52 – Numbers (Unit 9)

Numbers and facts

Write five sentences, each one stating an interesting fact with numbers.
Do not repeat facts classmates have shared.


1. Between 250 and 380 people speak the Pirahã language.
2. The United States’ national debt is over $17,000,000,000,000.
3. South Korea’s unemployment rate is around 3%.
4. Tobacco use kills more than 5,000,000 people every year.
5. Someone once paid $1.3 million for a cow.

Your facts are DUE WED 12 NOV, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 12 NOV, 11:59 pm

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  1. 1. 25,000,000 people die every year. because they haven’t water.
    2. In South Korea, 40 people suicide everyday.
    3. 36,004,000 babys birth everyday.
    4. A heart pumps blood 7,600L everyday.
    5. In 1918, More than 21,000,000 people die because of flu.

  2. 1. Dogs live in 40 percent of all homes in the U.S.
    2. The average age of a London bus is over 13 years.
    3. The anthrax death rate is 80 percent when inhaled.
    4. In 1999 the population of Canada was 31,006,347 people.
    5. The normal temperature of the human body is 36.5 degrees.

    1. I think First statistics is amazing. This meens that about one in two people raise dogs in U.S.

  3. 1.WHO recommends that should drink 10 glasses of water a day.
    2.Korea aging index is 12.4%.
    3.The world’s highest building is 828m in Dubai.
    4.Tourism earnings of foreign tourists visiting South Korea in September is $ 1,765,400,000.
    5.The average sleeping hours is 8 hours 22 minutes.

  4. 1. The man who was born in 1995 that i was born is 1.81 million people.
    2. Korean military who was dead in 6.25 war is 58.809 people.
    3. When korea was IMF, Korea economy fell more than 6.9%
    4. The amount of food waste generated per day is 11,237,000kg(=11237t)
    5. generally recommendation calorie for men is per day 2500 calorie.

    1. I can get a good information from you, “5.” It was an information that I want to get.

  5. 1.South Korea has a 71 percent of high university enterance rates.
    2.Participants of the singer audition program were 720,000 in 2009.
    3.Outbreaks have swept through parts of Africa since 1976, killing up to 90 percent of its victims.
    4. The average of the personal student loan is about 26000$ in the USA.
    5. 1000 people were died and 4000 people were hurted in Ukraine because of the emergency.

  6. 1. My bankbook is remain only 400 won.
    2. Each house in Korea is have average 1.7 car.
    3. Incheon bridge long is 21.38 km, third in world.
    4. Korea idol group is birth 2.3 team every day.
    5. The tallest people is 273cm.

  7. 1. Vietnam’s population is about 93,421,832.
    2. Korean adult’s average of amount a reading in a month is 0.8.
    3. In world, the richest person is Bill Gates which has $ million 782.
    4. In world, the smallest nation is Vatican city whose area is 0.44㎢.
    5. Scholastic ability test population in 2015 is 640,619.

    1. The second fact reminds me that Korean read books not very much. I think it needs to change.

  8. 1. Many country that is 67 participated Korea war (6.25).
    2. In korea Smoker must pay taxes 640,000 next year.
    3. Korean averagely drink soju 8.9L a year.
    4. Korean eat meat 2,177,790T a year.
    5. North Korea’s population is asuumed 24,851,628 by CIA

  9. 1. The number of Chinese international students in Korea is 50,343. It is accounting for 59 percent of the total number of international students around 85,923.
    2. Every day, 23,000 cars pass over Japan’s Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge.
    3. Kuala Lumpur boasts the longest canopy walkway at 1,509 feet.
    4. Russia has 7,762,602 km2 (2,997,157 mi2) forest which are 45.40% of the country’s land area. Russia is not only the largest country in the world, but also the country with the largest forest area.
    5. On an average, there are more than 6 million car accidents on the roads of the US, annually.

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