Unit 10 – Day 1 (Lv2)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 186 – Exercise C

Pg. 187-8 – Reading 1 Vocabulary

Pg. 188-9 – Read “Flu FAQ”

Pg. 189-91 – Main Ideas and Details

Also, prepare to answer the following discussion questions in class:

  • What do you do to stay healthy?
  • It’s flu season. Are you worried about catching a cold or the flu?
    • What are you doing to prevent (예방하려고) a cold or flu?
  • When was the last time you were sick? What happened? How did you get better?

With the flu

Questions to guide your reading: Flu FAQ

  • This reading is organized in Q&A (Question and Answer) format. There are no additional questions to guide your reading.

See you in class!