03 – Money for a good cause (Unit 9)

Answer the question below in a short paragraph. (75-100 words)

Paul Newman with the SeriousFun Children's Network
Paul Newman with the SeriousFun Children’s Network

The actor Paul Newman spent the last years of his life donating hundreds of millions of dollars to charities through his brand Newman’s Own. Do you know of any other celebrities who have used their fame to help others?


  • who this person is (an actor, a politician, etc.),

  • what cause they’ve been supporting (fighting disease, helping the poor, etc.), and

  • what effects their efforts have had.

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 13 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 14 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “That’s really interesting!” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of a detailed thought.

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  1. Do you know Han biya ?
    she is very tremendous!
    when she have quit the really good company, she start traveling alone to the wild.
    She realized that there are so many people who need a help in the wild.
    So, she has been participated in NGO to volunteer.
    Currently she engaged in the action of the emergency resque.
    Actually, I couldn’t understand that she just volunteer without caring about her real life.
    However, when I listened to what she said on TV, I reflected on myself.
    When I grow up and have something like money and time to spare, I want to help others like Han biya!

    1. When I was high school student, I read her book .
      before read that , I coul’t know about her. but as soon as read that I respect her .
      even altough my dream is changed, social worker was my dream .

    2. I also know her by reading her book. I think hear the story of the people who help the people always inspires me about the helping people.

  2. when anyone ask to me who this person is best philanthropist in korea, i alway say yu il han is best philanthropist in korea.
    he establish youhan trading company for poor and sick people in joseon (korea) and his danate to yonsei medical college in 1965 and he became known to noblesse oblige.
    but most famous anecdote is his will.
    before he passed away, he say he want his all property revert to society and he want this donation will be help for development of korean society and education.
    i think his belief is most treasure in korea company ethics.

  3. Audrey Hepburn is very famous actress.
    She worked as a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF.
    Normally when UNICEF want to do a campaign of publicity, They request to famous person do what they want and pay a lot of money.
    But Audrey Hepburn asked them she want to do campaign and her annual salary was only an one dollar. She went over 50 countries for helping people from 1988 to 1992. (Of course she did many thing for helping people until she die)
    She said “To save a child is a blessing: to save a million is a God-given opportunity” this words became headline and spread around world. After many people join donation cultures.
    Here have two reason that she want to help people.
    One is she have experience world war when she was young. So she know how terrible that life. The other is her father was Nazi who did terrible things. she want to apologize instead of him.

    1. It is really interesting that she really wanted herself to help the poor people. It shows that how much she wanted to help people on her story. I think this is the reason why people can’t forget the moral lesson and life about Audrey.

  4. Wonbin is Korea’s famous actor. and he support unicef.
    unicef is company that sponsor needy children in poor countries.
    he went gambia, in order to take care of them. it was broadcasted on television.
    also actor kim hye ja went Central African Republic . it was war in the country. so many people hurt their body and mind. other actors are also support many poor people.
    these famous people’s behavior stimulate ordinary person’s interest.

    1. Oh, I think so too.
      wonbin is very very popular and famous actor.
      That he is a UNICEF ambassador , leads to a contribution of many people!!

  5. I want to introduce cha in pyo who is famous actor in korea.
    He participate in Compassion which organization sponsored to poor countries’s children. Compassion help to release children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible person, until adults.
    Now he is steadily supporting twenty children. He is important to me because he has a good effect on me. When he talked about Compassion program on TV, I can know a good organization. Furthermore after aired, 6,500 people applied for support by him fame. So I hope that he continuously help people and I cheer him.

    1. I think he has to be praised. As you say, he is really doing good. I also want to cheer him.

    2. Also, Cha in pyo adopted 2 children even they have child.
      He and his wife take care them very well and tell people they make them happy.
      So they change people who have prejudice about adoption

  6. ‘Kim jang hoon’ is called an Korea’s best donate angel. He is famous and popular singer in Korea. Therefore, He has earned a lot of money. But he lives in a relatively small and rustic house compared to income. This is because most of the income spent to donating. So far, His only known donations is more than 10 billion won. In addition to donations, He has also worked as Dokdo guardian. At this point I think he’s the greatest preceding person.

  7. I will introduce about a couple Sean & Jung – hye young.
    To be honest, I didn’t know his job that is a singer of hip-hop group.
    I know them when I heard “couples charity”.
    They gather 10000won everyday in order to donate for poor people.
    And collected money is used “Bab-Peo” volunteer activity whenever Wedding Anniversary.
    In addition, they make an effort about many volunteer and donation.
    They were selected first grade from employees’ vote result of emulated entertainer.
    Finally, I think they are grate and I want to resemble them.

    1. Me too, i want to resemble them. When i heart about Bae-peo, it was amazed. I never see before as like their couple! So i hope that i want to be do similar charity.^^

  8. I introduce Park Ji-sung. He is a famous soccer player. His childhood was very hard and he couldn’t practice much. After became famous soccer player, He decided to help people those who have talent a soccer, but not enough money to practice their talent. So Ms.Park established JS Foundation for help them.
    He provide to train young people, exchange culture with development country and support financial to people for self sufficient. And he raise donation from company and people.
    As a result, The students were received to scholarship by JS foundation. And many people who have a talent are training his soccer field with less money.
    Ms.Park is a famous soccer player. And now he is making a better place though his fame and money.

    1. He also hold charity match annually.
      That time many super star come to help him.
      I like to watch the match because funny and they do good job.

  9. Have you heard about Brenden Foster? He touched so many souls. Brenden Foster is 11-year-old boy who had suffered from leukemia for 3 years. When he had only 2weeks spare time, his mother asked him “what do you want to do for your rest of your life?”. Then he saw homless peoples and replied “I want to give sandwich all of homeless people”. All around american people who heard of this news came running for making sandwiches. After that, 3500 homeless people was given sandwiches all around U.S.A. Paper bags were wrriten “I love Brenden”. Brenden was glad after hearing this news. And He said “Even though you are placed in difficult situation, don’t lost your dream. My wish also came true.”
    Now, Even he had passed, his word and his acting remain in the many people’s mind.
    After hearing this, I thought if I was Brenden, could I do like Brenden?. I, maybe, just do for myself. Brenden show all people how valuable we spend for other people. Even very small act, I will try like him.

    1. It is truly amazing that young boy like him already knows that helping people is really good act. Even if his life wasn’t that long, people may remember his act for a long time.

  10. I want to say Lee tae seok padre.He is very famous padre. Now he is dead. but most people in afica remember him. 4 years ago, a movie that name is don’t cry Tonj, is documentary about Lee tae seok’s achivement. His job was doctor but he quit his job since he had went Africa. His efforts are build hospital and school, cure people , educate math and music. He is very kind man. I want to emulate him.

    1. I was watching the movie for the first time in class. I was very impressed to see that movie. His accomplishment is great and admirable. I want to resemble him.

  11. Do you know 무한도전? It’s a famous variety show!! I wait every week to see it. I’m going to introduce Park Myeong su. He comes out very badly on TV. But he is very kind.
    He doesn’t performed good deeds perioically.
    He gave tuition to a girl working in his shop in one case. And he also assist the less fortunate in TV unintentionally?! haha
    In this way he bless a lot of good deeds.
    So i love Park Myeong su

    1. Oh, really? I did not know that!
      I usally watch 무한도전. But i don’t like him.. Because of his charter. But mow i see again him.^^ thank you.

    2. I didn’t expect he is kind.
      I always see him angry on TV.
      I know his character make him like that, but i can’t image that he is kind.

  12. There is a singer named ‘김장훈’. He is well known for his dedicated act for helping poor people and donating money. One thing special about him is that, if he doesn’t have
    enough money to donate to poor people, he applies for a loan and donate money to charities.
    And then, he started pay back the loan. He said that helping people makes him happy and his life joyful. The other special thing is that he is the pioneer of the donating culture among the Korean society. Before he got his fame, he continually donated money to charities anonymously and after people found out that it was him who donated money annually, he kept donating money. I think it was his effort to make people re-think about donation.

  13. “He said that helping people makes him happy and his life joyful”
    This sentence is inspired me because I also want to be a good person like him.
    So I cheer him and I will try to resemble him.

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