41 – Numbers (Unit 9)

Numbers and facts

Write five sentences, each one stating an interesting fact with numbers.
Do not repeat facts classmates have shared.


1. Between 250 and 380 people speak the Pirahã language.
2. The United States’ national debt is over $17,000,000,000,000.
3. South Korea’s unemployment rate is around 3%.
4. Tobacco use kills more than 5,000,000 people every year.
5. Someone once paid $1.3 million for a cow.

Your facts are DUE THURS 13 NOV, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 14 NOV, 11:59 pm

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  1. 1. The world’s population exceeded 70,000,000,000 people.
    2. The 55 ethnic groups living in China.
    3. South Korea’s suicide rate is the average of 40 people per day.
    4. Norway is the best country to live and the satisfaction of living is more than 95%.
    5. Women’s average life expectancy is 84.4 years old, and a male in Korea is 77.6 years old.

  2. 1. This year(2015) scholastic ability test examinee is 640,619 people.
    2. Chungmu-ro 1st street 24-2,Seoul is very high land price. There price is 77,000,000 won/㎡.
    3. Korean drama best the ratings are 65.8%. Drama title is “Frist Love” at 1997.
    4. A tall person at the whole world is Robert Pershing Wadlow. He’s height is 273cm
    5. The winningest team in English Premier League is Manchester United, they get 20 times championship title.

  3. 1. Humming Bird hover wing flapping 50 times per second.
    2. Most shark have 3000 tooths.
    3. Cow have 4 stomachs.
    4. Ant eater have the world’s longest tongues, it is 60cm.
    5. Usually Koala sleep 20 hours.

  4. 1. The world’s facebook users are about 1.3 billion people.
    2. The human brain is about 1.5kg
    3. Octopus has three hearts
    4. South korea’s per capita income is $24,000
    5. The teen suicide rate in korea ranks first among OECD countries, with 7.4 people per 100,000

    1. Your ideas are more specific than me. And I really jealous that you already mentioned the fact that i really want to mention.

  5. 1. Saudi Arabia import camel at Australia.
    2. honey is never decay. we can eat thousands of years honey.
    3. whitehouse is not free. America president pay the money.
    4. Russia territory is bigger than Pluto.
    5. first children can have the highest IQ than other children.

  6. 1. Korea’s national debt is over three trillion won.
    2. South Korea’s divorce rate is around 47%.
    3. Italy’s population is around sixty million.
    4. Korea is number one spot of car accident in OECD, it’s around 22%.
    5. Korea’s working hours is over 2000 hours.

  7. 1.Today 640,619 test -takers have the big test.
    2.The oldest test-taker is 81 years old.
    3.The youngest test-taker is 13 years old.
    4.turtles can lives 1500 years and more.
    5.Dogs IQ is 20~30

    1. Oh your idea is very intersting. Among them, The old test-taker and the youngest test-taker old is very intersting fact.

  8. 1. This year the College Scholastic Ability Test candidates is 629,667 people.
    2. North Korea population is 24,851,628 people.
    3. This year the judicial examination passer sex ratio is male 66.7%, female 33.3%.
    4. Volkswagen’s passenger car sales has exceeded 5 million in the global market .
    5. Famous brand pizza is 2.8 times more expensive than a low-priced brand pizza.

  9. 1. Hair grows an average of 1 ~ 1.5cm per month.
    2. The average height of the Koreans is 173.3cm.
    3. The average sleep time of korean is 7 hours 49 minutes.
    4. Earth’s circumference is approximately 6.4X10^100km.
    5. The distance from the Earth to the Moon 383000km .

  10. 1. The movie least people watch in Korea is ‘창공으로’. Only 25 people watched this movie.
    2. The biggest animal in the world is Blue Whale. It’s standard length between 25 and 30.
    3. Korean spend 600,000 chicken in day.
    4. The most expensive thing in the world is antimatter. It’s $62.5 trillion a gram.
    5. Colossus is the first computer in the world.

    1. 1. Titanic income is $ 1.8353 billion
      2. Mansour earns per second 130,000won
      3. The minimum wage in Korea is 5580 won per hour
      4. The population of China is 1.3 billion people
      5. North and South Korea is the number of separated families more than 129.553 people

  11. 1 .Mice and horses can’t park a tiger.
    2. Pigs can’t look up sky.
    3. Bananas and figs are flower.
    4. King Se-jong died by venereal disease.
    5. People can’t suicide by stopping breathe.

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