Unit 9 – Day 1 (Lv3)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 180 – Exercise C

Pg. 180-1 – Reading 1 Vocabulary

Pg. 183-4 – Read “How a Ugandan Girl Got an Education”

Pg. 184-5 – Main Ideas and Details

Also, prepare to answer the following discussion questions in class:

  • Have you ever given money to help someone or an organization? Why? How did it make you feel?
  • What kinds of organizations ask for money? How is the money used?
  • What do you think this saying means? Do you agree with it?

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Beatrice Biira and her goat Mugisa
Beatrice Biira and her goat Mugisa

Questions to guide your reading: How a Ugandan Girl Got an Education

  • Who is Beatrice Biira? How was she able to accomplish what she did?
  • How did Beatrice grow up?
  • What happened to Beatrice’s family in 1993?
  • What is Heifer and what do they do?
  • How did Beatrice’s family get involved with Heifer?
  • What did Beatrice’s family name the goat? Why?
  • How did the goat help Beatrice?
  • How did Beatrice do in school?
  • How did Beatrice’s children’s book come about?
  • What happened to the children’s book?
  • How did the success of Beatrice’s Goat help Beatrice herself?
  • Did Beatrice have an easy time adjusting?
  • Where did Beatrice decide to attend college and what did she plan to study?
  • What are her plans for the future?

See you in class!