Unit 9 – Day 2 (Lv3)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 186-7 – Reading Skill

Pg. 187-8 – Reading 2 Vocabulary

Pg. 189-90 – Read “Money Makes You Happy — If You Spend It on Others”

Pg. 191-2 – Main Ideas and Details


Questions to guide your reading: Money Makes You Happy — If You Spend It on Others

  • Can money buy you happiness?
  • What is the correlation between amounts of money and gains in happiness?
  • How was this correlation tested?
  • What did the research show?
  • How was the study conducted?
  • What is “prosocial” spending? What effect did it have on people’s happiness?
  • What did researchers learn from Tim and Dan?
  • Does other research support this?
  • What does Tal Ben-Shahar ask his students to do? What results do the students get?
  • What did the Science study show about the amount of money spent?
  • Did the amount of money matter? Who gained more happiness?
  • Does this mean money isn’t important?
  • Why is how one spends their money more important?
  • Why don’t more people realize that spending money on others is a reliable road to happiness?
  • How did Professor Dunn give her family the gift of giving?

See you in class!