50 – Stories (Unit 8)

Answer the questions below with a short paragraph (about 75-100 words).

Think of a story you enjoy.

  • What is the setting of the story?
    • Ex. Sherlock Holmes – London, England in the age of Queen Victoria
  • Who are the main characters?
    • How would you describe them?
    • What do you like about the characters?
  • Are there secondary/minor characters you also like? Why?
  • What is the conflict in the story?
    • (Ex. Harry Potter vs Voldemort — Harry has to kill Voldemort to restore balance in the world.)
  • What can you say about the resolution? (Ex. Harry Potter kills Voldemort by allowing himself to be killed.)
  • What is the theme of the story? What did you learn from the story? (Ex. Harry Potter — love, friendship, good conquers evil, etc.)
  • Why do you like the story?
  • Be sure to have a proper introduction and conclusion!

Your paragraph is DUE WED 29 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 30 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I like that story, too!” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.


The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

caves of steel

The Caves of Steel (1954) by Isaac Asimov is an entertaining science-fiction murder mystery everyone can enjoy. 3,000 years in the future, wealthy people called Spacers live on faraway planets. People on Earth live in overcrowded indoor cities (caves of steel) with robot helpers. Earth people do not trust robots, and they are jealous of Spacers. An important Spacer is killed on Earth and police detective Elijah Bailey has to find the killer with the help of his new robot partner R. Daneel Olivaw. Bailey is stubborn and has a bad temper. Although R. Daneel looks and acts like a human, Bailey has difficulty working with him because he is a robot. When the mystery is solved at the end, Bailey learns to respect his partner. I really enjoy the dark way Asimov shows the future. Technology is more advanced, but people still have to deal with jobs, social status, and prejudice. Reading this novel set in the future is a fun way to remind ourselves that people don’t change.

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  1. Gattaca(1978) by Andrew Niccol is science-fiction thriller. Vincent main character in movie want to be an astronaut but he has week gene. he was frustrated but he buy hair and blood. finally he become an astronaut and go space.
    I like vincent because he never give up and reach the goal. I learn from this movie if you have goal try hard and never give up.
    Gene can’t decide everthing but effort can be everthing. That why I like this movie

    1. I don’t watch Gattaca. But I think the movie is very interesing.
      I will try watching the movie.

    2. I saw the movie when i was 17 years old. It was impressed movie. I can’t expect the future world. Gattaca is the main movie about the society that oriented to science.

    3. There is a common myth that Einstein emphasized effort when he said Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work. But did you know he actually wanted to say that even though you have 99% hard work, you cannot be like him without the extra 1% of talent? Water boils at 100 Celcious, if you don’t have extra amout of heat to make water boil, 99% percent of effort could be meaningless.

  2. Frozen(2013) by Chris Buck is adventure animation that Disney company made.
    The main character is Elsa,Anna and Kristoff. Elsa and Anna are sister.
    I like Anna because she is very positive character.
    And one of the secondary characters Olaf is my favorite character in Frozen(2013). He is cute.
    In the story, Elsa and Anna conflict.
    Because Elsa have supernatural power, she can make everything as ice.
    She wants to hide the power so she run away out the castle.
    Anna and Kristoff go to find her.
    A resolution is they persuade Elsa to come back, and finally Hans got expelled.
    This story’s theme is love, I learn love between family.
    So I like this animation.

    1. I saw frozen too. until after I saw frozen I don’t like Disney movie but now I like Disney Movie

  3. 워낭소리(Old partner.2008) is real human documentary. Background of this movie is quiet rural village and main characters are old man, old cattle. This movie don’t have actor. The people who appear in the movie are all real protagonists of the story. Old man and old cattle were best friend each other for 3 decades.. They did everything together. But old cattle were too old and exhausted. So he couldn’t move like before. The old man’s son talked to him that sell old cattle. Then Old man go to the market for sell old cattle. But he couldn’t sell and finally he went back home with cattle. He along with his cattle until cattle death. This scene is very impressed to me. After this movie l realized human can commune with animal.

    1. I see this movie. This movie very sad and calm. I think old cattle is great. Because cattle is old but this cattle work diligently.

    2. I don’t watch this movie. but now I’m interested your telling. I’ll watch this.

  4. About time(2013) by Richard Curtis is calm and soft movie for every age.
    The movie setting is england, modern days.
    The main character is tim and mary who his wife.
    Someday, Tim’s father say that secret about time. The secret is that when man want, he can go to the past.
    After tim known the secret, he tried hard that get mary. Finally, he success get her love.
    The movie’s message is that cherish time.
    When I saw the movie, I feel calm and so jot in my heart. This movie is not spectacle, but so have message.

    1. I saw that movie too!
      This movie give me a lot of lessons.
      It was very impressed movie~

    2. It’s very lovely movie and show the clear message about life warmly. Life just flow. I want to see again~

  5. 제보자(2014) by 임순례 is dramatic and nerverous movie. This movie main place is NBC broadcasting company and laboratory in korea. This movie’s main characters are 윤민철 and 이장환. 윤민철 is NBC broadcasting company director, 이장환 is doctorate but he cheat nation about stem cell. 이장환 argue that he made eleven stem cell. But someone say to 윤민철 this opinion is lie. So 윤민철 try dig up 이장환’s secret. Early stage 이장환 deny this information(stem cell is lie), and use playing the media. But after 윤민철 broadcast true story, so nation know truth. This movie’s theme is the truth will out and success. This movie show truth is good so this movie impress me. I want see this movie one more time.

    1. I see this movie. And this movie very impressed to me. This movie shows truth must win.

    2. I heard that this movie reflect the real scandle about 황우석. There are so many issues in it, life ethics, truth etc. I think it is interesting movie.

  6. 수상한 그녀 (Miss Granny)by 황동혁is funny and emotional movie.
    Background of this movie is common family and main characters are old woman.
    She was life nothingness and insignificant. But one day, she was take a picture in the especial studio. And she became a young man. Since olden times, her dream is singer then she achieved a dream and meet someone. But there is one problem. when any part of the body is hurt and the part get old. One day her grandson suffered an accident and only hers blood is fit. So she abandon her dream and youth for her grandson. The theme of the movie is Family of love. And I feel my parents love. This movie is one of my best movies.

    1. I really want to see this movie by reading your paragraph. It looks pretty interesting. Everyone need to feel family love’s preciousness.

    2. I saw that movie with my friends.
      I enjoyed the bitter-sweet story of the movie.
      A hundred and one people came to watch this movie.
      I think it have worth to seeing again.

  7. Equilibrium(2002), an action and SF film, by Kurt Wimmer give everyone who watch this movie both impression and fascinating action. After World War III, they realized that all men must die because of emotion. Main character is John Preston who takes ‘Frozium’ seemingly, but he do not want to take the emotion removal drug. He conspires against a dictator among his followers. Many desperately opposing people live in underground space. First, they protect theirselves against John, but when they know about his honesty, they believe that he will save every people. Then, he go to the dictator’s residence. He defeat dictator’s follower in a flash. Finally, he kill the dictator ‘Ribeuria’ and regain peace. The lesson of this movie is that only feeling man can relize a society of justice.

  8. Begin Again(Can a song save your life?,2013) by John carny. The main character are Greta, Dave, Dan. Greta and Dave are british musician. Dan is a music director, but he don’t have much fame than past. Greta and Dave’s music are hit in the UK and also hit in the America. So they go to the America to make album. Greta and Dave are couple. But Dave fall in love with women who work in America music label. Then, Greta meet the Dan. Dan suggest her that make interesting music album. Greta start to make own her album. Her music is accepted by famous label. During make the her album, Greta and Dan become good musical friend. Someday later, Dave invite Greta to his concert. He say that miss her. but Greta determine to musically independent.
    The lesson is that music can cure the human’s mind. Musical exchange is help the person’s dicison. Farewell for one person is a process of growth, musical exchanges is a main lesson is that helped the growth of Greta.

    1. Yeah, the music in that movie are very beautiful~ I think that song make mind warm, too.

    2. I liked this story too. All the songs in it are very nice and the lyrics and very deep and touching.

  9. The Matrix, made by Andrew and Lana Wachowski, is an SF movie which depicts dystopic future where human has been defeated by machines and lives only as an energy sources for machines. Well-designed computer machines confined humans in cell-like “prison” where humans cannot realize whether they are confined or not because computers injected “fake” reality into human’s brain. Neo, the protagonist of the movie, thinks something is strange and try to find out the reason why he feels like that. He finally succeeded to meet “real” people named “scion” including Morpheus who debunks the truth and helps Neo get out of the control of the machines. This movie asks several interesting philosophical questions but what most interested me was the post-modernistic view of the modern society about which Jean Baudrillard once mentioned in his book ‘Simulacra and Simulation.’ The director makes audience to think about the quote “boundaries between the real and unreal have become blurred and have created a new state, hyperreal.” What’s more, directors added devastating actions at once to make this film not only enlightening but also pleasing to watch.

  10. The Maze Runner(2014) is mystery and action movie.
    The setting of the movie is odd maze.
    The main character is Thomas last boy member of the “Glade”.
    He nurses a hope that he can escape from maze unlike other people.
    I like him because he is very ardent and active in terms of new situation.
    There is difference of views between Thomas and Gally.
    Finally they go separate ways. But Thomas successes to escape.
    This movie gives me a lesson “the true failure is not to try to do anything for fear of failure”.
    I like this movie because it lets me find enlightenment.

  11. Jason&Medea by Euripides is the part of the story, Jason and Argonut. Jason is the son of king, but his uncle took his throne. He bargain with Jason if Jason take the Golden fleece to him, he will take the throne to Jason. Jason gathered people and left together.(This is the setting in Jason&Argonut.) After dinamic adventures, they came to the country which had Golden fleece. Medea is a princess and felt in love Jason. She betrayed her father, gave Golden fleece to Jason and left with him. She threw everything away and killed Jason’s uncle for Jason. But Jason betrayed her and wanted to marry another princess. Medea was very furious, killed her and two children of Medea&Jason to revenge him. It’s very terrible. People call her a devil, but I think she is also just human. I’m not about to support her, but I think this story messages what in the human nature. There are desire of power, lunatic love, cruel violence. And these parts have appeared in the today’s world and through the history. I think this story question what will you do in that nature.

  12. A story about I want tell us is ‘Crime Zero’. it was written by Michael Cody who great storyteller in biological novels. (another novels before released crime zero,named ‘god’s DNA’, was sold by disney) . the main story is FBI detective ‘Ruke’ fight new virus. but, In fact, He was fight not only virus also peoples sight. but he didnt frustrated, and speard the anti_virus medicine, relase the world.
    this novel was suggest us people is not innate being, learned being.
    Ruke in this novel always emphasis person’s free will. future that we live is not fate. the result of us. this is our creation. so I loved this story.

  13. begin again by john carney
    The background is mostly america.
    Greta and Dave are british musicians and Dan is a music director who has lost his family, fame and money. Dave is a rising star from UK who has come to America to make an album. Greta joins his trip but Dave has an affair and leaves Greta. Greta plans to go back to UK but meets Dan. Dan suggests Greta to make an album and the album becomes a great hit. Dave tries to get Greta back by asking her to come to his concert but Greta rejects and lives her own life.
    I like how Dave told Greta his true feelings. He could have lied but he didn’t. I also like how Greta stayed strong and became an independent woman.

  14. I read “Let me in”. setting is sweden. main characters is Oskare who is love vampai, alle who vampair,hoken who is murder give blood to alle. hoken killed people and Oskare love alle. “Let me in” theme is love,dark side of human,muder,vampair. I like secondary characters because they tell different point of story!!I love this story because very fun and feel thrill
    If you love thrill and story murder, i recommend Let me in!

  15. How To Train Your Dragon (2010) by Dean Deblois and Chris Sanders Christopher Michael Sanders.
    The story of how to train the dragon was abu biking and dragon became a friend and was living happliy in burk. Setting of the story is in Burk island.
    The main character is Hiccup. He is very weak and coward boy.
    Hiccup treats Dragons tail and they become a friend.
    So hiccup and Tusly (Dragon’s name) get fight for peace.
    They finally have restored peace in Burk.
    Burk people hate Dragon at first, but later they open their mind.
    I think the theme of the story is real friendship.
    I learn from the story ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’.
    How To Train Your Dragon was a very entertaining movie.

  16. Hunger game has book and movie but I want to tell the book. I don’t like this movie because the book was really good so I think movie could not contain whole thing that I imagined. Anyway Hunger game is a series that following Catching fire and Mocking jay. It’s setting is future time and somewhere. It suppose that world war 3 took place and the war cost many people life. So some people called ‘central’ set rules and divide 12 district for control the other people. The system to control the people, central open killing competition every year. This is the conflict of this book. The main character is Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. They should participate the competition. It is a long story but anyway the main character find free. The theme of this book is friendship, love, brave, and freedom. The reason I like this book is that this story is simillar the real society I think. The people who have power can do anything and they control the people to get more power. The book pinch these part well so I like this book.

  17. I watched “Taken”. The setting of this movie is America, modern days. The main character is Brian who is father and Kim who is daughter of Brian. One day, Kim wants to travel with her friend to Paris. Her father disagreed with her plan. But eventually he agreed her travel. So Kim went to paris. In paris, Kim was kidnapped by someone. As soon as Brian knew the facts that his daughter was kidnapped, He chased a criminal. After the persistent running fight, He rescued his daughter in danger. I love this movie because I was very impressed by the father’s love and his efforts. The theme of the “Taken” is family’s love. Also, I think that parent’s saying is important in my life and I should listen the adult’s saying.

  18. 두근두근 내 인생(Pounding my life) by 이재용 is human and family love movie. Background is a small village in Korea. Main characters are 미래, 대수, 아름. 미래 is a mother. Once dreamed of idol singers. 대수 is a father. Once dreamed of Taekwondo athletes. They are 34 years old. When they were 17 years old, 미래 was pregnant 아름. As a student they were immature, but become parents they started to grow up. 아름 had progeria. When 아름 was 17 years old, he died. He leaved the story for parents. It’s very touching.
    This movie’s lesson is family’s love. I reconsider parents love and sacrifice.

  19. Into the Storm (2014) by Steven Quale is the story that survive in super tornado. Main character is Moris, father of two sons. He don’t express love to child a lot. But in the record disaster, save two sons and confirm feeling between him and sons. Another impressive character is Peet, photograph documentary. He regards personal honor through photograph disaster very highly. But finally, he helps another people hold out away from disaster as he sacrifice his life. Giving up his ambition impress me a lot. This movie suggest horror of disaster, person’s egoistic and altruism at the same time. And this movie is good at computer graphic than other disaster movie.

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