52 – Stories (Unit 8)

Answer the questions below with a short paragraph (about 75-100 words).

Think of a story you enjoy.

  • What is the setting of the story?
    • Ex. Sherlock Holmes – London, England in the age of Queen Victoria
  • Who are the main characters?
    • How would you describe them?
    • What do you like about the characters?
  • Are there secondary/minor characters you also like? Why?
  • What is the conflict in the story?
    • (Ex. Harry Potter vs Voldemort — Harry has to kill Voldemort to restore balance in the world.)
  • What can you say about the resolution? (Ex. Harry Potter kills Voldemort by allowing himself to be killed.)
  • What is the theme of the story? What did you learn from the story? (Ex. Harry Potter — love, friendship, good conquers evil, etc.)
  • Why do you like the story?
  • Be sure to have a proper introduction and conclusion!

Your paragraph is DUE WED 29 OCTOBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 30 OCTOBER 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I like that story, too!” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of more detail or another example.


The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

caves of steel

The Caves of Steel (1954) by Isaac Asimov is an entertaining science-fiction murder mystery everyone can enjoy. 3,000 years in the future, wealthy people called Spacers live on faraway planets. People on Earth live in overcrowded indoor cities (caves of steel) with robot helpers. Earth people do not trust robots, and they are jealous of Spacers. An important Spacer is killed on Earth and police detective Elijah Bailey has to find the killer with the help of his new robot partner R. Daneel Olivaw. Bailey is stubborn and has a bad temper. Although R. Daneel looks and acts like a human, Bailey has difficulty working with him because he is a robot. When the mystery is solved at the end, Bailey learns to respect his partner. I really enjoy the dark way Asimov shows the future. Technology is more advanced, but people still have to deal with jobs, social status, and prejudice. Reading this novel set in the future is a fun way to remind ourselves that people don’t change.

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  1. Oliver Twist is written by CharlesJohn Huffam Dickens in 1838. The setting of this book in the England in the 1800s. Main character is Oliver Twist. We can describe him, he is pure and honest and cheerful. Despite a difficult environment, he did not lose the honesty. So i like him. And i like Artful Dodger too. Because he is bright and cheerful and palyful. The conflict in this book Fagin & Bill sikes VS Oliver Twist. The resolution this book pickpockets are men afraid to come to them the damage will be to kidnap Oliver Twist. However, the success of Oliver Twist escapes to become a house of the Brownlow’s family, boss of the day the Jews are caught. One of the costs and Oliver Twist revealed it was my sister’s parent to live happily ever after story. I think the theme in this book is honesty. In the story of Oliver Twist is the beaver. I saw that the reversal of my life I never give up what I want to pursue so hard living without breaking the day shook the unfortunate adversity and rewarding life, that reversal can be found again. Now read this and decided not to give up all things became.

    1. i read When i am young. So i don’t remember well. But that i saw Oliver Twist pitifully remember

  2. I enjoy and i’ll enjoy continuously anymation ‘ONE PIECE’ written by Japanese writer ‘Eiichiro Oda’ in 1999. Actually I don’t like anymation except for it. Main character is ‘Monkey D. Luffy.’
    He want to become King pirate. So he start adventure. And he get colleague Swordsman, Chef, Docter, Mate, Sniperm, Archeologist, Repairman who have dream each From a band that is his advantage. He has naivety, and He do idiotic action sometimes, But he is familiar and give a trust to colleague and is very strong. They fight other pirate who have same dream.
    This story don’t be over yet. about 10year left for ending. I think This anymation don’t have theme like love, friendship. But this story make a fire in men’s heart. And it make
    childlike to oldman. So wives have to understand even if thire old husbands see this anymation.

    1. Oh one of my friend likes “One piece” too. He has very many figures and always see the animation. haha… but i think It’s interestion hobby. because “One piece” is masterpiece

  3. I enjoy “The Lord of the Rings”. The Lord of the Rings is written by ‘John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’.
    time setting is the middle earth (not actually exist). i heard many part of setting are came from northern europe myth. Main characters are “Frodo Baggins” (hobbit), Sauron (Dark Overlord.
    conflict of the story is ” frodo trys to destroy “The One Ring” with fellowship of the Ring and humans, but Sauron prevents them
    i’m very impressed about the resolution. frodo arrive at the Hole in the fate, but gollum takes the ring. but gollum fall into the hole. so the power of One ring is disappear
    i think, theme of this story is friendship, courage.
    i like The Lord of the Rings. because this story is very well made also movie is masterpiece

  4. I enjoy ” the snow white “.
    “the snow white” is written by Jacob Ludwig Karl and Wilhelem Karl.
    “the snow white” main character is snow white princess.
    I like her pure and stupid character.
    And i like “the seven dwarf boys”
    They care of snow white princess kindly.
    When princess collapsed dawn to ate the poison apple, the prince kissed to her.
    And princess woke up.
    This story’s theme is don’t trust anybody and freindship,love.
    I like it because it is very simple story and it encouraging good and punishing evill.

    1. I like “the snow white’ also. It is funny that you think story’s theme is don’t trust anyone. But, I agreed your opinion.

  5. Silenced is written by Gong ji young .she is very famous author in korea.
    Silenced is the filmed in 2011.At that time everyone saw the movie and shocked. because it is commit a ugly crime and it is a true story.
    The setting of this book in the mujin,korea. Main character is Kang In ho .He is teacher in hearing impaired school and he resolved to the accident.
    When day the student hit the train,but principal and other teachers become silent.
    In ho think strange.but one day In ho walk the hallway he hear the woman scream in ladie’s toilet.So he is convinced something happened in school.
    The pricipal sexual violence for students .So In ho and journalist Seo yoo-jin accuse the pricipal and other teachers.Finally they winning in court.
    I think the theme in this book is eradicate corruption.principal take goverment grants because he care about disabled childrens but he did’t.
    So I hope everyone read this book and oppose corruption.

  6. I enjoy “Robinson Crusoe”. Robinson Crusoe is written by Daniel Defoe. The setting is in England. Robinson was tradesman. The main contents is a desert island story. Robinson meet big hurricane. and fall in desert island. But he made everything!! knife,desk,umbrella eventually fortress!!! I always imagined Robinson made them. It’s so fun. And I like Friday too. He was cannibal. But Robinson change him and made his friend. Friday is very clever,smart and good man. The scene of fight to cannibals. It’s really exciting. Finally, Robinson suppress a rebellion of the wreck of a sailing ship. And Robinson became captain. and escape the desert island!!!
    After i read this story. I learn about adventure spirit and real friend like Friday.

    1. When I was young, I read another version of “Robinson Crusoe”. It was also very exciting adventure.

  7. Many people watch it in the screen and also, read a book of ‘Twilight’series. I love this series. It is fantasic and I like vampire’ stories. Because vampires are very mysterious things.
    In this stories, there are sort of three beings. Human, Vampire, werewolf. Bella is human and main character with Edward. Stories start with Her parents divorcing and she live with her father in Washington states. When she change schools in first day, Edward hates Bella. Because, Edward is vampire and Bella has delicious smell of blood. But, they fall in love each other. And Bella know Edward’s identity. And in another series like ‘Breakingdon’, there are another vampire group. So, they conflict with Edward’s family. But, finally they resolve their problem. And Bella change to vampire.
    I learned that love can overcome when any situations come. Love can survive in any moment.

    1. I read the book series. When I heard of the movie, I really supriesd and delighted.
      But I like the book seires more.
      yes, I agree with your opinion. It is fantastic, and I ike Vampire’s story, too.
      Their love really looks like a dream.

    2. I read a Twilight too!! I think this series is the most impressive book I’ve read. So I read the book or watch a movie when I boring.

  8. “Charlie and the chocolate factory” is written by Roald Dahl in 1964. The setting of this book is industrialization. The main character name is Charlie. He is a poor young boy. He lived with grandparents in very poor house. His Grandpa Joe often narrates stories to him about the chocolate factory. He was fascinated about factory. And one daty, an article in the newspaper shows that Willy Wonka has a Golden Ticket in five chocolate bars. If someone find a Golden Ticket and the opportunity to tour the factory. Charlie is dramatically found the last golden ticket. Charlie is going to travel the factory with grandfather Joe and with another Golden Tiket finders and theirs parents Looking around factory, they finds that small creature that has worked in secret room in factory Umparumpa family. The remaining four children except Charlie has a trouble or accidents on tour. Willy Wonka informed that the last remaining until the end is Charlie who is inherit the factory as his successor. Later, they lived Willy Wonka and they live happy.

  9. I enjoyed movie “A Moment to Remember”. Can see two persons who are main actor and actress. Their names are “Jung Woo Sung” ,“Son Ye Jin”. And this is the one who direct this movie. Director “Lee Jae Han”
    Jung Woo Sung act “Chul-Su” who studies architecture. And Son Ye Jin act “Su-Jin” who is normal career woman.
    Su-Jin is forgetful woman. She always forget what she will do or she did. In this movie, she go to convenient store for buying a coke. But she forgot to bring her coke. So she go back to store but at the same time, Chul-Su is getting out and holding a coke. When she saw him, she thought he had got her coke before she came there. So she takes his coke and drink it. But she will realize that it was a mistake because convenient store man give her coke and wallet later. After few days they meet again and recognize each other. Chul-Su do same thing what she did before. After then they meet again ,in soon, her wallet is stolen by thief. So he help her to get back her wallet. After that they have a lot of date and they feel love each other. So finally they become lover. Especially Su-Jin loves him so much more than him, so she proposes to him first. But when he got propose, he refused because he couldn’t think that he would have a family. But he finally accept it. They live happy life for a while. But as I said she is forgetful woman, she doesn’t know even if he is beside her. So he wants her to see a doctor. But the result is tragic. She has got Alzheimer’s disease. They got shock. it is too young to have Alzheimer.
    She is worried about it so much, but Chul-Su thinks they can handle it. Let’s see what he did. Put a lot of memo on the wall about every thing what thing is inside, what this is, how to cook. But she is getting worse more and more.
    Someday, she gets back her mind and cries so much after she saw the memos. She knows that the memos mean. It is all about his love, so she decides to leave him.
    Just one letter is left. But Chul-Su goes to find her and finally find her.
    When she sees him, she is very glad. But she calls him other man’s name that was Su-Jin’s lover before. Because she forgets him already.

  10. Thor:God of Thunder by Kenneth Branagh in 2011. The setting of the movie in the New York and asgafd kingdom is the home of the Gods. The characters are Thor and Loki in a movie. Thor have always a hammer. Loki is grabby and jealous. Why many person like Thor, he defend the world against the Loki. Thor save world from Loki. Because Loki wants to conquer the world. Thor gained the day of Loki. This movie is about the good triumphing over the evil. He overcame evil with his bravery, so his fight is an atmost honourable one. Thor:God of Thunder is fantasy movie. Even if this movie setting is imaginary world, this is a movie people of all ages can enjoy.

  11. I’ve enjoyed contiously drama . It is the best drama personally.
    The setting of this drama is Busan, Gwangan High school and its town in the age of 1990s.
    Main character are Yun Yunje and Seong Siwon.
    Yunje, he acts offhand. He lost his parents when he was young, so he lives with his elder brother, Tae Woong. He plays a man who is willing to lay down his life for the love of the woman, Siwon.
    Siwon is really a biggg fan of HOT(boy singer group who was really popular in 1990s).
    She has a bitter tongue. She is an easygoig person and straightfoward.
    She is good at writing, so she is a writer later. She is a childhood friend with Yunje.
    I like Yunje’s love and his view the Siwon, and the actor who plays Yunje.
    I like Siwon’s passion and personality. She is honest about her feelings, especially about her love.
    There are many secondary characters. Yunje and Siwons’ friends and Siwon’s family,Yunje’s brother- Tae Woong. They are pure and warm, so I like them.
    The main conflict of is an Yunje’s unrequited love for Siwon, and he is in a love triangle with Tae Woong.
    Tae Woong loves Siwon but she loves Yunje each other. Tae Woong gives up her. It is a resolution of this conflict.
    “A love, friendship and memories from the age of 1990s” is the theme of .
    Alone I sit and reminisce sometimes.
    well, as the saying goes, “Sometimes people can live their lives with the power of their own memories.”
    When I watch this drama, I feel warmth in a reminiscent frame of mind.
    It is a reason that I like this story. Maybe people like this story with my reason, I think.

  12. I was read Heong Bu and Nol Bu when I was 7 years old.
    Main character is Heong Bu and Nol Bu.
    Heong Bu is so kind and poor. But Nol Bu is rich and bad man.
    Heong Bu is Nol Bu’s younger brother.
    I like Heong Bu. Because he is honesty and kind.
    I like Heong Bu’s wife. Because she is so kind and like a Heong Bu. And Heong Bu is so fool but Heong Bu’s wife is only like Heong Bu and she doing more hard to work.
    Heong Bu vs Nor Bu – Heong Bu has to more money than Nol Bu.
    Heong Bu living keep kind and hard work. In fact happiness come to he.
    This novel is about the good triumphing over the evil.
    I always think whenever kind is win bad. So I feel like this story.
    I think ‘the good triumphing over the evil’
    So many people think like this.

    1. I ike Heong Bu and Nol Bu, too.
      I read Heong Bu and Nol Bu when I was young.
      i know Heong Bu and Nol Bu is very representative story that good triumphing over the evil.

    2. I read that book very fun when I was a kid!! When the goblins appear I was very scared. But now I think Heong Bu and Nol Bu is very interesting book and this book also have lesson.

  13. I enjoy “Beauty and the Beast”. originally, this story made by animation. but recently, it also made by movie. setting is one castle of France. and main character is bell and beast. bell is a filial daughter. so she was locked in a castle, instead of her father. beast is a prince. but he was under the charm. The magic is he can’t find real love until 21th birthday, he can’t go back. he has ugly face forever. I like both of them. because they’re very kind. particularly, bell is valued inner side than appearance. there is a secondary character, Gaston. I don’t like him. because he showed off only power. This story’s conflict is bell verse beast. bell want to escape the castle, but beast don’t want do that. Finally, they loved each other, so he is released from a curse. This story’s theme is real love and importance of inner side. That’s why I love this story. recently lookism is a serious problem. many people change their face better. they really want to have plastic surgery. I really criticize lookism like this story.

  14. The Last Leaf (1905) by O. Henry is a story about one’s course of conquest disease. The setting of this book is an apartment in N.Y Greenwich Village. Main character is Johnsy who is a painter. She get pneumonia so she are dying on her bed. Whenever her friend, Sue saw Johnsy, Johnsy was looking out of the window. There was the brick wall of the next house and an old vine grew against the wall. One day, the stormy weather went on all night. So the last leaf hung onto the vine. She said, “‘The last leaf will fall soon and then I’ll die”. Next night, it was stormed again. But next morning, the leaf was still there. Johnsy saw it, and then she became to regain her health. Actually the leaf which was still there was a just painting that her neighborhood old man painted during stormy that night. Finally, he died.
    I was so impressed by a hope that the old man gave to Johnsy. And I realized that how important mental attitude is. So I think a theme of this story is the importance of mental attitude.

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