Unit 9 – Day 2 (Lv2)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 169-71 – Reading Skill – Exercises A, B, C

Pg. 171-2 – Reading 2 Vocabulary

Pg. 173-4 – Read “Problems with Math”

Pg. 175 – Reading 2 Main Ideas and Details

Problems with math

Questions to guide your reading: Problems with Math?

  • What was the author (Joe) good at and not good at in math?
  • What serious problem did the Joe’s math teacher cause for him in high school?
    • How did he do in high school math courses?
    • Why did Algebra 2 give him trouble?
    • What happened in Trigonometry?
    • Why did math teacher Mr. Peller write that note to Joe’s parents?
  • Did Joe get into college?
    • Did he have trouble with math again?
    • What math class did he take and why?
    • Did Joe enjoy the class? Why?
    • Did Joe do well in the class?
    • What job was he offered?
    • Did he accept the job? Why?
  • After getting married, what would happen to Joe when it came time to pay the bill at a restaurant?
    • What was Joe’s method?
    • How did his wife Leila react?
    • What was Leila’s recommendation?
    • What did Joe think of Leila’s method?
    • What happens when their child has a math question?

See you in class!