, all the clones can live their lives without that company.
    The clones also have their feelings and thoughts as a human. This moive showed the people’s greed and selfishness. Human beings live in the smart world, but the smart and developed culture doesn’t give us happiness all the time. I could learn that with this movie, so I like this story.

    1. I saw that movie! I was admired that movie’s setting. That setting let me think about human dignity.

  6. I was very impressed when I saw the movie ‘War Horse’. It’s made by real story.
    The setting of this movie is in England, when the first world war begins. For main character, there is a boy named Albert and his horse ‘Joy(I don’t know exact spelling)’.
    Albert and Joy were always together since Albert’s father first took Joy at home. But when day, Albert’s father sell Joy to England officer named Nicoles when the first World War begun. Nicoles promised Albert to take care of Joy well, but unfortunately he died at middle of the war. When Albert heard Nicoles’s news, he decided to find Joy and volunteer to become a soldier. While Albert was searching Joy at military, Joy was too, tried to find Albert and he went everywhere-he even went to normal house and he tried to jump over the barbed-wire fence-to find Albert. And after several crisis, they finally met with each other.
    At first I didn’t have much expectation at this movie, but when I saw every scene of this movie, I was really impressed and I also learnd animal too, can feel fellowship like humans.

  7. Lucky day(1928) is famous classic novel in korea.
    background is period of Japanese occupation .
    The main character is Kim chum ji and his wife.
    His job is rickchaw man so, he is always poor and cold to his wife but, inside he loves wife.
    His wife lives very hard. because of poverty and sickness, husband’s careless.
    One day, It’s rainy days, After he go to work, his wife told to him “Don’t leave me alone.” “I’m very sick.”
    But he is ignore and go to workplace.
    he picked up many customer and earn a lot of money.
    It’s unusual! He is dumbfounded but happy, because he can buy Sul Lung Tang that his wife likes. After he buy Sul Lung Tang, He go to home and open the door, wake up his wife.
    sadly, his wife is dead.
    This book is sad story but so interesting.
    After I read this book, I recognize that i have to more care about my family and friends before they gone. Kim chum ji may regret his behavior and miss his wife forever.

    1. i read this book, too
      These days i think that we must be expresses the love next to me.

    2. This novel is very good.
      When I middle school student, I read this novel very interesting

  8. No Country For Zombie (좀비를 위한 나라는 없다) by sand man (모래인간) is korean SF cartoon. the reason i recommand is differece between other zombie cartoon or novel.
    In 2012 univercity research team discover ADIS remedy. Unfortunately this remedy was caused zombie virus epidemic. many people infected virus. several years ago, virus remedy is discover.
    this cartoon’s background is not expanding days of virus. cartoon’s background is after discover remedy. it is quit different other zombie cartoon or novel.

    Story’s main rule is this
    1. Remedy perfectly treat a zombie except appearance of a person.
    2. A person who was a zombie can remember days when a person was a zombie
    3. A zombie only eat a human,corpse,dead zombie
    4. If zombie are severely injured. as soon as they are tretmented, they are die painfully
    5. Treted zombie has immunity to mutant zombie virus
    This cartoon’s main character is Lee Chan (이찬) and zombie girl. Lee Chan work in remedy center. He raise zombie who is his wife. sadly because his wife (zombie) was severly injured, she can’t treated. he steal corpse in the workplace to feed his wife.
    Korean miltary discvoer mutant zombie virus which are stronger than zombie virus. military hide the virus in the copse. E Chan didn’t know that so he steal that copse and fed it to his wife. Later his coworker find his wife and his wife was killed. E Chan was furious.
    he had mutant virus. he pland to spread mutant virus.
    Zombie girl was common girl. when she infected zombie virus, her mother can’t kill her daughter. her mother kill people and fed her daughter. After treatment zombie girl remember that she ate many peolple.
    People who has a lover,family and friend killd by zombie hatred treated zombie. they tease treated zombie. Rationally treted zombie was victim. It is not zombie’s fault but they need villain.
    One day zombie girl meet Lee chan. and she casually receive mutant zombie virus.
    It was opportunity to zombie girl (because mutant zombie virus efect only human) she taught painful days.’that day my farther bite me. my mother give me many people and i remember i ate many people. people say to me you should apologize even though you are not own puropose. but i think that they feel apologetic to me while they blow up me. they just need villain’
    she had a chance at being injurer from victim. but she forgive people.
    i reconsider conflict. it can be occur between victim and victim. when i was angry to other person i should think it again. it might not the person’s falut. but may i need just vailain.

  9. A Bowl of Udon is very famous novel.
    background is 1980s Japan.
    the main charactor is shopkeeper ,woman and two sons.
    december 31, a woman with two sons dressed in old clothes visit udon shop in Japan.
    they ordered a bowl of noodles. give the chef make noodles for two people,
    they ate delicious.
    next year, they had visit again and chef make noodles for two people again.
    waited for them in the next year but they did not come for years.
    then one day grandmother and two young men visited again.
    the family knows that supplied more noodles so came to the say thank.
    a bowl of noodles for them that this was a big comfort.

  10. The Devil Wears Prada
    This story was released as a recent movie. This story is happening as a woman working in the magazine. At first she was a person with no interest at all in fashion. So, her clothes were so poor. Her job is to solve the editor of many errands.
    She hated his job. But increasingly have the pride and interest in the job and began to work hard. Of course, clothes dressed up well. But she was away from her boyfriend and his friends. Later she got a good chance to be promoted. But she give up that chance because her friends. I learn that good friends is more important than money and nice work

    1. I saw it as a book. The book ‘The Dvil Wears Prada’ in interesing, and I want to see a movie.
      I remeber the woman’s boss is terrible person like a devil.
      I think it is also the reason why she give up her job,

  11. ‘Dragon Laja’ is my favorite Korean fantasy novel. This sory start in a small country village.
    the seventees years old boy, named Hoochi, and other peaple are main characters.
    The dragon who lives near the villege bother poeple, so they want to kill her, The King borrow his dragon. but the King’s dragon lose. Hoochi and some peaple start their trip to capital to told the king that situation. During their tirp, they meet unexpected events like meeting fairy queen who loved their kingdom’s first king, arguing with an acient dragon that poeple thik it was just a legand or fighting against rebel forces.
    But at the end, the reders know all of the events actually related to each other. the writer created amazing structure.
    I love this book because it has a lot of phillosophical questions about human beings, good and evil, or what is human. I love the word in the story ‘ A person in not real one.’
    the writer said, a person lives as someone’s son, someone’s boyfriend, someone’s friend, someone’s teacher, etc. If the person die, but he can live with other people’s mind as his or her son, friend or student. So human can never die.
    I really love this story. It has amazing structure, phillosophical questions, exciting and humor. I love it so much.

  12. Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a movie that was seen while impressed me the most
    This movie is that it is happening in prison
    Main character of this movie, is the father of intellectual disabilities
    Father of intellectual disabilities, receive the help of the girl when on the way to buy the daughter of bag
    However, father will receive accused of murder because girl is dead in an accident
    To enter the prison than by social prejudice that people with disabilities
    Then prison of people are informed that this father is no sin and strive to us solving the misunderstanding of this father
    father is get death penalty because it was a threat
    father died, and then,daughter is solving a misunderstanding of father
    see a movie I was really crying and In society I tried to think about prejudice for people with disabilities
    It is a really good movie

  13. A elegant lie is novel and movie.
    In this story, main character is Man-ji and Cheon-ji. They are family Man-ji is old sister and Cheon-ji is young sister.
    Suddenly, Cheon-ji kill herself without will. So mother and Man-ji find why Cheon-ji kill herself.
    One day, Cheon-ji finds will at the a ball of string.
    Cheon-ji kill herself because she is outcast.
    When I read this novel and see a movie, I think dangerous of bullying.
    I think this novel is masterwork.
    I’m really want to recommen this novel. Thank you.

  14. The book that I would like to introduce is a I love you, Ji-sun This book is korea essay. In 2000, Ji-sun was university fourth grade student. when she came home, she had a car accident whole body was on fire and suffered third-degree burn. luckliy, won’t die, but she thought suicide because so sick and very anguish. she was endured 11time of major surgery she was able to live by virtue of a postive thinker and on future hope. when she leave the hospital, she said “I am very thankful for is still alive” this book give message that hope and courage for me and I realize that I was a happy. this book is more moving because it is a true story.

  15. The waving tae-guk-gi is korean movie which 12 million audience seen. Story started in 1950, korea. There has two main character in the story. Jin-seok and Jin-tae. Jin-tae is Jin-seok’s older brother. They conscription in South korean army. But Jin-seok has heart disease. So Jin-tae try to get The Order of Taegeug Military Merit for his brothers discharge. But Jin-tae’s fiance crisis to die by South because joined North korean organization. They try rescue her but be consider betrayer, so they locked in barn and fired. Jin-tae survived, and he think Jin-seok is dead. He going to north and the brothers meet in battlefield. The theme of story War is destroy our life.

  16. I introduce movie .movie name is ROARING CURRENTS. ROARING CURRENTS main chacarter is SUN-SIN -LEE. movie seeting is 1597years.
    this time span is Japanese Invasion of Korea . so korea is thoroughly confused and feeling down. but
    korea have 12 ship. japan have 330 ship. this war expect apparent japas’s win. but SUN-SIN -LEE is not give up.
    SUN-SIN -LEE establish a strategy appllication to ocean current. and motivationc to soldier from own’s sacrifice. SO .korea is
    win miraculously. this war is ROARING CURRENTS. I rethink my life and impress

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