Unit 10 – Day 1 (Lv3)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 204 – Exercises C and D

Pg. 205 – Reading 1 Vocabulary

Pg. 206-7 – Read “2b or not 2b”

Pg. 208-9 – Main Ideas and Details

Also, prepare to answer the following discussion questions in class:

  • Which social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, KakaoStory, Cyworld) do you use? Why are some better than others?
  • How do you communicate with your family and friends when you’re apart?
    • Do you text? Do you use KakaoTalk? Other apps?
    • Do you still use your phone for talking?
  • What are some common abbreviations you use (in English or Korean) when texting?
    • Ex. LOL = Laughing Out Loud
    • Ex. ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing


Questions to guide your reading: 2b or not 2b?

  • What kinds of names are being given to texting?
  • How have people thought of the effect of technology on language?
    • What kinds of feelings has texting caused?
  • What is different about texting?
    • Do people break rules of language randomly when texting?
    • How are people who text changing language?
  • What is a rebus?
    • How long have we been rebuses?
    • What shortened words from long ago are commonly used today?
  • What is novel (new) about texting today?
    • Are there benefits to texting this way?
    • What is the effect on literacy?

See you in class!

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